How do I hold a Libra man

  RE: How can I interpret this Libra man?
Do him a favor and try not to interpret too much into it. Presumably he doesn't think of anything at all, just spends his world of thoughts sometimes inside and sometimes outside - completely normal. The question is whether you can gain access to him if you tell him unequivocally (!) That you need attention right now - or whether he then simply blocks you "in his distant phase".

If I start from myself, then he just reflects and then just has a completely hollow pear. Then the detachment is not a conscious detachment, but simply the result of temporarily less attention. Libra always needs a little looser reins - space and air to breathe. As long as he's not doing something bad, just use the time to perfect your waffle recipe, or to box a few passers-by on the street, or whatever else you Aries love to do ...

As a rule, however, you should always be able to reach him with a clear message. Just don't overdo it with the trick, otherwise he might react annoyed at some point and demand "some distance" just as directly. (or suffer in silence, which would be much worse)

Basically, I can only recommend, also for the future, that you always speak to him directly about things that concern you - in any case before it escalates for you. I was with an Aries woman for a few years - the most annoying thing was when she pent up some frustration until she "couldn't hold it anymore" and then of course always made a scene at the completely wrong moment, even though the topic was already totally simple in advance could have been clarified. Save yourself and him the stress and just let him know: 1. what you want and 2. what concerns you. If the guy is even 10% of me, then you can relax and trust that you can talk about it. Just stay relaxed - the easier, easier and more carefree you deal with each other, the more he will appreciate your relationship.

Hehehe, and here the obligatory, severability clause: It is up to you to consider whether what I am writing fits your impression of him or not. We Libra are all the same - and some are even the same, or even so the same that they are completely different. Nech?