What is a good job to learn

Professions for career changers - Top 10 for a new start

  1. Teacher
  2. Politician
  3. bailiff
  4. Content manager
  5. Sales representative
  6. Patent attorney
  7. tax consultant
  8. Real estate agent
  9. Business consultant
  10. educator


If you are working in a job - for example as a musician, chemist and architect - that is no longer fulfilling and you want to finally dare to start over, you can do so with the Lateral entry to the teacher realize without completely turning your back on your department. Because the profession of teacher gives you the chance to start over without studying to become a teacher. The only requirement: you must have already completed a legal clerkship. Since teachers are always wanted on the job market, this lateral entry is a particularly attractive option classic teacher training consists of two state exams. As a career changer, you simply skip the first state examination. In order to be able to go this route, however, you must also meet a few requirements - e.g. proof of a master’s degree or proof of sufficient knowledge for your second subject. After a special training course for lateral entry teachers, which usually takes 18 to 24 months, nothing stands in the way of your lateral entry as a teacher. The job of vocational school teacher is also very popular with career changers. The teaching profession is also very attractive for humanities scholars, as the humanities degree offers only very limited direct entry opportunities. In addition to professional training are also Soft skills crucial in this job. As a teacher, you should be particularly empathetic and able to communicate.


It is a misconception that Politician need to have an academic background to start their own political career. Because there are enough examples that prove exactly the opposite. Even without the concentrated load of academic knowledge fresh from the university, you can tackle a career in politics, because around 20 percent of politicians in the Bundestag even have no degree. Whether not enough time for a university degree, or for other reasons - a university degree is not a mandatory requirement for the profession. The best example of this is the former SPD candidate for chancellor Martin Schulz, who made it to the position of SPD party chairmanship - he does not have a university degree, but completed a commercial training as a bookseller.


As bailiff you are responsible for enforcing court orders and judgments so that debtors perform their duties. You do not acquire the profession with an apprenticeship in the classic sense, but rather through further training. requirementIn order to get started in the job of bailiff, you have to successfully complete another training course, prove that you are physically fit for civil servants and have a technical college entrance qualification or intermediate school leaving certificate. The lateral entry into the profession is made possible for you above all if you have completed specialist training - for example as a legal specialist.

Content manager

The profession of Content managers has become more and more important since the presence of the online market has been growing steadily. The activities of content managers include both editorial and technical tasks. For this reason, the career as a lateral entry is so attractive for journalists, as they are very familiar with content production. But other professions that are active in the field of journalism can also dare to take on a lateral entry as a content manager. You can acquire technical knowledge on the side with the help of seminars or further training.

Sales representative

The profession of Sales representative is a classic job for a lateral entry, because lateral entrants are particularly in demand. This is probably due to the fact that some sales positions are only filled by graduates from other disciplines. This is particularly common for professions that require special and subject-specific know-how as well as IT skills. As an expert in your field, you are best placed to sell your product or your services.

Patent attorney

Patent attorneys protect the inventions of their customers from imitations. If you also want to get started as a patent attorney, it is an advantage if you have already completed a scientific or technical degree. Before you can start your training to become a patent attorney, you should also have at least one year of professional experience in your respective field of study. In order to acquire the necessary legal knowledge, you will complete a degree in general law. However, you also have the opportunity to acquire specialist knowledge while working on a distance learning course in the "Law for Patent Attorneys" course. Do you already have the Training as a patent attorney assistant if you have completed your studies and also include a law degree as part of your apprenticeship, you can also start working as a patent attorney. Achieving a legal job is usually very time-consuming and requires a lot of stamina, but due to the flexible training requirements, the profession is particularly suitable for career changers.

tax consultant

To in that Occupation of tax advisor successful as Career changers Getting started is usually a rocky and time-consuming road ahead. Because if you don't have a law degree with you, you should still aim for a tax focus during your apprenticeship. If this is not possible for you, you can take courses in the field of external accounting to make up for any lack of knowledge. In order to gain the necessary practical experience in taxation, you should look for internships for career changers in tax firms. However, these are usually not paid, so a high level of initiative and a lot of perseverance are still important in order to be able to balance the necessary skills without a law degree. In summary: It is not impossible to become a tax consultant as a career changer, but for the time invested and the high level of initiative, the job of a tax consultant should be your absolute dream job. Because once you have overcome the hurdle of lateral entry, you can expect a lucrative reward in the profession.

Real estate agent

The Real estate market is very attractive for employees, especially for career changers, because the necessary specialist knowledge can be learned in practice even without a theoretical background. With the help of weekend courses, you can acquire the necessary legal and tax knowledge. The most important prerequisite for a career as a real estate agent is, above all, a pronounced talent for sales, which is only possible to a limited extent in training - e.g. as a Real estate agent - or can study at university. Nevertheless, to start as a career changer in the real estate business, you should have a certain basic commercial and business knowledge as well as an interest in real estate and types of financing.

Business consultant

Is the profession of Business consultant Particularly attractive for you, you can get started in this area, regardless of whether you have a degree in the humanities, natural sciences or economics. The most important prerequisite for the job, however, is not without: If you are toying with the job, you should belong to the top of the year, because a very good grade point average is required here. You can also expect a challenging job that requires a high level of commitment, but is also rewarded lucratively. That is why the management consultant is one of the best-paid professions. If you start as a career changer in management consulting, you can primarily score points with a specialist company with your knowledge and skills.


Do you want one Lateral entry into the profession of educator dare, this is made possible by targeted training and retraining that will make it easier for you to start your new job. This support comes from the fact that educators are desperately wanted in many fields and industries. The lateral entry is particularly suitable for you if you enjoy working with children and young people, are responsible and can score points with a high level of empathy. You should also already have an educational background and internships. How long your re-training to become an educator depends on the work you have already done. There is also the possibility of shortening the training period by taking an entrance exam at the beginning of the course so that you can start straight into the second year of training.