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Cersei Lannister

Lies are easy for you. Everyone knows that. But integrity, decency and care are not your strengths, I fear.

Cersei Lannister


Cersei, from the Lannister family

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Cersei Lannister, officially Cersei Baratheon (in the original: Cersei Lannister), is a main character starting with the first season of game of Thrones. She is played by Lena Headey and first appeared in the first episode of the first season.

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Cersei is the first and only daughter of Tywin Lannister and Joanna Lannister von Casterlystein. She and her younger twin brother Jaime are born together. When she was four years old, her mother died giving birth to her brother Tyrion.[2] Cersei does not understand her mother's death, detested her brother and blames him, like her father, for her death.[3]

Since her father, as the king's hand, lingers most of the time in King's Landing, the three siblings are mostly raised by servants of the Lannister family. Although Jaime and Cersei hardly differ in their appearance in their childhood, so that not even their father can tell them apart, they are taught separately in the gender-specific disciplines. Something that Cersei was never able to grasp, since she sees herself as equal.[2] During her youth, she begins an incestuous relationship with her brother Jaime, which she maintains in her marriage. Jaime has always remained loyal to her.[4]

At the age of 15 she and her friend Melara Heidewies visit the witch and fortune teller Maggy, who lives in a forest not far from Casterlystein. Melara asks her not to go out of fear, but Cersei convinces her. She asks the woman to predict the future for her, otherwise she will let her kill. Maggy agrees with the condition that she needs a drop of blood, which causes Cersei to cut his thumb. Maggy samples her blood and tells her to ask three questions. When Cersei asked when she would ever marry the prince, she received the answer that she would not marry the prince but the king. When she asks if she will be queen, Maggy replies in the affirmative, but adds that she is being replaced by a younger, more beautiful one. Cersei asks if they will have children together. But the woman tells her that they will have no children together, but that the king will have twenty and Cersei three children. She also mentions that their crowns will be gold just like their shrouds.[5]

After the rebellion that ended the rule of the House of Targaryen over the Seven Kingdoms, she married Robert Baratheon and became queen at the age of 19 thanks to her father's actions during the sack of King's Landing in the rebellion and Jon Arryn's approach to Robert.[6][7] Cersei worships Robert, but this love begins to wane when he calls her Lyanna on their wedding night.[8] Nevertheless, she gives him a son who, however, is too weak and dies of a fever shortly after his birth.[9] Cersei, who at the time still has feelings for Robert, is so desperate about the loss of her son that she has to be held by Robert while the lifeless body is taken away.[10] After that, her feelings for Robert turn into hatred. She turns to her brother, with whom she fathered Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen, whom she passed off as Robert's children.

season 1

Cersei travels to Winterfell with her husband Robert Baratheon as Robert wants to ask his longtime loyal friend Eddard Stark to act as the king's hand in King's Landing after the death of Jon Arryn. In their entourage are next to a long line of servants and soldiers also Cersei's brothers Jaime and Tyrion, as well as their children Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen. She perceives the festivities in Winterfell with great disinterest and shows herself disgusted and disappointed by Robert's open affairs. She talks to Catelyn Stark about the possible engagement between her children. Sansa introduces herself to her and Cersei admires her beauty and sewing skills. She asks Sansa openly whether she's already bleeding, which unsettles Sansa. Cersei is convinced that Sansa would like it in the capital, since a girl like her shouldn't stay hidden in the cold north. When Bran Stark observed Cersei and her brother Jaime having sexual intercourse in a tower on Winterfell, shortly before the royal retinue left, Jaime pushed the boy out of the window.[11]

Tyrion arrives last for breakfast and Myrcella wants to know if Bran will die. Much to Cersei's alarm, it appears that Cersei will be survived. She doesn't understand why Tyrion wants to see the wall, and when Tyrion starts saying rude things that make Tommen and Myrcella laugh, Cersei leaves the breakfast table with them. Catelyn is with the comatose Bran when Cersei visits her. Cersei is horrified and with tears in his eyes tells the story of her first child with Robert, a black-haired boy who died shortly after he was born. Cersei assures her that she will pray to her mother for Bran to be healed.

On the way to King's Landing, she demands a compensatory punishment from Robert for injuring her son Joffrey, who was attacked by Arya Stark's Shadow WolfNymeria after Joffrey threatened Arya himself. However, since Nymeria was sent away with wise foresight by Arya, Cersei demands the death of Sansa's direwolf Lady. With a heavy heart, Ned Stark takes on the execution of the judgment on the grounds that this creature also comes from the north and therefore it falls to him, but in truth he did not want to grant Cersei her full triumph. [9]

In King's Landing, Cersei encourages Joffrey to think and speak like a king, but immediately rebukes him for his immature plans - but they agree that anyone who is not a Lannister is an enemy. News of Bran's awakening arrives and Cersei is furious about her brother's rash act. Jaime calms her down because Bran doesn't remember and says that no one will ever believe the child. If he did, he would kill anyone who stood in their way; Bran, Eddard, Robert and everyone else until there are only the two of them left.[12]

When Robert, drunk, demands that the tournament of the hand finally open, Cersei leaves the royal box, disgusted by his choice of words.

She looks for Ned Stark in the apartments of the hand to leave the incident behind on the royal road. She apologizes and says they would all do extreme things to protect their children. She notices that Sansa is the only Stark who seems to like King's Landing. She finally drops her mask and wants to know from Ned why he came to King's Landing. She is convinced that Ned cannot help Robert and that Ned is just a soldier who was raised to obey orders, unlike his brother, who was actually meant to lead the family. When Ned threatens her that he has also learned to kill his enemies, she says goodbye, pointing out that this also applies to her. [13]