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Fireplace - you have to know that

A fireplace provides immediate relaxation. That is why fireplaces and various stoves such as tiled or pellet stoves are at the top of the wish list for building owners. With us you can find out everything about open and closed fireplaces that heat, look chic - and, if desired, even carry water.

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Every fireplace needs a hood
Fireplace - open or with a door
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Chimney to hang
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Difference between wood-burning stoves and storage stoves ?!
What is a fireplace that is independent of the ambient air?
Wood-burning stoves and fireplaces as a heating system
Pellet stove - heating with pellets instead of wood
Gas fireplace
Tiled stove
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A fireplace in the living room- open or closed - is a very hot thing. But as different as fireplaces look, their functions are just as different. You can keep the living room warm with a fireplace, connect it to the water heater, fire the entire house or just watch the flames - a fireplace as a campfire replacement. We present the different models, their functions and how they work.

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Every fireplace needs a hood

In general, every fireplace needs one Deduction. A chimney without a vent - so chimney - is not a fireplace. There are still bioethanol fireplaces that actually manage without an exhaust air draft, but since they do not develop any smoke, they are not considered to be wood-burning stoves according to the statutory provisions. He clarifies what the trigger should look like District chimney sweep