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At a glance: State funding and grants for your own home

For most people, buying or building a house is the biggest project of their lives - financially too. Fortunately, you can save a lot of money thanks to government subsidies for your own home. The state gives us a helping hand with subsidy programs and grants such as KfW / BAFA subsidies, employee savings allowances, house building bonuses and Wohn-Riester.

Also for energetic renovations the timing is right: never before have energetic renovations been promoted as strongly as they are now. With the 2020 climate package, the funding has been significantly increased again.

Whether it is a new building or renovation of an old building: you will find one here Overview of the most important subsidies for home ownership.

You will find out in this article:

  1. State funding for the home
  2. State funding for renovations
  3. Regional funding
  4. Extra grants for building society savers

State funding for the home

Whether new construction or renovation - the largest funding pools in Germany are provided by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) and the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).

  • The KfW is the largest national development bank. It offers low-interest loans and grants for everything to do with home ownership. Anyone building a new building or planning a renovation should be familiar with these subsidies: KfW subsidies for home ownership »
  • The grants of the BAFA are of interest to all homeowners who want to convert their old, inefficient heating to renewable energies. But builders can also benefit. At a glance: BAFA funding »

So that you don't miss a thing, you should inform in time. It is worthwhile, because there is suitable funding for a large number of home-related projects.

Find out when the individual funding needs to be applied for. Most KfW funds, for example before starting work can be applied for, others only after moving in.

State funding for renovations

Are you planning to modernize your home? Then you should take the opportunity: never before have energetic renovations been so generously funded by the state as now.

KfW and BAFA have increased the grants of their funding programs by an average since 2020 10 percent. In addition, it has been possible for the first time since 2020 to deduct energy-saving renovations from tax - up to 40,000 euros savings are in.

Here you can find out more about the current subsidies: Energy-efficient renovations: an overview of subsidies and subsidy programs »

Rely on an energy efficiency expert

If you are planning an energetic renovation of your home, we recommend this Advice from an energy efficiency expert, also called energy consultant. For energetic renovations, there are often several thousand euros in funding that do not have to be paid back.

The energy consultant plans the renovation, monitors the implementation of the work and ensures the quality of all measures. He will also suggest the right subsidy for your own home. In some KfW funding programs, an energy advisor is even required.

» A list of recognized experts and energy consultants for federal funding programs can be found at www.energie-ektiven-experten.de

Regional funding

In Germany there are a total of around 5,000 different funding programs. In addition to the federal funding programs mentioned, there are also various funding programs at municipal and state level. From discounted loans for low-income households to hereditary building offers for young families to additional funding programs for environmentally friendly building - the range is wide.

Funding databases help to keep track of this jungle. They provide information and an overview of all regional funding.

Funding databases on the Internet

Also have the individual federal states each with its own promotional banks. Most of them encourage home ownership. These loans are often linked to conditions such as a certain apartment size or a maximum income.

By the way: A trip to the town hall can also be helpful if you want to find out about the funding programs in your region.

Extra grants for building society savers

The state supports the creation of residential property by promoting building society savings with home building bonuses, employee savings allowances and residential Riester:

  • With the Housing premium Every building society saver who is below a certain income limit can look forward to annual subsidies. Important: The allowances will increase from 2021.
    »Find out more: For building society savers: The home construction bonus
  • Do you get capital-building benefits from your employer? With the Employee savings allowance the state adds something under certain conditions.
    »Find out more: The employee savings allowance
  • With the Riester funding the purchase of your own property can be funded. In 2018, the basic allowance was increased, which makes the cash injection even more attractive.
    »Find out more: Riester home savings

Funding for building society savers and home financiers

An overview.