How can I stop wanting a baby?

If you want to have children, you must stop smoking


Smoking causes damage to the sperm that prevents normal fertilization and can potentially lead to deformities in the embryo. The BdP warns of this.

Men who smoke show greater genetic damage to their sperm than non-smokers. The Federal Association of Pulmonologists (BdP) refers to this with reference to current study results (see BJU International, online publication on June 20, 2016). "Sperm with an altered gene substance can cause health problems in the offspring," warns Dr. Andreas Hellmann, Chairman of the BdP and practicing pulmonologist in a group practice for lung and bronchial medicine in Augsburg. In addition, in the current study, the protein composition of the sperm of smokers suggests that cigarette smoke leads to inflammatory reactions in the male reproductive tract, which may be linked to a reduced ability of the sperm to fertilize the egg and bring about a pregnancy. "According to the study, the biochemical changes in the sperm cells in smokers are so serious that they not only prevent normal fertilization, but can also possibly lead to malformations in the embryo," summarizes Dr. Hellmann together.

More and more studies are showing the harmful effects of smoking on male fertility. “For example, it was already established in 2014 that the sperm of smokers are less motile (see Andrology, online pre-publication on July 14, 2014). In addition, their outer shell is not as stable as that of non-smokers. For this reason, the genetic information in the sperm cells of smokers is more likely to be damaged than that of non-smokers, ”explains Dr. Hellmann. Other studies have shown that nicotine reduces fertility in both men and women and can mean that the desire to have children takes a long time or may not come true. Women and men who smoke are also less responsive to infertility treatments.

Couples who want to have children - especially men who want to become fathers - should therefore not consume tobacco or give up smoking just for their own health. "And preferably as early as possible, especially since it is still unclear how quickly the composition of the sperm can normalize again after heavy smokers have stopped using cigarettes," emphasizes Dr. Hellmann. Affected couples are advised to discuss self-help measures and treatment options for smoking cessation with their doctor in good time.

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