How do I create a network business

How to network successfully. How can you be successful in a networking business? Is an eternal question. Important success factors in MLM

Network Marketing, or MLM, no matter how you treat it, is one of the legitimate forms of making money, and there are people out there who are really into this field of activity. Today the "Nice and Successful" page is having a conversation about how good or bad MLM is.

We only want to give advice to those who have decided to try their hand at networking. We hope our guidelines will help you find out how to be successful in network marketing.

Network Marketing Success: External Factors

Before you get excited about selling a product from a particular company and recruiting people for your team, it is important to find out exactly what you are offering and which company you want to represent. Without this, it is impossible to seriously position yourself in the network services market or ultimately your performance as a distributor.

  1. The first thing to look out for is productthat you will offer to your customers. After all, it is the most important "trump card" in your work. It is important that you yourself are sure that the product is of high quality, and most importantly that it is necessary for the people. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to convince potential consumers and partners to buy and promote it. Your personal experience with the product can play an important role here. It will be a lot easier to succeed and make money in network marketing when you sell a product that you really like. In addition, people are impressed when they are offered something that the seller himself likes to use.
  2. Find out how well known and stable CompaniesFind out how many years it has existed. According to statistics, you shouldn't get involved with young organizations that have been in existence for less than three years: there is a high probability that the company no longer exists and is not "turned up". Usually this happens 80% of the time.
  3. Analyze marketing planthat the organization offers, and consider whether you can quickly achieve success and generate income in network marketing within their network. To fully understand this problem, Fine and Successful recommends that you study the literature carefully.
  4. Finally try to find out how do company managers feel about dealers?how ethical and forward-looking they are; Study the pricing policy and ask if the "top" remain loyal to the agent's rapidly growing income level. An important factor will of course be the organization of the training system for new distributors and mentoring. Without this, it is difficult for a beginner to grapple with all the intricacies of business and understand how to be successful and make money in the network marketing.

Personal success factors

But even if you work with the most reliable company and sell the most beautiful product, not everyone will be successful in network marketing. The so-called "internal factors" are extremely important.

  • conviviality;
  • the ability to find a common language with a multitude of people, to understand it, to feel their mood;
  • ease of making new contacts;
  • activity;
  • ambition;
  • a positive attitude and commitment to success.

It is difficult to imagine that a closed person is a distributor who does not love and cannot communicate, does not believe that he can achieve success and high income in network marketing, and does not value the products he is trying to promote.

The next factor that will help you become a successful networker is the ability to organize your work hours.

It is well known that MLM reps do not sit "call to call" in the office or on screen, but are even more important in terms of self-discipline. Remember that in order to be successful, you need to schedule time in your personal schedule for training, meetings with customers and prospective partners, and working with your structure and customer base. The clearer and more rational your schedule, the easier it will be for you to work.

You also need to realize that super profits don't fall on your head once you take your first steps in network marketing. On the contrary, your material reward can be very modest at first.

Please be patient. It may take a year or two to get the first tangible results.

Network Marketing Success Strategy

Start with the so-called "warm circle". These are the people with whom you communicate every day who you know personally: friends, relatives, work colleagues, your child's teachers, only acquaintances.

  • Make a list of everyone you can offer the company's products to.
  • Think about which of them could become a new member of your team.
  • Make an appointment with them to talk about the product and your work.
  • Don't be too persistent. If a person categorically refuses to cooperate, ask them to recommend people who may be interested in your information.

Discover different ways to promote your product and attract new distributors. These can be more than traditional methods such as face-to-face meetings or live presentations. Take advantage of phone calls, advertising and of course the power of the internet.

You can be successful in network marketing by working remotely in several areas:

  • through groups in social networks;
  • creating topics in forums and communities;
  • by creating landing pages and one-page websites that contain basic information about the company and the product and your contact information;
  • Via a website or an online shop that presents products, contains useful and interesting information about a product, a company and talks about opportunities for cooperation.

Grow your customer base. Ask customers to share positive experiences with your products in real life and online. Leave yours to your prospects so they can easily contact you.

You can also "forget" catalogs of products that contain your contact information, in cafes, cinemas, in all kinds of establishments, in resorts, etc.

Treat any difficulties as interesting problems that you will definitely solve. Healthy ambition will also be a good helper.

You need to be sure that you are capable of becoming the best seller, of having success and good income in network marketing, and your dream will definitely come true.

Success in the network business depends on many factors and nuances. This is the person himself and the product and the company and the work system and much more

Let's go through the key points first.


According to statistics, networkers who are satisfied with their product are 80% more successful than those who overshadow the product.

If we go back to history, network marketing was born out of it. Namely how business recommendations... and it is obvious that a person who is a fan of the product is excited to tell everyone about it!

And we see another statistic that practically all pyramid systems fail in the first few years of their existence! This is obvious as they don't have a quality product of their own.

Another point to focus your attention on. Success in the networking business depends on it how easy is it to promote your product in the market??

We usually see two camps of people in business:

  1. Who shapes the market
  2. The ones who give the market what it wants

What camp are you in? Obviously, option 2 is tens and hundreds of times more profitable because people are already looking for your product. You just have to make sure they find you

By the way, it's very, very easy to do on the internet. I've written an entire book to help newbies figure it out quickly. Download it at the top right or just below this article

By the way, this applies to both the product and the business. You either run after people and get them thinking about your business opportunity, or you do it for people They find you and would like to accompany you in business

All of this is also very detailed in my book.

5 components of belief

Success in the networking business depends on how much a person believes in what they do, namely:

  1. Believe in the network marketing industry
  2. Belief in the company
  3. Belief in the product
  4. Believe in sponsors, mentors, leaders
  5. Believe in yourself, in your strength

Ask yourself now. Do you believe in Network Marketing, do you believe in your company, do you believe in your product, do you believe in your sponsor, and do you believe in yourself?

Ideal when you can give every item a plus. This means that you are in the right place and moving in the right direction for your success.

But it often happens that everything is not so smooth ...

If this is the first 3 points, it would be better if you either find out or do something else. You are unlikely to have any great success in the networking business in general, or with this company or product

Your insecurity is well perceived by other people ...

Your sponsor may not exist at all. Then it is extremely important that you step into the environment of your parent sponsor. Unfortunately, it's always harder to move around on your own.

5th point, this is constant work on yourself, your beliefs, views about this world, about yourself and so on

By the way, I love network marketing very much, the fact that there is a very strong school of personal growth here that produces strong, confident leaders

Work system

This is where the biggest disappointment for most newcomers to the networking business lies.

How many people say that It is enough just to give information and half will be included in your company.

Sadness, but that system of work from the 90's when people were packing the networking business to the bone like a hungry dog

Today the market situation is radically different. Proposals literally flock to us from everywhere, so it's not that impossible to just give information, but strictly forbidden!

This is the spam most old school networkers do on the internet today ...

Because of this, many newbies don't like the way their sponsors work. I often hear from my clients that they just can't spam like their bosses, and of course I get them.

But do you remember the 5 components of belief, one of which is trust in a sponsor? When deciding on a different work system, there are several important points to consider:

  • You have to become a leader
  • And practically build your own system from scratch

You can no longer rely on your sponsor as you have chosen someone else and therefore need to become a leader yourself to do more and lead people

They understand that in order to be successful in the networking business, you need to have a clear system that you can easily transfer to your partners. Otherwise, the structure will not grow and you will get decent control

And all of this, if you choose any other route, will fall entirely on your shoulders ...

The other side of the coin is therefore the internet, which represents the future. Thanks to this powerful tool, I've built a steady stream of candidates and partners. My best result is 5 partners per week!

It's a shame that a lot of sponsors who have a good check don't want to change anything. When you find yourself in such a situation, one more thing you have to do is become a leader and take matters into your own hands.

The man himself

Now let's talk about you specifically. How do you influence success in the network business?

In fact, it all depends on you and it is time for you to take 100% responsibility for your success.

See for yourself. Are there people in your company who make a lot of money? This means that the question is only within you

Do you know what the question is? Write down and remember the phrase:

You deserve just as much value as you bring in this market

For example, most people can become caretakers, which is why they earn so little. But the President of Coca Cola is very few, which is why the salary is so high, because such a person is very valuable

How does this apply to online business? Let's take a look at what value we're being paid for here and what directly impacts success in the networking business:

  • Ability to attract audiences
  • Ability to sell business and product
  • Ability to teach these skills in depth

The first two points are like in any other business: advertising, traffic, marketing, sales

But thirdly, this is the peculiarity of our business, for which the greatest money is actually paid, because they are in our structure

In practice it usually looks like this:

The first step in starting a business is by inviting people to give a presentation or chat with your sponsor. That is, you learn to attract an audience and while your sponsor or executives are selling for you

In the next phase, you start selling a product or business yourself. By the way, I don't recommend beginners start selling right away. You need to prepare carefully in advance. This is the easiest time to unknowingly fail.

Well, and the finishing touch: when you have partners, you do everything the same way with them and transfer your knowledge and experience to them. And so on in a circle to the intended goals

Just 3 steps. It seems easier. As you know, according to statistics, 90% of networkers get stuck on the first step

They are unwilling to invest a sufficient amount of their time in molding that value into themselves, or rather into the ability to attract an audience.

Unfortunately, very, very, very weak people come to this business. And if a person is still harshly deceived and says that it is enough just to give information and everything is in chocolate, then they are disappointed and leave ...

I will tell you the truth! To be successful in the networking business, you definitely need create great valuewhich will translate into the skills of attracting, selling, and mentoring!

Now let's summarize how you can still be guaranteed to be successful in the networking business.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Love and use the product
  2. Be 100% confident in your company
  3. Understand the full value of the networking industry, know facts, data and numbers
  4. Accept the sponsor's system of work, or step into the environment of a superior sponsor, or develop your own system and assume a leadership position
  5. Continuously increase your value (acquisition, sales, mentoring)

In conclusion, I want to say that you need to love the process of constant work on yourself, otherwise, sooner or later, you will most likely leave the business.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you all of my six years of experience building a network business, especially on the Internet, in one short article.

But when you understand that you need to understand everything deeper and want to use a tool as powerful as the Internet in your company at full capacity? Then download my new book, How To Get 10 Affiliates Per Month And More On The First Line.

Pick it up in the top right or just below this article

Success for you in networking business, go to the end!

See you later

Take action

Success in the network business from A to Z.

First secret of success: read in any weather

Let's start with a few examples. Suppose you want to breed dogs or cats. For example, there is such an expensive breed of dog as the Yorkshire Terrier.

Pedigree puppies start at $ 500, and copies from elite parents cost thousands of dollars. At the same time, every dog ​​fits in a pocket, i.e. they can also be bred in a one-room apartment without any problems.And so you decided on this business, borrowed money to buy yourself a pair of elite dogs, and after a while sold several puppies twice a year: why not extra income? Think: what will you do first when you find the money? I am sure most of you will answer: I will buy and read all the books on dog breeding, find a Yorkshire lovers club, make friends with people who have experience breeding this breed. And that will be the correct answer. Only if you rely on books and the experience of others will you have a chance to make money in this business. What if you decide to play on the forex exchange? Are you going to rush into the embassy with your 100 American rubles or will you first find and read all the books on the subject? The answer is obvious, isn't it?

And if so, can you explain why people who join a big and reputable company called Network Marketing don't bother reading a single book about the area they want to make money in? After all, this is a business where you can get many hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of dollars a month; There are already people in Russia whose monthly income is measured in the six figures, not to mention America, the home of MLM. And the vast majority of those who get into network marketing try to make money first, to understand whether or not this business is worth their efforts. And how would you, dear comrades, look at a doctor who tried to cut people before starting his studies as a surgeon at the 1st Medical Institute: If it works - if I do an apprenticeship, if it fails - I won't go? But in network marketing, many who even earn money will not study. And what is there, and so everything is actually clear: He took the goods in the warehouse and went to look for customers. In this way, the ranks of losers multiply, hence the negatives of business: you have to go out and sell all day, you can't earn anything there, a pyramid, only those who come first get paid, and so on. And he gets the absolute majority in network marketing just a penny: only what you can make with personal sales. However, this is the same as looking for mushrooms in the forest without leaving the path you have found. How long do you have to run to find some mushrooms? Have you tried entering the forest? Most have not tried, I assure you. And if so, then half a step, one step away from the path. To get into the forest, you need to study the map, learn how to navigate the terrain, buy suitable shoes, clothes and a basket, and it is an effort. So we better run down the path: all of a sudden someone accidentally looked at the mushroom, so I'll go home with that mushroom and come back. But how can you get tired of walking around like that ... And you get tired, and the next morning they run again, that's surprising!

Enough examples, let's get down to business. We will go to the forest: only from there can we take out baskets full of mushrooms. Below is your card. These are the books I recommend reading to understand the business and make money from it. I started a business myself by buying from a store and reading all the books that were for sale when I started. I got into the business consciously and made the fastest career for a beginner. I had a map of the path I wanted to follow because I had read all of the books on the list many times. I have read 5 times more books than are listed. I have read all the books published in MLM in Russian. I know this is the only path to confident, not accidental, success, and I urge you to do the same.

The second secret of success: the magic numbers 7 and 52

I really love two numbers: 7 and 52. Now I'm going to tell you why and you will love them too. 7 is the number of days in a week. 7 times a week you have excellent opportunities to read books. At home, during transport, at work, in the kitchen. Yes, even in the toilet, if that's the only place you won't be bothered! Let it last 10-15 minutes, but 7 times a week. If you don't know what to do, sit down and read. If something doesn't work, read books. If nothing works, read more books (personal recommendation: in this case read “The Seagull…”, “The Merchant…” or “The Alchemist” over and over again).

And I love number 52 for a different reason: it's the number of weeks in a year. Most of the books on the list are small; It only takes you a few hours to read each book. You can easily read one book a week! And there are 52 weeks a year. Just imagine: in just one year of your life you can read 52 books on one topic: dog breeding, stock market trading, surgery at the end. After reading 52 books in a row, you will become an expert in each field. Do you understand? After reading 52 books on network marketing in just one year, you will understand and recognize this wonderful business. You will climb to the top of the mountain from where this shop will open before you in all its beauty and splendor. And you will clearly see the road to walk on. Think about it: In 50 years of network marketing development, millions of people have already walked this path. The best, the most outstanding of them have written books for you. Why do you need bumps? The books contain everything you need to be successful. All you have to do is take a deep breath and move forward!

Third secret of success: practice

Reading books is very exciting. But don't emasculate it. All students finish their studies at some point and apply their knowledge in practice. From then on, their knowledge brings them money. Without practice, the knowledge of the people who wrote all of these books remains the knowledge of these people. That knowledge also becomes your knowledge - your money-making mechanism when you start using it in practice.

I have good news for you: if you have already taken numbers 7 and 52 as your allies, then immediately after reading the fifth book from the list, you can start your practical work in network marketing. You can read the sixth and following books and begin getting income from a new business. With practice, you can get more and more out of any book. read, practice, read again and practice again. And success doesn't keep you waiting.

The fourth secret of success: Connect with successful people

1. Decide what exactly you want to achieve network marketing... No semitones and ambiguities, nothing indefinite and indefinite. The picture of your success should be clear and as detailed as possible. Take action now!

2. Choose a company that will help you achieve your goal. For example "taste". Take action now!

3. Choose a sponsor that suits you. I can become one. Take action now!

4. Tune in for the best. Radiate positively. Always remember that you can only achieve the impossible if you want the unreal. Believe in you and your star. Take action now!

5. Change your picture. Step into the role of a successful person and become one in reality very quickly. Don't forget, we are still greeted by dresses! Take action now!

6. Come to work first. Be the last to leave the workplace. Spend your working hours accurately and just for work. Notice: success in network marketing doesn't come by itself. Take action now!

7. Always be in sight. Don't hide from the management of your company. Take action now!

8. Don't wait for sponsors to come and give it your all. Perhaps your mentor is actually a telepathic person. But most likely not. And help won't fall on you from the sky. Ask and accept with gratitude. Take action now!

9. Build your reputation through grain. Under no circumstances should you risk your good name. Take action now!

10. Don't live someday. Think about the future, but be “here and now”. Do something every day to achieve your goal. Take action now!

11. Always think about your MLM goals. Write it down in your notebook. Set a deadline. Make a list of tasks. Turn your checklist into a plan for achieving your goal. Follow it clearly. Take action now!

12. Never forget the result. Always know what you are working for and what you want to achieve. Know how to identify the priority task. Take action now!

13. Don't give in to difficulties. Learn to deal with problems. Learn to do this when they come in. Learn to avoid problems. Take action now!

14. Be creative with assignments. Sometimes have a steam engine invented for you. Remember, those who don't limit themselves are the most successful. Take action now!

15. Appreciate those you work with side by side. Treat them as you would expect them to. Take action now!

16. Make your motto the saying “Live and Learn”. Don't get stuck on the same level. Try to learn something new every day. Take action now!

17. Wake up the perfectionist in you (this is the one who wants to do everything to the max). Your job should always be a plus of five. Take action now!

18. Don't forget to forget that you and I live in the "Age of the Buyer". Love your customers, care for them, and they will respond in kind. Take action now!

19. Always remember to increase profits and reduce costs. Even at first sight, do not immediately give up the microscopic opportunity to earn even more, and success will surely come to you! Take action now!

21. Work as quickly as possible, but not at the expense of quality. Have a reputation for being someone who can tackle any urgent task. Take action now!

Why are you sitting Go out from behind the monitor and…. Take action now!