Give PediaSure to your kids

Is PediaSure okay for toddlers, and if not, how to stop them?

Children under the age of 3 can handle a lot of fat in their diet and need it more than we do due to the development of the brain. I've found butter to be a great way to add fat, as you can often add it to almost anything a particular child is ready to eat. Avocado is also very high in healthy fats when a child eats them, and coconut oil can also be added to foods.

If she likes to drink more calories than she eats, there are plenty of smoothies that can be pre-made and frozen so you don't have to top up when you need them.

I have one like this, she's thin too, and has been since she was tiny. Another good thing about smoothies is that I let them help. Even at 20 months old, I would find that if I let her put some things in the blender, she was much more open to trying when we were done. I got all the kids involved and usually everything she totally denied the other kids or I could drink it.

For my skinny girl, here are the things I can use that are high-fat for her: coconut oil added to things that butter puts on toast or any vegetable they eat could (this was hit and missed). Avocado - mine doesn't like it.At this level, I do things like mashing and baking into things she doesn't notice, like brownies (I cut the oil and use this). Mine doesn't like yogurt, so I'm better lucky enough to make half yogurt for smoothies with semi-fat sour cream. She's going to make french toast, so I'll do that with lots of butter and sliced ​​fresh fruit versus syrup. In the meantime, I have a muffin tin that I can leave where it can reach. Each small compartment has nuts, dried fruits, whole grains, etc. She will often only eat one or two things at a time, but as the day goes on she will often eat most of what is in there. She also repeatedly rearranges it, playing like she's cooking.

For my take-away bag, I always have a few BelVita breakfast biscuits in there. They're high in fat and delicious. I don't know that I'd say they are a great way to add fats every day, but they are storage stable, high in fat, and better than some other options. I'll make sure mine will drink this too. I only offer these items when we're on the go and I can't find a better option for her or I forgot to pack things.

We also make vitamins for all of us on a daily basis and I try not to annoy it too much. Mine was so small that she had a lot of tests done when she was a child. They never found anything wrong with her. I am also a petite person, much more so than my parents. I am also much smaller than my siblings. So I know firsthand that being small and thin is not inherently important. I now have a 10 year old son who is almost my size and outweighs me. It is more important whether a child has grown and fallen at a certain rate than if a child is petite all the time. At this point, if your weight has lost, the quickest concern is to regain weight. Once this is stable, figuring out how to include healthy fats in your diet and not rely on extra drinks is an excellent plan. Smoothies are different because they are whole foods. They're as fortified as a complementary drink, and you can often hide small bits of very nutritious things like spinach and quinoa in there.