Does Donald Trump have any dignity

United States Republicans against Trump's re-election

Josh is standing in a field, smoking a cigarette and filming himself bare-chested

"My name is Josh and I live in North Carolina. And I voted for Donald Trump."

Josh is from North Carolina and voted Donald Trump in 2016. "It wasn't exactly the proudest moment of my life," he says into his smartphone camera.

The voter initiative wanted to collect 100 such one-minute amateur video clips - "Republican Voters against Trump", it is called, "Republican voters against Trump". There are now 400 - many of them sent in unsolicited, as well as Josh's clip. The videos run during prime time on the major TV stations as so-called testimonials - as authentic confessions from disappointed Trump voters who, like Josh, say: I'm voting for a Democrat for the first time in my life.

"For the first time that I will have voted for a democrat."

Josh would vote Democrats even if they nominated a can of tomatoes

Josh says he wouldn't vote for Donald Trump even if Joe Biden had to give up for some reason and the Democratic Party nominated a can of tomatoes. After all, a tin can does far less damage than Donald Trump in a second term.

He wanted to get rid of that, says Josh at the end. Clark Packard also wants to get rid of something. He is 36 years old and works as a commercial law attorney for a large Washington DC think tank. And he has a message similar to Josh's.

"I'm a critic of his policies." Clark said on the phone that he was a critic of Donald Trump's policies - because of the coronavirus. Trump broke with the Republicans' free trade principles and decided on a protectionist trade policy.

This president does not do justice to the dignity of the office

He also has massive character problems with Donald Trump, says Clark: This president does not do justice to the dignity of the office.

"People should reflect the dignity of the office. I just don't believe that a President Trump meets the standards that I have in my own mind for that position."

Clark says he always voted Republican. 2004 George W. Bush. 2008 John McCain. 2012 Mitt Romney. Then 2016 came and Clark thought: Donald Trump is completely out of the question. That is why he has now decided to change political camps. Clark wants to vote for the Democrat Joe Biden. Not only because Joe Biden is better for the country, as he says, but also because it is better for the Republican Party: the longer they hold on to Trump, the greater the damage will be.

"Lincoln Project": Initiative by former Republican party strategists

The wellbeing of the country before the wellbeing of the party: That is also the concern of the "Lincoln Project" - an initiative of former Republican party strategists who watched the "Never Trump" movement flop and peter out in 2016. Since the beginning of this year, the Lincoln Project has raised nearly $ 19 million in donations to use professional video to prevent Donald Trump from being re-elected.

There is mourning in America, the spokesman says, while coffins of corona victims can be seen. Under Donald Trump's leadership, the country will become weak and weaker, sicker and poorer.

Would there still be an America at all after a second term in office?

The clip ends with the concerned question: If these four Trump years are followed by a second term, will there still be an America at all? The lawyer Clark Packard from Washington DC has not donated any money to the "Lincoln Project" or the "Republican Voters against Trump" initiative. But he thinks the message of these videos is just great: These initiatives are very important, says Clark: Although he does not believe that the 94 percent that Donald Trump knows behind him in the Republican Party, these videos will change their mind. But given the usually very tight election results, Joe Biden could end up with a few thousand more votes across the finish line.

"I think that it can have a positive impact in helping get Vice President Biden over the finish line."