Is an arranged marriage ever successful?

Does great love still exist? The love that lasts forever and ever? The majority of Germans think so romantically, according to a survey. Two thirds of German citizens are convinced that there is "love that lasts a lifetime". A first look at the statistics reveals a different trend: the number of marriages has halved in the past 60 years, the divorce rate has grown over the same period, and 20 percent of all fathers and mothers in Germany are single parents. Yet marriage still dominates family life. 70 percent of parents with at least one underage child are married; there are a total of 17.6 million married couples (as of 2013).

A second look at the statistics reveals another point of view: The number of weddings has remained constant for more than ten years, and the number of divorces has even decreased slightly recently.

When to get married

So is marriage contemporary? Especially for young people? The Federal Institute for Population Research asked 20 to 39-year-olds about their family mission statement. Result: only a third said that marriage was an outdated institution. But is marriage imperative if you want to be together permanently? Only 43 percent of those questioned agreed with this question. One thing is certain: Germans are no longer rushing things when it comes to getting married. When women were married for the first time in 2013, they were almost 31 years old and men almost 34.

Marry who

One pair, two languages ​​- can that go well? Weddings between Germans and non-Germans are increasing. The Federal Statistical Office has determined that there are now just under 1.2 million German-foreign couples. However, binational marriages have an increased risk of divorce. It is allegedly even 64 percent higher than in marriages between two partners of the same origin, a study found. Cultural differences, different religious affiliations, a different understanding of roles - all of these make love life more complicated, say the researchers. It becomes particularly critical when a German meets a partner from southern or southeastern Europe. However, partners from there are also particularly popular.

Where are the Germans particularly willing to marry?

When it comes to the right month for the wedding, Germans across national borders agree: the clear favorite is not the happy month of May, but August. Also popular: May, June, July and December. When it comes to the number of weddings, on the other hand, there are regional differences: Most recently, people in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania were particularly willing to marry. In large cities like Hamburg, Berlin and Bremen, on the other hand, significantly fewer couples tie the knot. There were an above-average number of divorces in Schleswig Holstein. In the new federal states, on the other hand, the willingness to stay with the partner seems to be higher.