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Iran travel tips & information

Alcohol is not available in Iran. The introduction of alcohol is not permitted. We strongly advise against trying.

Ladies should adhere to the Islamic dress code, i. H. Headscarf, non-body-hugging clothing, ankle-length trousers, no bright colors and a coat. Gentlemen should not wear shorts and long-sleeved outerwear in religious places.

taking photos
Photographing public facilities, military sites, airports and ports, security and government vehicles, police officers and security forces is strictly prohibited and will be considered a spy attack. This can lead to imprisonment. Great caution is required when photographing people.

Currency exchange
Payment by cards and travelers checks is not possible in Iran. So make sure you have enough cash with you. The exchange of euros and dollars is not a problem. You can also pay in euros for larger purchases.


  • February 11th: anniversary of the revolution
  • February 13: Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice)
  • March 20: Oil Nationalization Day
  • March 21-25: Iranian New Year
  • March 14th: Ashura
  • April 1st: anniversary of the founding of the republic
  • April 2: Public Confession Day
  • May 15: Mouloud (Prophet's Birthday)
  • June 4th: Imam Khomeini's death anniversary
  • June 5th: Anniversary of the rebellion against the Shah.
  • September 24: Leilat al-Meiraj (Ascension of the Prophet)
  • October 12: Imam Mahdi's birthday
  • November 25-27: Eid al-Fitr begins (end of Ramadan)

Since the holidays are calculated according to the lunar calendar, they shift from year to year.

The fasting month of Ramazân (Ramadan) is important for travelers as all restaurants are closed during the day during this time.

In restaurants you tip about 10% in addition to the invoice amount.

Customs import and export
The importation of weapons, pork, narcotics, alcohol, chocolates containing alcohol, films, magazines and books with representations that could offend religious feelings are strictly prohibited. More than 200 cigarettes must be declared, as well as electronic devices that are imported as gifts or for sale.
The export of antiques is strictly prohibited!