Should a vagina taste sweet

What does a vagina actually taste like?

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"How does a vagina taste?"

Have you ever thought about how we women actually taste downstairs? Perhaps you have already tried it or you have thirteen question marks buzzing through your head right now ?! Whatever. From now on it's in our regular column Muschipedia really deep talk about the most beautiful lips on your body. πŸ˜‰ So if you are wondering what a vagina tastes like, we will now provide you with deep answers. * hihi *

How does a vagina taste like?

"... after pussy." Ok, could you be a little more specific?

When men are asked what a vagina tastes like, they say: salty, sweet, a bit like musk or: like an old battery (um, please ?!). Very revealing. πŸ˜’ How the hell does an old battery taste ??? HE should perhaps hold back a little with such answers, after all, his best piece doesn't exactly taste like chocolate ice cream. Oh, but it would be nice.

Every vagina has a unique taste

Basically, every woman's taste is unique and down there depends on the cycle as well as on the diet.

And let's get one thing straight: as long as you are healthy, your vagina tastes heavenly. ALWAYS!

Of course it doesn't taste like 🌸🌹 and cotton candy in your panties - it shouldn't even taste like it. Even if various care products with fragrance and taste for the intimate area want to suggest something different. So what! Hygiene for your pussy is important, but a mild soap and organic panty liners can do it.

Try organic panty liners now!

With you it can taste like WOMAN! Maybe a little salty, maybe a little sweet and always with your indescribable aroma. Perfume and any other fragrances are totally out of place here. However, you should be concerned if you find yourself feeling easy from down there fishy smell comes towards you.

That can be done on a bacterialVaginosis, trichomoniasis or anotherHealth problem point out, which can also affect the taste. In such cases, you should ask your doctor for advice immediately.

Can you change the taste of a vagina?

There is though no scientific studies about whether the taste of a vagina can be changed, but we can speculate. 😬

So supposedly the Consumption of garlic cause an unpleasant taste (due to the high sulfur content) and not just in your mouth. Editor's note: Some of our employees can confirm that this is not just a theory, but REAL.

Incidentally, the same applies to asparagus. If you've got a hot date ahead of you, you'd better not eat it. However, what is often recommended are spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and peppermint. Is it true?

And what about pineapple?Does this fruit sweeten the taste of the vagina?To be honest: I have no idea. In case of doubt, the following always applies - just do it and try it out for yourself. πŸ˜‰

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