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Union takes action against dismissal after the announced works council election

Vienna - The union will contest a dismissal at the Upper Austrian wholesale company Tech-Masters Austria. A 54-year-old employee was dismissed after initiating a works council election together with two other colleagues, said the union of private employees, printing, journalism, paper (GPA-djp) in a broadcast on Tuesday.

Spicy timing

According to the union, the dismissal took place during the short-time working phase and one day after the announcement of the works council election. The works meeting for the election of the electoral board will take place on October 9th in Vienna. "We call on the company to refrain from all attempts to intimidate employees and not to stand in the way of initiating a democratic election," said GPA boss Barbara Teiber.

The union brought the dismissal challenge to the labor court in Wels on Monday. Tech Masters managing director Heinz Beutelmayr rejected the GPA criticism of the "Kleine Zeitung" on Tuesday: "The termination has economic reasons, the Corona crisis has afflicted us." The sales force region of the employee was divided among existing colleagues. "We didn't even know that he had anything to do with the efforts to set up a works council," said the Tech Masters executive director of the newspaper. (APA, October 6, 2020)