Can you add stairs in a house?

The most popular stair shapes and what defines them

Whether straight, curved, with or without a platform - there are many stair shapes. It is important to keep an overview and to know the various advantages and disadvantages. The staircase is not only a connection between two floors, but can also be used to Eye-catcher of the property and significantly shape the furnishing style.

The stair type will based on their shape and direction certainly. In general, a distinction is made between these most important forms:

  • Single flight stairs
  • Two-flight stairs
  • Three-flight stairs
  • Spiral stairs
  • Spiral stairs

Every shape has its charms and, correctly staged, can convince not only with its comfort, but also with its aesthetics.

It gets modern with the single-flight staircase shape

It is one of the variants that are included in the most common in modern architecture occurrence. However, straight stairs need a lot of space - with standard dimensions that is around 11 square meters. They're like that conspicuous and dominant and usually inspire with simple elegance. Without handrails and risers, this staircase shape also appears to be floating in space. So it becomes the eye-catcher in modern rooms.

Classic and proven: the two-flight staircase shapes

Two-flight stair forms can appear in many variants. Relevant for this type is a Intermediate platform. How it continues afterwards is up to the client. The pedestal makes for one special high comfort and safety when walking. Incidentally, if there are two platforms, one speaks of a three-flight staircase.

One of the most commonly used two-flight stair shapes is the counter-rotating U-stairs. It does not take up much space, is often built into a niche or a stairwell and therefore appears rather reserved. With generous windows, the right decoration on the pedestal and a few pictures on the wall, you can make the stairway appealing and ensure a nice transition between the floors.

Spiral staircase, the chic among the stair forms

With its evenly shaped pointed steps and its circular symmetry, the spiral staircase looks chic and classy. Basically, she also needs little space. However, if you make the stairwell and thus the entire staircase larger, it can also become a dominant eye-catcher. In the case of particularly generous turns, one speaks of an arched staircase. The flatter the arch, the more space the staircase needs and the more it determines the look of the room. A general distinction is made between quarter-turn and half-turn stairs. The two cheeks on the sides or under the steps are decisive for the style. If the stairs are built against a wall, you can do without the outer stringer. With their solid wood look, these staircase shapes go well with the country house style, with metal side panels and decorated with ornaments, they look elegant and go well with a playful furnishing style.

Save space with the spiral staircase shape

Even more space-saving is the so-called spiral staircase. It got its name from the fact that the steps are carried by a spindle in the center. That's why it only has one handrail. This type of staircase is mainly used in small maisonette apartments to save space. Since she is less comfortable to walk on, the materials of the stairs are particularly important. If they are slippery, in addition to the small steps, they increase the risk of slipping.

The material determines the style

In principle, all staircase shapes can be adapted to the style of living. In addition to the preparation, the material used is also decisive. The common materials for stairs are:

  • Wood
  • metal
  • Reinforced concrete
  • stone

Depending on the type of wood and processing, the wooden stairs in the country house style can also be used in a modern way. It looks particularly sophisticated in combination with metals. Are best suited robust woods like oak, ash or beech. The natural material has a warm appearance and therefore feels particularly good.

Metal stairs are entirely in the spirit of industrial style and fit well in modern houses or lofts. The combination of a metal staircase with a wooden handrail creates a good mix of styles.

Reinforced concrete is particularly suitable for those on a tight budget, as the material is cheap and easy to manufacture. This material also fits into a modern interior. With wood or metal you can spice up the concrete stairs and adapt them to the desired furnishing style.

Stone stairs look particularly massive and are suitable for everyone who prefers closed steps (with risers). Here the covering, for example tiles, natural stone or wood, determines the style and feel.

Stairs are versatile and can therefore be designed individually and according to the client's preferences. In addition to the shape, the materials and the arrangement in the room are decisive. However, it should always be kept in mind that the stairs must above all be functional and integrate well into everyday life. If it matches the style of the house and is comfortable, the builders have made the right choice.

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