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"Rostocker" oven soup

Google thinks on the subject stove soup: Results ... about 5,580 (click here to see the result)
So what's my recipe for?
Quite simply, after looking for a recipe for a simple party meal, I received a recipe that I still "tinkered" with (an update will be published soon).
At the party (due to the number of participants) two different oven soups / oven soups / canned soups were served and asked for the recipe for "mine", which I wanted to publish spontaneously on the Internet and hereby did.
My recipe has been online for about four years now and the number of hits (several hundred per quarter) confirm that I am interested and therefore justified in publishing this recipe.
After trying the soup with the new recipe, there will be another update soon.
The recipe is in now too Russian in its own file and a Polish translation available just below the German version.
Here it is mine now:
Recipe for an oven soup or oven soup for 8-10 people
»1.5 kg pork (Recommendation: Salmon)
»1 can of pineapple
»1 can of vegetable corn
»1 can of peas (or pea / carrot mixture)
»1 glass of tomato peppers
»4 onions
»0.8 l sweet (whipped) cream (or coconut milk)
»0.5 l curry ketchup
»0.25 l chilli sauce
“Chopped pepper
»Red wine (lovely, a few" sips ")

The canned peas should be replaced with frozen vegetables (approx. 1.5kg) (recommendation: Leipziger Allerlei, consisting of peas, carrots and asparagus).
The oven soup thus has a crisper or fresher taste.
The curry ketchup can be completely replaced by tomato paste, the seasoning can be done with curry powder.
At the same time, we recommend using a second canned pineapple and vegetable corn.
Instead of ground pepper, steak pepper can also be used.

Cut the meat and onions into cubes.
Put all ingredients (including liquids, pepper to taste, the red wine only in the last half hour) in a roasting pan, mix and stir without a lid in the oven at approx. 175 ° C for about 2.5 to three hours for a quarter to half hour let go.
Together with herbal baguette, the soup tastes simply delicious.
The ingredients of the oven soup can be varied according to taste, e.g. by adding or replacing peppers, mushrooms, etc.
The size of the canned food also depends on this. It is generally recommended to take one large or two small per variety.
Experience has shown that "normal" roasters are not sufficient for the above-mentioned amount of oven soup, which is why it makes sense to add excess "sauces" (liquid contents of the canned food) gradually (about half of the liquid in the oven soup evaporates during cooking).
I recently received the advice to swap all or part of the cream for coconut milk. After trying this (swapping the whole cream for coconut milk), I would like to recommend that you only swap half of the cream for coconut milk at the most. However, this is - as is usually the case - a question of taste.
I will soon try to swap the curry ketchup (since most types are relatively sweet "mush") for half the amount of tomato paste (concentrate) and add curry as a powder, because the soup seems a bit too sweet to me and I hope the taste is a bit fruity too to get.

The author (André Axmann, available at http://reutershagen.de/kontakt/) wishes that the oven soup be consumed
Good Appetite!

In the near future I will publish more recipes here, as there is obviously quite a lot of interest in them.
I am also happy to receive recipes for local publication.

It follows thePolish translation (for technical reasons currently not a completely original representation of the letters).
The latest changes in the German version can only be made to the Polish version after some time for organizational reasons. Maszyna szukajaca Google zarejestrowala pod w.w. haslem 720 wejscia.
Po co wiec publikowac ten przepis w innych jezykach?
Po prostu po to, zeby tez inni mogli "pomajsterkowac" troche w kuchni przed planowana prywatka.
Podczas naszej ostatniej prywatki, na której prezentowano dwie rozne zupy z piekarnika, wiekszosc uczestników zdecydowala you spontanicznie na opublikowanie w internecie wlasnie tego przepisu.
Oto on:
Zupa z piekarnika (porcja dla 8-10 osób)
»2 kg wieprzowiny
»1 puszke ananasów
»1 puszke kukurydzy
»1 puszke groszku
»1 sloik papryki konserwowej
»4 cebule
»0.6 l smietanki kremówki
»0.5 l keczupu o smaku curry
»0.25 l sosu chilli
“Pieprz mielony
»Kilka lyków czerwonego wina

Mieso i cebule pokroic w kostke a potem wymieszac wraz ze wszystkimi pozostalymi skladnikami (wlacznie z sosami i winem oraz pieprzem) w duzym garnku zaroodpornym i nie przykrywajac pokrywka okolok dokarn 3 gotowac wolozin 2.5 = gotowac wolo. Mieszac co pól godziny. Zupa podawana z bagietka upieczona na chrupiaco smakuje po prostu wysmienicie.

Zupe mozna smakowo zmieniac poprzez dodawanie peperoni, grzybków lub innych skladników. Smak zalezy tez od wielkosci puszek w.w. skladników. Sugerujemy uzywanie jednej duzej lub 2 malych puszek poszczególnych skladników. Do sporzadzenia zupy potrzebny jest szczególnie duzy garnek. Uzywajac garnka normalnego radzimy dolewac sosy (plynne zawartosci konserw) po troszeczke w trakcie gotowania zupy. W czasie przyrzadzania zupa wyparowuje do polowy zawartosci garnka.

Z autorem zupy Andre Axmannem mozna you skontaktowac pod witryna internetowa reutershagen.de/kontakt/.

Author zyczy wszystkim konsumujacym zupe

An English translation of this recipe is expected soon.

  Please send any additions to:André Axmannlast modified: April 2006

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