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Homeschooling - tips for teachers, students and parents

Homeschooling - a challenge for everyone involved

How do you organize home tuition? As a teacher, how can I currently fulfill my duty to teach in a meaningful, efficient and contemporary manner? What can parents do to support their children or perhaps to “only” keep them busy now and then when homeschooling collides with home office? We have put together best practice examples, tool tips and other useful information in a collection of links on this topic. You are welcome to send us further tips! We also recommend our two online seminars especially for teachers: Virtual Teaching - an introduction and Virtual Teaching II - for advanced learners as well as classroom management, analogue and virtual.

Homeschooling - Best Practice

Lessons at home: what about in other countries?

Tips for teachers

Online training for teachers and school principals

  • The Heraeus Education Foundation supports school administrators and teachers with an online program to virtually master the current and future requirements relating to school development, team management and teaching.

Digital distance learning / learning support

  • How do I create an educational video myself? Right now, in the summary of our workshop of the same name, teachers will find valuable tips on how they can create clips for their students themselves.
  • BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing solution for online learning that enables real-time audio, video, slides, whiteboard, chat, and screen sharing. BigBlueButton is hosted in Germany by several education ministries on their own servers and used for their schools. Several universities use the tool for their courses.
  • COVID-19 of Microsoft Teams - Digital distance learning (with video conferencing, provision of materials, collaborative work on documents, provision and evaluation of assignments) during school closings and quarantine. You can also find tips from experienced online educators here. There is also support here at Teams goes to school.
  • Schoolfox- an app for smartphone and computer with which educators, parents, pupils and school management can share texts, images and files and coordinate tasks and projects from home.

Digital learning clips and teaching materials

  • Lessons instead of school closure: This specialist article by shows what a replacement classroom can look like and how teachers, learners and parents can keep exchanging ideas despite school closings.
  • Scobeesis an app for learning support and for cooperative project learning at your school. With Scobees, individual learning - self-determined & collaborative - in open learning formats is possible for everyone - not just during Corona times.
  • Sofa tutorextends its offer for teachers after the winter holidays 2021. Teachers can free of charge on all sofatutor content of all subjects and grade levels, use it in distance learning or make it available to your students without them having to register. Simply send an email to the following [email protected] Send: Excel list of interested teachers from your team (first / last name + email address), school address and confirmation by school stamp that all teachers on the list are active at your school.
  • Worksheets from TIME FOR SCHOOL and suitable video learning from the ZEIT AKADEMIE on a wide range of topics.
  • Teachers' marketplace - Tried and tested teaching materials, some of which can be used free of charge
  • How do I create an educational video myself? A helpful one Explanatory video, which we created in cooperation with the HR iNFO as part of a workshop.
  • Tips from the German Teachers' Forum

Online solutions for teamwork and project management

  • Concept board- Virtual collaboration workplace with whiteboard functions that enable efficient teamwork regardless of time and place.
  • MURALis a digital workspace for visual collaboration and enables innovative teams to solve important problems together
  • Miro- a collaborative online whiteboard platform that brings teams together, anytime, anywhere.
  • Padlet - Platform for collaboration and content creation

Helpful information for parents and students

  • Tips on homeschooling a primary school teacher
  • A Information sheet from the primary school association with tips for parents on how they can help children orient themselves in the world of media.
  • The digital expert Verena Pausder presents further tips in her blog.
  • Meetnlearn- Easily find tutoring in your area and contact them directly for individual tutoring.
  • More about the Opportunities and challenges of e-learning and digital lessons can be found by parents and students on the tutoring portal Study group.
  • One Internet Research Guide For school students, the study group also offers: Guidelines for download.

Learning apps and platforms

  • Anton - Learning app for 1.-10. Great, free.
  • The online tutoring portal Learn attack of Duden offers interactive learning aids for students from the 4th grade up to the Abitur.
  • StudySmarter for students - Successful exam preparation in school with tens of thousands of explanations, exercises, learning plans and much more.
  • Sofa tutor - All subjects with exercises, tests and support. 30 days free trial access!
  • Self-learning platform specially tailored to the needs of primary school students Mouse weasel.
  • The CALLI CLEVER Tipptrainer has been specially developed by educators for children and young people to learn the 10-finger system on the computer keyboard.
  • School from home - a platform with tips and applications to support teachers, schools and families in teaching and learning from home.
  • scoyoWith its learning modules and themed worlds, it offers the possibility of communicating knowledge interactively and vividly with the computer, and it supplements textbooks and educational films in a meaningful way.
  • The Pacemaker Initiative in theWall of apps.

Clips & more for students

Learning content in clip form from private providers:

  • Onilois a portal that digitizes children's literature, prepares it for educational purposes specifically to promote language and reading, and offers teaching materials online.
  • In thousands of learning videos, exercises and summaries, Nico and Alex explain school topics, from 7th grade to studies for all types of school: Simple Club - The learning app
  • Offers help in math or physics Teacher Schmidt in various student-friendly YouTube clips. Teachers and parents can also learn something new.

Course contents of public broadcasting on the net:

  • "Learn at home" is the name of the rubric in the ARD media library, with which the ARD is expanding its educational offer for the corona lockdown. Here you will find offers differentiated according to grade levels.
  • "Planet School" of WDRandSWRoffers comprehensive background information on curriculum-relevant topics
  • "School at home" from BR in partnership with the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture - learning opportunities for the home. Even with Alpha Learning.
  • On the ears with that hr2 children's radio college.
  • Prime Video goes to school - over 1,000 educational films for primary school children and young people to stream. (Just for members)