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What is software Easily explained

In connection with technology and IT, the terms "software" and "hardware" are often used. In this article we will explain what software actually is and in which areas you will encounter it.

Software - collective term for programs and related data

Usually "software" is used as a synonym for "programs". However, related data also fall under the software term:

  • All non-physical components of a computerized system are called software. In the case of a notebook or PC, the operating system is just as much software as the programs installed on it and any data that is generated with it.
  • The opposite component to this is the hardware. In another article we will explain exactly what hardware is.

Embedded systems: software apart from PC and notebook

The term software is particularly common in the computer sector. But other systems are also software-controlled - here the software is firmly anchored in the hardware and is therefore referred to as an "embedded system":

  • The on-board computer in the car, the washing machine in the basement or the oven in the kitchen - all of these devices work with embedded systems. The software ensures that the devices follow a certain logic and that you can control this using buttons or other input options.
  • Other entertainment devices such as MP3 players, navigation systems or DVD and Bluray players are also operated with embedded software. You can control this in a similar way to a computer - the difference is that the hardware is not compatible with other software (for example an alternative operating system).

Apps - software on smartphones and tablets

You can also work with a wide variety of software on smartphones and tablets. The first difference starts with the operating system: Apple devices, for example the iPad and iPhone, work with iOS. Smartphones and tablets from other manufacturers usually use Android. Unlike a computer, however, software is referred to here as an "app" rather than a "program".

  • Not all software is compatible with every software environment. Therefore, not every iOS app is also available in the Google Play Store and vice versa. The developer has to port the software for the respective operating system so that it runs properly.
  • In contrast to embedded systems, you can install the software yourself on a smartphone or tablet. There are numerous apps for iOS and Android with which you can expand the functionality or change the system. Advanced users can even replace the entire operating system with alternative systems.