How can you stop caring too much?

Stopping the Carousel of Thoughts: How to Stop Thinking Too Much

Constantly thinking about everything that is stressful!

In this article I will therefore show you 4 simple steps how you can stop the carousel of thoughts and finally bring calm to your head.

Because the fact is simple:

Endless brooding won't get you anywhere!

But on the contrary:

It just keeps draining energy from you. Yes, in the end it can even lead to headaches, tension and sleep disorders.

So read on and find out my best tips on how to get calm in your head from today and stop thinking so much.

Have fun while reading!

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Table of Contents

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Stop the carousel of thoughts: is that even possible?

I want to be honest:

You can't really stop your thoughts. You are always there. But you can:

  • slow it down - and feel a clear relief in your head
  • to reduce - that means that you only have ONE thought in your head instead of 100
  • transform - you can transform negative, senseless and energy-guzzling thoughts into positive thoughts that are good for you and move you forward

Because the problem is not thinking in itself. Our brain is designed to think.

Your thoughts only become problematic and stressful if they switch back and forth too quickly, if there are too many at the same time and if they constantly revolve around negative topics.

Above all, endless brooding over any worries and problems costs you an incredible amount of energy.

Remember one thing:

If after 10 minutes of thinking you haven't found a solution, another 1,000 minutes of worrying won't help either.

Therefore, I will now show you how it can be done better ... How you can get your thoughts under control or use them in such a way that they strengthen you and move you forward.

Then I'll give you a few more secret tips on how you can fall asleep quickly and easily ...

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How to stop worrying too much: the guide

You should always go through the following instructions step by step if you notice that you are thinking too much again. Maybe at the beginning it seems like you're thinking EVEN MORE ...

But trust me!

Over time, this approach will help you "clear up" your head and stop pointless brooding:

1. What to do if you are caught in the carousel of thoughts?

Most people make the following mistakes:

You are trying desperately to get out of the carousel of thought. And then they get annoyed when they notice that they are already thinking way too much again.

Instead of getting more calm into my head, new thoughts come along: “Why can't I do this? What is wrong with me? I just can't get it under control ... "

So my first tip to you is: Man, don't get angry!

The next time you notice that all hell is going on in your head, be happy! Because now you can actively do something about it. Remember the following:

You can only solve a problem if you know it.

2. Why distraction doesn't help

Very often one reads that one should distract oneself. With sport, with gardening, with sex ... 😉

I tell you from experience: Unfortunately, this is of little use!

You have probably already noticed that yourself. Either your carousel of thoughts continues unimpressed (which is particularly stupid during sex) or all thoughts come back AFTER the distraction like an avalanche.

At the latest when you lie in bed in the evening and want to fall asleep, you are tormented by all the brooding, from which you have distracted yourself so laboriously throughout the day. (See below for a few specific tips for falling asleep.)

So stop trying to distract yourself. Instead, watch what's going on in your head.

And that brings us to the next step:

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3. This is how you get the thoughts out of your head

Take a pen and paper and write down all the thoughts that are in your head. Sit down and just start writing. Write down everything that comes to mind.

Usually it is enough to do this exercise for 10 minutes. Then you will find that your thoughts are constantly repeating themselves. They keep going in circles and that's why it seems to you that there are an infinite number of thoughts.

As soon as you get it down on paper, clarity comes to your mind. And you realize that you think too much about:

  • the past - which is completely pointless, because you can't change it anyway. So get used to letting go of the past. Instructions can be found here: How to end the past once and for all
  • the future - and by that I mean, first and foremost, the WORRIES you have about the future. These thoughts are also pointless. The future doesn't exist yet. 80% of the worries you worry never happen. And you can still take care of the remaining 20% ​​when the time comes. Here are a few tips for you on how you can live more in the present: Living in the here and now: The secret of happy people
  • what others think of you - that is most of all pointless! YOU rack your brains about what OTHERS think of you. The others, however, are mostly preoccupied with their own thoughts and have no time to think about YOU ... So just stop doing that. You can find out how it's done here: I don't give a shit what others think of me

So, with this you can delete a large part of your many thoughts.

Don't worry if they come back. Just repeat this exercise every time you have the feeling that your carousel of thought is back in full swing. Over time, it automatically becomes slower and the circling thoughts are reduced.

But what do you do with the rest of your thoughts? With those who are up-to-date, meaningful and justified and still won't leave you alone?

Very easily:

4. This is how you bring your thoughts under control

In this section I want to show you how you can consciously control and bring under control all the thoughts that you still have now.

How exactly do we do it?

Answer: By asking the right questions!

First, take a look at the following graphic:

What do you see here

You can see that why-questions will not bring you to a solution. They just keep you trapped in the carousel of thought endlessly.

Unfortunately, we almost always ask ourselves why-questions: Why am I not happy? Why is the boss so mean to me? Why am I not a little more confident? Why did I reject Hans-Peter's application 12 years ago ...

The problem with why questions is this: your brain is always trying to find an answer to your questions. However, there are usually no answers to why questions. And if they do, they will not lead to a solution. That's why your brain gets into an endless loop with why questions ...

Therefore, you should instead ask yourself very specific problem-solution questions (how or what questions). For example:

This way you focus your brain on ONE question and at the same time get it to look for solutions. Now it works SENSITIVELY.

It doesn't stop your thoughts. But instead of spinning around in circles forever, they are now purposeful and useful.

Summary: Just stop brooding

Here I have briefly summarized the process of stopping thoughts for you:

  1. Don't be angry if you find yourself worrying too much
  2. Don't get distracted, just watch your thoughts
  3. Write down everything that is in your head right now
  4. Ask yourself what and how questions that will lead you to a solution

With this approach you will soon have your carousel under control!

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3 everyday tips against too many thoughts

Here are a few more methods for you to get calm in your head. They work especially well when you have them regularly over a longer period of time apply:

Tip 1: The secret weapon against the carousel of thoughts: start meditating

Meditation is the best and most well-known method against the thought chaos in the head.

There are many different meditation techniques, but they all have one thing in common: they try to silence the mind.

As I said before, it is almost impossible to really think NOTHING.

Therefore, when meditating, you focus on your breath, your body, an object (e.g. a candle), a certain word and so on. So the goal is to focus your thoughts on ONE thing.

The more you practice this, the calmer it gradually becomes in your head. And that is automatically carried over to your everyday life. Meditating for just 5 minutes a day has an incredibly calming effect on your carousel of thoughts.

You can find out everything you need to know about meditation here: Learning to meditate - A little guide

Tip 2: find the gap between thoughts

This is a special little exercise that can usually be done as part of mediation.

But you can also incorporate them into your everyday life at any time. Especially when you notice that you are thinking too much again.

This exercise is very easy:

Consciously focus on your thoughts. First of all, just perceive it. A thought comes and goes. Then comes the next one ... Then try to notice the tiny little thought gap in between.

The more you focus on this gap, the clearer it becomes. That little gap is the only moment when your brain really thinks NOTHING. Concentrating on it immediately has a calming and stress-relieving effect.

Just give it a try.

Tip 3: Use mindfulness exercises against too many thoughts

Mindfulness basically has the same effect as meditation: You concentrate fully on ONE thing in the here and now.

It doesn't matter whether you focus on your breath, on an object or something else.

At this point I would like to introduce you to my favorite exercise:

You save a regular alarm in your cell phone or stick a few notes so that you will encounter them several times during the day. Just write “mindfulness” on it.

Once you are reminded, focus your attention on the following questions for a few minutes:

  • What am I listening to right now?
  • What am I seeing right now?
  • What am I smelling right now?
  • What am I tasting right now?
  • What are my feelings right now?

You don't need to stretch this exercise forever. Simply go through the 5 questions one after the other and activate your sensory perception.

After that you will immediately feel more calm and relaxation in your head.

Bonus: Download my free guide to letting go of negative thoughts here, including two instant techniquesto resolve stressful thoughts quickly and purposefully:

BONUS: Falling asleep easier, despite many thoughts

The biggest problem with thinking too much (also called "overthinking"): You can't fall asleep.

As soon as you lie in bed or wake up at night, your thoughts start to circle ...

In this situation, of course, the tips mentioned here also help. Anything that calms the head during the day automatically affects better sleep.

However, there are a few additional things to keep in mind:

  1. Don't watch the news before bed! Messages are full of negative information. Your brain unconsciously absorbs all of these. Do you remember your brain trying to find an answer to every question? So while you're trying to fall asleep, your brain is trying to solve all the problems in the world that it saw on the news ... So at least turn off the TV at night!
  2. Put your head to rest: Make sure that your brain can “slow down” slowly in the evening: Do not start difficult discussions with your partner or your children. Don't read 180 more posts on Facebook. Don't watch exciting action films. Don't feed your head with a flood of information that it tries to process while you try to fall asleep. It is much better if you meditate, listen to relaxing music or read a positive book before going to bed.
  3. Put the worries on the bedside table: Very often, in bed at night, something occurs to us that we absolutely have to think about. Therefore, you should always have a pen and some paper on the bedside table. Whenever you think of something that you mustn't forget, write it down. Then you can fall asleep calmly. This of course works the same with any other worries, problems and thoughts that keep you awake. Write them down and tell yourself, "I'll take care of it tomorrow when I've had a good night's sleep."

Dealing with pathological brooding

If you cannot control your thoughts, this can also be due to illness and an indication of an anxiety disorder or depression.

So if you can't get the carousel of thought in your head under control on your own, turn to a doctor or psychologist with confidence.

PS: If you have a lot of negative thoughts in everyday life, then have a look at this article: How to get rid of negative thoughts. In it I will show you how to deal with negative thoughts correctly in order to get rid of them as quickly as possible.