Why does garlic smell so much

What helps against the smell of garlic?

The doner kebab was delicious. But that garlic flag afterwards! One ingredient is responsible for this, the so-called allicin. This sulphurous substance is created when you crush garlic. Namely through a chemical reaction from the precursor substance alliin.

After consuming garlic - whether with pasta or in tzatziki - the allicin first reaches the gastrointestinal tract. There the body absorbs the substance and its by-products and releases them into the blood. From there they are practically distributed throughout the body. Garlic eaters release the sulphurous substances through the lungs and skin. And that smells sometimes more, sometimes less intensely.

Home remedies for the smell of garlic

Embarrassed by the "flag", garlic sinners try the wildest methods to get rid of the smell. Some nibble on coffee beans, others chew on parsley leaves, in India locals rely on cardamom. Parsley and cardamom contain essential oils that are supposed to dispel the garlic aroma. But who likes to eat raw herbs or coffee beans?

On the other hand, chewing gum with a peppermint aroma is much more pleasant. The essential oil of the medicinal herb works at least temporarily against bad breath, just like chlorophyll capsules from the pharmacy. A glass of milk also neutralizes the vapors from the throat for a certain period of time. Some people swear by ginger as an anti-garlic agent - for example, pickled or sweetened chewy candy. "Ultimately, however, you will not end up against the garlic plume because the ingredients are also exhaled through the skin," says Gesa Maschkowski from the Federal Center for Nutrition (BzfE).

Garlic is considered healthy

One consolation: garlic is considered to be quite healthy. Nutritionists attribute various positive effects to the sulphurous substance allicin and its by-products. The substance is supposed to inhibit the growth of bacteria, repel viruses and put an end to fungi. There are also indications that allicin could potentially protect the blood vessels and thus - in the context of a healthy diet - could reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Maschkowski explains: "Anyone who smells of garlic knows that allicin is unfolding its positive effects."

Avoid the smell of garlic

If you want to avoid the smell of garlic as much as possible, top chef Peter Asch has the following tip: "Use the garlic aroma, but don't eat it." That means frying the finely chopped clove in a little olive oil and then removing the garlic again. Spaghetti "Aglio e olio" taste just as good and the smell is limited. For tzatziki, Asch recommends: "Dip the crushed toe briefly into the cucumber water and then remove it again."

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