How did Drogon know Daenerys was dying

Game of Thrones Final: We clarify the 8 most agonizing questions


"If you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die," said Cersei Lannister in the first season of "Game of Thrones". How right she should be! Many, but by no means all, of the characters lost their lives in the last two episodes of the TV epic, others survived, and still others were added quite unexpectedly (and unannounced). Regardless of whether you are satisfied with the end of the series spectacle or request a remake by petition - thanks to the slightly sloppy narrative of the last season, some topics were touched on but not really explained. Have you lost the thread in the fantasy maze of Westeros again? We'll help and answer eight open questions after season eight (be sure to read beforehand: A grand finale requires great sacrifices).

1. Who are these people at the Council of Kings?

Incredible, there is a new king in Westeros! And above all someone who always knew that this was his future, but kept it to himself and, viewed soberly, put Jon Snow in a tight spot. But who are all the people who audition in the dragon arena at the Council of Kings?

This round determines the new ruler over the six kingdoms

The Stark sisters, Sansa and Arya, join their brother aka Three-Eyed-Raven Bran in the arena. Also on site are the well-known faces of Ser Davos, Samwell Tarly, Gendry Baratheon, Yara Greyjoy, Ser Brienne of Tarth, Mercenary Bronn and Tyrion Lannister (in handcuffs). The Stark Kids' uncle, Edmure Tully, Lord of Riverrun, figured out his own chances for the throne. Yonn Royce represented the Arryn family, together with Robin Arryn, who was now almost an adult orphan (who was still breastfed when he was seven).

Suddenly reappeared and chose the ruler: Edmure Tully (Tobias Menzies)

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The new prince from Dorne, of whom one has only heard of so far, was also part of the round table, as were four unspecified representatives from four other mansions in Westeros.

If you will allow us to say: what is that supposed to mean, please? In the last episode you suddenly let four apparently important but never mentioned men decide about the future of the battered continent? Was there really no one else alive who had more to say? (Also interesting: Why did "Game of Thrones" get so sloppy?)

2. Why is Bronn suddenly a member of the Grand Council in Westeros?

As a matter of course, Bronn decided not only about the future ruler of Westeros, but also about the need for new brothels after he took his place at the table of the Grand Council as “Master of Coin”, as treasurer. How did Bronn, who last worked as a hit man with a crossbow, get there?

From mercenary to treasurer

If anyone has had a steep career in Westeros, it is Bronn. He saved Tyrion Lannister from certain death in the first season in a duel against Lysa Arryn's bravest warrior. He taught Jaime Lannister to fencing with the bronze hand. And he was always loyal to whoever best rewarded him for his services.

Bronn is the biggest winner in Westeros.

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In "The Last of the Starks" he threatens the Lannister brothers with certain death by the crossbow - unless they pay more than his client Cersei Lannister. No sooner said than done: Tyrion Lannister promises Bronn the kingdom of Highgarden if he does lets them survive. And even if Jaime was slain by rubble, Tyrion does not break his promise (because a Lannister really always pays his debts) and makes Bronn Lord of Highgarden. The lord of Highgarden was already treasurer in King Tommen's time - at that time the somewhat stupid Mace Tyrell. (Read also: This is why there were never scenes from Bronn and Cersei together.)

3. Where is Drogon flying to?

Drogon, dragon without throne ambitions, destroys the Iron Throne in the finale with his fiery dragon breath. His mother Daenerys is dead, and apparently the only creature in Westeros, the flying reptile knows it's time to say goodbye forever. So the last dragon lovingly grabs Dany in its claw and disappears into the winter sky. But where? After Essos? To Valyria? North?

United until the end: Daenerys Taragaryen and her dragon Drogon.

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Does the "Lord of Light" have a female counterpart?

No one knows where Drogon is going. The theory is circulating on the Internet that he is on his way to the goddess of light who can bring the dead back to life. That would be lace material for a spin-off à la “Hang gliding made easy”, but it is very unlikely. The alleged goddess of light has no cult of her own like the “Lord of Light” and let's be honest: Drogon and his siblings weren't really smart either. (Also interesting: how Daenerys Targaryen could become a villain)

Much more plausible, however, is the theory that Drogon is on the way to Valyria. This is the home of the dragons - and this is where the Targaryens originated. Daenerys would find her last rest among her ancestors.

4. Where is Arya Stark sailing to?

Arya decides for the adventure in the series finale: She does not return to Gendry, she does not see a future for herself in her home town of Winterfell. Little Stark wants to experience something! And so the greatest heroine on the continent hires on a sailboat and sails away. But where?

Go West!

The smallest Stark says “West. I want to know what's where Westeros and its maps end. " She has had this desire for a long time - as early as season six, she mentioned that she wanted to explore "what was west of Westeros". So it is quite possible that she will simply sail west and this will be the end of Arya Stark's story. Or it is the start of her own spin-off, which the fans of the most popular hit man in TV history would be particularly happy about.

Tired of Westeros and Winterfell: Arya Stark is looking for adventure and sets off!

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Or it is like in the other, very big fantasy saga, “The Lord of the Rings”: In J.R.R. Tolkien's epic, elves and wizards sail west when their time in Middle-earth is up. In plain English: you end your life on a cruise to the west and glide melancholy over into the afterlife. (Also read: So emotionally the actors say goodbye to "Game of Thrones")

5. Who patched the ice wall?

The ice wall in "Game of Thrones" was a spell-occupied construct, 480 kilometers long and a good 200 meters high, which separated the south of the continent (and with it the people) from the home of the ice zombies and wildlings. In the finale of season 7 you can see the Night King cutting a huge hole in the wall with his ice dragon, in the last episode of season 8 everything is miraculously whole again. How can that be?

480 kilometers of pure ice

Quite simply, there are two very different places on the ice wall. In the seventh season, Beric Dondarrion and Thormund Giantsbane tried to prevent the White Walker attack in Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, in the series finale Jon Snow rides through the gates of another fortress on the wall - Castle Black. There were a total of 19 fortresses along the ice wall. So the hole is probably still there - just not in the picture when we see Jon's farewell scene.

6. Where does Jon Snow ride beyond the ice wall?

Jon Snow reaches Castle Black at the ice wall, he has exchanged his wolf fur for the black fur of the Night’s Watch. His fate seems to repeat itself: He is not allowed to have a wife or children and is obliged to remain celibate at the ice wall until the end of his life and to protect Westeros. He gets sympathetic looks from his specialist Thormund Giantsbane, only one person is really happy to see him again: his direwolf Ghost.

Jon Snow goes back to where he came from seven seasons ago: Castle Black on the Ice Wall.

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And finally Jon Snow rides with Thormund and a host of children through the gates of Castle Black behind the ice wall, “Beyond the Wall”. But where are they going?

Everything repeats itself

Unclear, because actually the wildlings always wanted to get away from the icy north, to the other side of the wall. There is the thesis that the history of and in Westeros is like a wheel: everything repeats itself. Accordingly, Jon and the wildlings would now pull behind the wall and find a collection of corpses in a spiral arrangement - just like in the very first episode of "Game of Thrones". But what this special arrangement is all about, we may not find out until the next spin-off. Or maybe the band of children that follow Thormund and Jon will become the new delegation of the children of the forest? - Everything is possible behind the ice wall.

7. Is winter still coming?

"Winter is coming" - with this ominous sentence we have been warned for many seasons. Years of winter would come, it was said. And now? There was some snow in King’s Landing after Daenerys put the city to rubble in "The Bells". However, it has never been clarified whether this was simply due to a darkening of the sun and an abnormal winter. In any case, the capital quickly enjoys Mediterranean temperatures again at the King's Council as it always has, because nobody wears fur, hat or scarf and there is no longer any snow. Is winter already over?

Winter is here - or is it?

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Winter never happened

For us, Ned Stark's ominous “Winter is coming” was always associated with the threat of the Night King. The Night King was done by Arya Stark and with it his icy grip on all of Westeros and all of humanity. Perhaps the continent can now look forward to regular seasons and a more moderate climate. Even beyond the wall, in the very last scene, you actually see a tender green plant growing. That would possibly even answer question 6 above: The areas beyond the wall have become habitable again - the wildlings can settle there again.

8. Which fan theory contained even a bit of truth?

Sad but true: “Game of Thrones” turned out to be simpler than we thought. Over the years we have contributed a lot, spun wild theories, read and perhaps understood and expanded them. But what of all this speculation really happened?

  • "Bran Stark is the Night King"That was one of our favorite theories that was never put into practice. What we know after the finale: Bran would have saved everyone a lot of misery and waiting if he had just spoken plain language and not hung around like a stoned teen under the Weirwood Tree.

  • "Jon Snow is the Night King. "Maybe he will after all, now behind the ice wall. But will we ever find out? Only the Three-Eyed Raven knows that.

  • "Jaime Lannister turns away from his sister Cersei and ends the incest love. "That did indeed happen, but only for the duration of a cheap one-night stand with Brienne of Tarth. We are still persistently disappointed.

  • "Daenerys is pregnant. "After her love cruise with Jon Snow, we would have thought the mother dragon could do that. It didn't happen.

  • "Cersei dies of a miscarriage or is strangled by a younger brother. "Nope. Nope. Nope. Cersei was just struck by a chunk of building. Much too easy.

  • "Leading actors become white walkers. "With all my love, Lyanna Mormont and Edd from Night’s Watch weren't leading actors. But what Gendry would have looked like with ice-blue eyes? We'll probably never find out.

  • "The dagger is the central weapon. "Right. Just ask the Night King!

  • "The Clegane brothers fight for life and death. "Yes, the Clegane Bowl really happened. Victims: Both of them. Survivors: the special effects team, Sandor“ The Hound ”Clegane's flawless teeth, and a knife stuck in the head of Ser Gregor“ The Mountain ”Clegane.

  • "Daenerys becomes the ultimate villain. "We hate to be right ....

What is the Golden Bank actually doing in Braavos? And where is Jaqen H'ghar? And who is cleaning the chamber pots in Oldtown now? All questions about questions that will never be answered. How so? Because our watch ends here. Valar Dohaeris!