How is AI changing the construction industry

So far, digitization in the construction industry has developed more slowly than in many other industries. It is quite possible that it is because working with stone, concrete and steel is analogous. Digitization offers great potential for sales - in order to be able to act more effectively and successfully in the market.

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Sales in the construction industry have to face the challenges

In the construction industry in particular, sales are usually exclusively based on a network consisting of, for example, processing companies, planners or dealers. There is no question that the network will remain an important component for sales success in the future. Nevertheless, it is important to face the challenges and to accept the change.

The depth of digitization is individual for each company and ultimately the question to be answered is what a sustainable sales model can look like? Here it can be helpful to analyze models that are already successful on the market or other industries and to develop your own sales model from them.

Targeted knowledge transfer and helpful impulses

Digital tools can help to provide new impulses and, for example, to provide potential customers with specific and targeted information and to support them in building up further knowledge. This can take place on different levels.


One customer group is interested in civil engineering topics. Another customer segment from the building construction or SHK environment. Depending on the status, the customer can be informed by email and a variable flag system can be used for specific topics. The flag system stores the main topics for each subscriber individually so that the flags can then be used to send partially (automatically) targeted information or assistance to the user.

The sales representative can be actively involved in such a measure. In the best case scenario, the potential customer has reacted to the impulse from the newsletter himself. This is surely just one example.

Address customers specifically at several touchpoints along the customer journey

The customer journey is not only used in ecommerce. There are also these in the construction industry - just in a different way. Digitization helps to better understand the customer journey that a customer goes through and to provide targeted support in the individual phases. A customer who is at the beginning of the customer journey usually has to experience more extensive advice than a prospect who is about to conclude the purchase. Here, too, there are simple ways of providing sales support.

Machine learning & artificial intelligence

The topic of machine learning will also be able to gradually support the sales process in the future. Customer patterns can be recognized using mathematical methods. The systems learn independently through the permanent flow of data and can offer ever better results and forecasts over time. Overall, machine learning is a relevant topic in construction. In this way, construction costs can be further reduced and more efficiency and safety on the construction site can be guaranteed. Artificial intelligence (AI) has great potential and will change the construction industry in a positive way. New methods of data analysis will make building more transparent and forward-looking. Also because the knowledge of all those involved in the project (including all data) can be included and work can be done more effectively.

Fewer and fewer customer meetings on site

Corona has revealed to many companies that business can be generated even with less physical customer appointments on site. Personal contact is important, but a rethinking process will take place. Virtual meetings save time and money, so it is important to find the right balance here.

Personnel requirements in the construction industry

The need for top sales staff in the construction industry continues to be extremely high. Employees who work experience have, can identify with the company and, depending on the industry, aboutSpecial knowledge feature. All of this makes filling many positions a particular challenge for many HR departments.

Vacancies in the construction industry

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