How many hours should I read?

This is how you make reading a habit

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Reading is one of my most important habits. I started reading late, but then I didn't want to stop. For three years it has been part of my everyday life like eating and drinking. At that time I bought an electronic reader. Now I read about one book a week on average. Including non-fiction books with barely more than 200 pages and novels of up to 1,000 pages.

I don't read the news or gossip. And if it does, I book it as entertainment. But under Read I understand more. I mean books or special interest magazines that I can learn from. Reading is about digging deeper into a topic or story. I want to take in more than just snippets of information, as is common on the Internet.

5 things reading can give you

Reading gives me a lot. Reading has given me a huge boost in my personal development.

1. Rest

Reading gives me peace of mind. I can escape the stimulating environment. There is no chatter. No advertising. No background noise. While reading, I escape this noise and concentrate fully on the book. If my thoughts don't stand still, I can sink into many a novel world. I am seldom as attentive as when reading. Then I prefer to read works by Hermann Hesse, in whose stories I recognize myself.

2. Knowledge

Reading gives me knowledge. The knowledge in this world doubles every few years. Although we have no chance of this everything to acquire. But we can take in more information today than ever before, because there is more Books than ever. How nice that there are authors who can draw on their many years of experience one Prepare the area in a book, that we can read in a few hours!

If I want to know more about a topic, I just get a few books and read. It will make me a better writer, entrepreneur, and person.

3. Ideas

Reading gives me new ideas. It doesn't matter whether I'm reading a novel or a non-fiction book. Reading broadens my horizons. I open myself to the author's perspective, which is based on experiences other than my own. This creates a completely new perspective. So my brain receives impulses that too Ideas become. Often I get them directly while reading. But even hours later, my subconscious is still working on a new idea. I can implement a lot of this in my work and my private life.

4. Inspiration

Reading inspires me. Some books move me to change my life. The book Think Big! by David Schwartz once inspired me to think bigger. Choose Yourself by James Altucher inspired me to listen to myself more than others. And numerous biographies - including those of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Mike Tyson and Hermann Hesse - showed me that these Supermen also started very small and have worked for a successful life.

5. Training for the brain

Reading trains my brain because it is a more demanding Process. I have to concentrate deeply and not waver in my attention. I have to think along, because a text can only convey a limited amount of information. I have to paint the rest of it through my imagination. So when I read I have to work my brain and thus stay mentally fit. Reading is therefore a good habit for people who are under little mental stress in everyday life.

If that's not enough arguments for you, take a look at myMONK. Tim knows a few more reasons why we should read more books.

This is how you can read more

So reading is important, healthy and generally great. Still, many people don't get around to it. Even though they know all of this and would love to read so much. But something always comes up. Not anymore!We make reading your healthy habit. With these simple tips, you will soon be able to imagine your everyday life without reading.

  1. Don't go into too much. Think about which frequency is realistic for you. If you've never read before, take a Book the month before. If you already read two books a month, you may be able to increase to one a week.
  2. Do not read those books that you heard you should read. Select books to which you You feel like it. Reading should be fun and not an elitist hobby that you can brag about. If, contrary to expectations, you don't like a book, don't torment yourself through it. This will only take away the pleasure of reading. Instead, start with the next Book.
  3. Variety of reading material. If you find yourself bored with the fifth detective novel, read something else. Try a new segment or read a non-fiction book. I prefer to read these, but after a few books I can't keep up with processing the information. Then I like to put a novel or two in between. After that I am ready for non-fiction books again.
  4. Read every day and set a time span for yourselfthat you want to at least invest. Ten minutes a day is enough to read through a book in a month. The great flow of reading may not arise like this, but the overcoming is little for the time being. If you think you don't have ten minutes to spare, reading isn't enough for you. Either see that or shovel the ten minutes free.
  5. It's best to create a clear routine for yourself. You might decide to read in bed every morning or evening. For this, your book should be ready to hand on the bedside table. Then nothing stands between you and your book.
  6. Buy an electronic reader. So you can always access a lot of books. If you want to buy a new book, you can do it in a matter of seconds. So not having a book there at the moment doesn't count as an excuse! By the way, digital books are a bit cheaper. Books in English and those that are published without a publisher are particularly inexpensive.
  7. Always take your reading device or the latest book with you. I almost always have my Kindle with me when I leave the house. I never know when I'll have ten minutes of idle time, e.g. B. in the train, in the café or in the long queue in front of the post office counter.
  8. If possible, turn off all background noise. Reading means focusing on a Thing. This may not work so well at the post office counter, so it would be better at home. The television shouldn't be on there either. For the same reason, I would not read long texts on the computer. Our attention is too little on the screen, as distractions lurk everywhere. In addition, monitors are unsuitable for reading long text in a concentrated manner.
  9. Money doesn't have to be a hurdle. You don't have to read every book New to buy. Used it also does. Or you swap books with your friends. Or you go to the nearest library. Or you take one of the many free options that Christof lists in this article. If you are an amazon Prime member, you can borrow an eBook every month for free! And for true heavy readers there is an eBook flat rate at Skoobe (but not for reading devices).

It can be easy to establish reading as a new habit if you start with small steps and break down those little barriers that have been holding you back from reading.

If you don't know where to start, here are our book recommendations.

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