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5 quick ways to get Star Alliance GOLD status

The Star Alliance Gold status is the highest status within the Star Alliance and is particularly popular because of the alliance-wide lounge access. With Miles & More you have to collect a whopping 100,000 status miles within a calendar year in order to achieve Senator and thus Star Alliance Gold status. But it is also much easier!

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Benefits of Star Alliance Gold

If you have a card with the Star Alliance Gold logo in your pocket, you can look forward to these advantages every time you fly with a Star Alliance airline:

  • Priority check-in at the business or even first class counter
  • Additional baggage allowance + preferential baggage handling
  • Fast track through the security check (currently over 100 airports) & partly upon entry (at 11 airports so far)
  • Lounge access to over 1,000 Star Alliance Gold lounges including one guest
  • Higher waiting list priority
  • Priority boarding

1. Aegean Miles + Bonus: 36,000 miles + 6 flights

The classic: With the frequent flyer program Miles + Bonus of the Greek regional airline Aegean Airlines, there is gold status after a total of 36,000 status miles + 6 Aegean flights or 72,000 status miles.


  • procedure:
    1. Earn 12,000 status miles + 2 Aegean flights or 24,000 status miles without Aegean flights within 12 months = Silver Status
    2. You then have another 12 months to collect again 24,000 status miles + 4 Aegean flights or 48,000 status miles = gold status
      Status miles & Aegean flights before reaching Silver Status do not count towards Gold qualification
  • validity: 12 months
  • Additional benefits: 6 upgrades (2 Silver + 4 Gold), 20% more award miles, collect award miles with up to 5 people on one account ...
  • Requalification: 12,000 status miles + 4 Aegean flights or 24,000 status miles
  • Soft landing: Silver Status = Star Alliance Silver

More on this in this article: Star Alliance Gold at Aegean Miles + Bonus


Everything was better before! By the end of 2014 you could achieve gold status with 20,000 status miles within 12 months and it was permanently valid. Nevertheless, 36,000 status miles + 6 Aegean flights are still a fairly low hurdle and, above all, the requalification with 12,000 status miles + 4 Aegean flights is very easy.

Unfortunately, however, cheap booking classes with Lufthansa are excluded from earning miles (L., K, P). But there are up to 300% distance miles in expensive booking classes. There are also some sweet spots on flights with SAS: Even in the cheapest economy booking class, there are 100% distance miles!

2. United MileagePlus: 50,000 miles per calendar year

If you travel frequently to the United States, you should check out United Airlines' frequent flyer program, MileagePlus. In addition to the Star Alliance benefits, United offers its members additional benefits such as upgrades on flights within the USA.

MileagePlus will be revenue-based starting January 1, 2020. For Premier Gold status, a minimum of 8,000 Premier qualifying points (PQP) = $ 10,000 sales and 24 segments required (or alternatively 10,000 PQP).

Theoretically, the status can still be achieved for award miles on partner airlines, e.g. Lufthansa (not United or on United-Ticketstock itself), but here the award miles are then divided by a factor of 5 or 6 and converted into PQP. You then need at least 50,000 award miles for Premier Gold status.

In short: Europeans who previously achieved MileagePlus status with economy tickets can now forget about the program. More here:

With an existing comparable frequent flyer status with an airline that is not a member of the Star Alliance, you can apply for the Status Match Challenge at MileagePlus. With this you can reach the status much faster again.


  • procedure: 4 PQS (Premier Qualification Segments) + 50,000 PQM (Premier Qualification Miles) or 60 PQS within a calendar year = Premier Gold Status (1P) = Star Alliance Gold
    (As a resident of the United States, an additional $ 6,000 PQD (Premier Qualifying Dollars)
  • validity: Remaining qualification year + 1 full calendar year + by the end of January of the following year
  • Additional benefits: 60% bonus miles, up to 3x 32 kg checked baggage, free seat in Economy Plus, free upgrade on national flights if available 48 hours before departure, Lounge access on Eurowings flights & free Marriott Gold status
  • Soft landing: No

You will also receive Platinum status from 75,000 miles per year and 1K from 100,000. The latter offers you, among other things, 6 upgrade vouchers that can also be redeemed on Lufthansa flights. However, there are some restrictions on the booking class.


MileagePlus is definitely an interesting frequent flyer program. However, one is bound to a calendar year for the qualification and the status validity is relatively low with a full calendar year.

MileagePlus is particularly interesting for everyone who regularly travels in low-cost economy booking classes. You will receive 100% status miles on flights with e.g. Lufthansa (new!), Swiss, Austrian, Brussels Airlines, United and even Eurowings. That is significantly more than, for example, with Miles & More. Often there are also at least 500 miles per flight.

The business class booking class P even provides a credit of 200% of the distance miles (from 2019 only 150%). The program is also interesting for award flights. Taxes and fees are lower than many other programs.

In addition, United offers a whole range of other status levels above Premier Gold, which offer interesting advantages (upgrades, upgrades, upgrades). There is even a lifetime status if you have traveled a million miles on United planes.

One disadvantage, however, is that you only have access to the United Clubs if you are booked on an international flight or an international connection on the same day. Otherwise you have to buy an additional membership.

3. Asiana Club: 40,000 miles in 2 years

With Asiana Club, the South Korean airline Asiana offers an attractive frequent flyer program to keep Star Alliance Gold status for up to 4 years with as few miles as possible. Asiana Club can also be of interest for award flights.


  • procedure: 40,000 status miles (or 50 Asiana flights) within a qualification period of 24 months from the registration date (Base date) = Asiana Diamond = Star Alliance Gold
  • validity: At least 2 years, for initial qualification a maximum of 4 years (base date + 24 months qualification period + 24 months validity of status)
  • Additional benefits: 10% bonus miles, voucher for 50% discount on an award flight, miles only expire after 12 years.
  • Requalification: 30,000 tier miles within the 24 months prior to tier expiration
  • Soft landing: No

More on this in this article: Fly 4 years of Star Alliance GOLD status with only 40,000 status miles


40,000 miles within 24 months doesn't sound like a lot, but you should still register shortly before your first flight in order to maximize the validity of your status. Since 2018, only 30,000 miles are required in 2 years for the requalification, which makes the whole thing a little easier.

Unfortunately, many Lufthansa employees bring significantly fewer miles at the Asiana Club (a maximum of 150% even in F, A) or no miles at all (L., K, P). There are, for example, Air Canada or United even in the inexpensive economy class K 50% of the distance as credit. In addition, award miles usually expire after 10 years and, with Diamond status, even after 12 years.

Asiana Club is also very interesting when it comes to redeeming miles. A one-way first class flight with Lufthansa to the west coast of the USA is available for 50,000 award miles + € 200-300 fees! Miles & More requires 85,000 award miles for this.

4. Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles: 40,000 miles in 12 months

Turkish Airlines has long been offering a status match for Miles & Smiles. Instead of the usual 40,000 you only have to collect 15,000 status miles within 12 months with Miles & Smiles. The requalification is much easier with 25,000 status miles in the 1st year or 37,500 otherwise. Also because there is a mileage bonus of 25% on Turkish Airlines Business Class flights.


  • procedure: Earn 40,000 status miles within 12 consecutive months = Miles & Smiles Elite
  • validity: 2 years from reaching the status
  • Additional benefits: Purchase of up to 10,000 status miles for $ 70 / 1,000 miles possible, family account, 25% bonus miles on flights in Turkish Airlines Comfort and Business Class ...
  • Requalification: 25,000 in the first year or 37,500 status miles in the two years of validity if you live outside Turkey.
  • Soft landing: Classic Plus = Star Alliance Silver


40,000 status miles within 12 months can be a big hurdle. Mainly because even on flights with Turkish Airlines you receive a maximum of 150% of the distance miles as status and award miles. For this, the requalification is easier.
The low-cost Lufthansa booking classes (L., K, P) excluded from earning miles. In other booking classes there is up to 200%.

5. SAS EuroBonus: 45,000 Basic Points in 12 months

With the frequent flyer program EuroBonus from SAS there is the gold status after 45,000 Basic Points (= status miles) within a personal qualification period of 12 months. You then receive the Star Alliance Gold privileges for the current qualification period + the next qualification period of 12 months:


  • procedure: 45,000 Basic Points (= status miles) or 45 segments with SAS and Widerøe within a twelve-month qualification period = Eurobonus Gold = Star Alliance Gold
    The qualification period starts when you join Eurobonus.
    Example: Registration in August 2017. The qualification year ends at the end of July 2018.
  • validity: Current qualification period + another 12 months until the end of the subsequent qualification period
  • Additional benefits: Lifetime Gold Status after 10 consecutive years as the holder of a Eurobonus Gold Status, you can give away a Silver Status, 25% more points on SAS and Widerøe flights, 20% discount on award flights with SAS if you book at least 14 days in advance, Free WiFi on SAS flights, free seat reservation on SAS flights, status benefits also on flights with Wideroe.
  • Soft landing: Yes, from gold to silver for the next qualification period of 12 months.


Eurobonus is particularly interesting if you travel a lot in the cheaper booking classes with Lufthansa. In Economy Class there is also K, L., T at least 25% and in Business Class with P even 100% of the distance miles as basic points. In addition, Silver Status as a gift is certainly not a disadvantage and Lifetime Gold after 10 years is also quite attractive.
Those who manage 90,000 Basic Points in their 12 months achieve Diamond status and can even give away a Gold Card.

Miles & More: 100,000 miles within a calendar year

For comparison, here are the facts about the Miles & More Senator = Star Alliance Gold Status:

  • procedure: 100,000 status miles within one calendar year
  • validity: Up to 3 years: Calendar year in which the status is achieved + 2 calendar years + the end of February of the following year (Example: You have cracked 100,000 miles in the current year 2016. Then the status is valid until the end of February 2019)
  • Additional benefits: 25% bonus miles, 2 eVouchers for an upgrade, 48-hour booking guarantee, greater award availability, lounge visit even on arrival, companion award ...
  • Requalification: 100,000 status miles within a calendar year (within the status validity only possible in one year)
  • Soft landing: Frequent Traveler = Star Alliance Silver for a further 2 years


Many roads lead to Rome and some are rockier than others. Nevertheless, you should always think about what you can do with the miles you have earned and how much you still have to invest in fees.

frequently asked Questions

Does a Gold Status offer the same advantages as the Senator?

The Miles & More Senator status is a Star Alliance Gold status. However, almost every frequent flyer program grants additional benefits on your own flights. With the Miles & More Senator status you can, for example, visit the Welcome Lounge upon arrival from a long-haul flight, enjoy lounge access on Eurowings flights with the Smart tariff (but also with United Premier Gold) and receive two eVouchers for upgrades.

Can I simply buy a Star Alliance Gold status?

Unfortunately, there is no frequent flyer program that sells Star Alliance Gold status without flying. You have to get on the plane and fly the required miles. However, some frequent flyer programs offer a limited amount of missing status miles for money to buy. However, never for the full status.

Can I have the miles for my girlfriend / boyfriend / mother / father ... credited to my account?

No, that is mostly not possible. There is indeed the possibility of collecting money on a family account for relatives at Egyptair and also receiving Star Alliance Gold status, but this is the exception.

Do I really have to sit on the plane for the miles to be credited?

Unfortunately yes. If your boarding pass is not scanned at the gate, no miles will usually be credited. Even if you have paid for the ticket in full and do not want to have it refunded.

Can I transfer miles that I have already earned to another program?

No, this is very seldom possible between frequent flyer programs and never with status miles. If you decide to earn on another program today, you will not be able to transfer miles you have already earned there.

Can I have miles credited retrospectively?

If the miles have not yet been credited to another frequent flyer program, you can often have the miles credited retrospectively. You can find an overview of where this works in this article: Crediting miles retrospectively

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