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Entry into GermanyCan corona tests be faked?

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Dealers online offer fake negative corona test certificates. Research shows that it is easy to enter Germany. Politicians from the FDP and CDU criticize the lack of close-knit controls and demand binding corona tests at airports.

This is how you look: Corona test certificates. Simple printouts, usually with a logo or stamp.
These notes are important documents. They are supposed to protect us - from new infections by travelers.
But how safe are they, how easy can they be manipulated and thus travel to Germany?
For example from Rio de Janeiro. Ipanema Beach. Recordings from January. Crowds without distance - even though the whole of Brazil is a virus variant area.

Easy entry with forgery

We meet a German who returned from there at the end of January.
He wants to remain anonymous, because he came with a self-made corona negative test. He shows us the document and explains that he only had one test in English and was afraid he would not be able to travel. That's why he just wrote himself a certificate in German.

Returners: "I put the document together myself and flew with it. When I entered Frankfurt, where the Federal Police was waiting at the door of the aircraft, I showed the German, self-made copy and after a very brief check I was waved through. "

Simply scan in and then edit on the PC. That is of course forbidden. Anyone who uses such a manipulated test faces a fine or up to one year in prison for using an incorrect health certificate.

We ask the federal police why a simple fake like the one from the man from Brazil was not noticed.
She explains: The officers have been trained. How they recognize forgeries cannot be told for "tactical investigative reasons".

Fit-to-Fly through self-test?

On the Internet we discover the offer of an online provider together with a recognized laboratory from Austria. The company promises a "Fit-to-Fly Certificate" for trips abroad - through a gargle PCR test at home. These are also recognized in Germany.
We order three test kits and want to know how easily the result can be manipulated.
On the trial document, we enter the name of a woman and tick the gender "female".
My colleague then spits into the tube. Do you notice that?
Then we take a sample from her - canine lady Debby. She willingly participates.
And we just fill the last tube with tap water.
Then each sample with the details of the person for whom the certificate is to be created is put in a bag and sent to the post office. Now all you have to do is wait and see whether we will be issued corona certificates for these samples.

Trading in counterfeit negative certificates

But it also works without a test. Completely made-up documents are sold all over the world. At vacation spots, but especially in Eastern Europe.
Example Russia. In the messenger service "Telegram" we find dealers who offer negative tests. We pose as interested customers.

Reporter: "Hello. I need a negative test certificate to enter Germany. Is that possible?"

Negative test provider: "Naturally. We only need a few personal details for the certificate. "

Reporter: "And with that you can safely enter Germany?"

Negative test provider: "Does not matter where. Even in the USA or in Cuba. There were never any problems. "

We order online. Then we ask a colleague in Moscow to pay the test for us anonymously at a deposit machine - the equivalent of 17 euros. That's about half the price of a real test.

A short time later, he has the negative Corona test on his mobile phone - including stamp, signature and QR code.

Such fake tests are popping up all over Europe. Europol and also the German police report about it:

Example: In November, the police arrested a suspected gang of counterfeiters at Paris airport. She finds more than 200 fake test certificates on her smartphones.
At the end of February, the police stopped a van with a Ukrainian registration on the border with Poland. All six travelers have a fake test certificate.

Professional counterfeiters in Ukraine

A colleague from Kiev is researching for us how to get such a test in Ukraine. She finds numerous offers, openly and bluntly, on the Internet. She orders a fake test for around 18 euros. A few days later, she can pick up the document at a post office. The test looks highly official - with a colored stamp and signature.
Shortly afterwards she calls the provider for us.
Asks why he deals in illegal documents.

Reporter: "Don't you feel guilty if you sell these certificates and thus put people in danger?"

Negative test provider: "Look, we're letting our customers know that the certificates are not registered."

Reporter: "I mean the people who can be infected by those who bought your fake certificates ..."

Then the dealer simply hangs up.

Back in Germany. The test results of the gargle test have arrived:
As a reminder, we had sent samples from the wrong person, a dog and water to the laboratory.
Result: We receive a negative corona test certificate for all three samples. This would allow three people to travel without ever having given a saliva sample.

Labor sees need for action

We confront the laboratory with our research. The company declares in writing:

Analysis laboratory: "As a pure laboratory, it is not possible for us to determine who sent the samples. "

Analysis laboratory: "The verification of the identity and the proof of whether the person also submitted the sample (...) is the responsibility of the sender. "

The laboratory announces immediate measures. And explains:

Analysis laboratory: "Identity must be verified by video recording or face-to-face observation. "

The online service has also announced reforms.

Politicians criticize a lack of controls

We summarize: Manipulated samples, forged test certificates from Eastern Europe and on top of that, only a fraction of the travelers are checked to see whether they have a valid negative corona test with them.
This emerges from a small request from the FDP parliamentary group, which REPORT MAINZ has received exclusively.
The FDP is now calling for a better security concept for travelers:

Bernd Reuther, FDP, member of the Bundestag: "Control everyone who enters. Create a database. And the third point: Tests at the airports, we have to test, test, test."

Patrick Sensburg from the CDU also calls for rigorous testing of all those returning to travel.

Prof. Partrick Sensburg, CDU, Member of the Bundestag: "I believe that when you come to Germany you have to do a mandatory test at airports when you come back. Incidentally, that already happened last autumn, and it has been discontinued. That is logistically possible. "

Ministries are evading

We ask the responsible ministers Jens Spahn and Horst Seehofer.

In most cases, the Ministry of Health does not give a specific answer to our questions. The Ministry of the Interior declares that it is aware of the forgeries, but sees no further need for action at the moment.

One concept is missing

Frankfurt Airport test center. Here they confirm to us that all travelers can be tested and that forgery-proof certificates can also be created.

Conclusion: So that travel is also possible during the pandemic, all travelers must be tested. The technology and the capacities are there.

As of March 9, 2021, 3:04 p.m.