How do I heal my lordosis

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20.10.2016, 06:35  
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Lordosis valve unit too little tension

Good Morning,
my lumbar adjustment on the driver's seat (memory, contour, heating, lordosis) only pumps up sullenly and doesn't let the air out. So I took the valve unit apart and energized it - everything was OK.
The part built into the passenger seat - works.
The valve unit was converted from the passenger seat to the driver's seat - same problem.
Then it was found that all four coils of each valve unit (regardless of whether those from the front passenger or driver's seat), when installed on the driver's seat, do not pull properly -> too little tension (the varistors in the valve unit only limit from 24V and are OK).
What can it be?
Are there any ground points (bolts on the seat rails)?
Would the switch be a common suspect?
Any electronic components that cavort between the switch and the valve unit?
20.10.2016, 16:46  
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How do you get there, dismantle half a chair? My air pump has been leaking for a while, only lasts a few hours. But it's not so important to me that I remove the seat for it.
20.10.2016, 17:11  
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Vehicle: E38-750 (95), W126 300SE, barchetta, Kadett b 1.2S

To change the switch, it is enough for the very impatient to loosen the front screw of the switch console on the seat. Pull the switch console away from the seat. Use long fingers to push the plastic part behind the switch (towards the seat) out of its guide. Push the switch towards the seat, unplug the cable, done.

But you definitely mean how to get to the valve unit:
Remove the upper part of the rear seat cover, then the lower part. The first time you break your fingers a bit, the second time it takes less than two minutes.
First pull out the upper part at the top (just wiggle it and feel how it is clipped in), then unclip it at the bottom.

First pull out the lower part at the top, pull it away from the backrest as far as possible without breaking it (i.e. backwards) and shine a flashlight into the seat.
The lower metal brackets can be found by cleverly looking at them.
Press the lower metal clamps with a screwdriver from the outside to the inside (i.e. push the left clamp to the right, vice versa).
As soon as one of the two is hung up, the other loosens itself.
Everything is difficult.
Once you have removed the lower part of the rear wall, everything is self-explanatory.

Then you can see the valve unit in both seats on the left side (driver-passenger seat not mirrored)
Unplug the black hose (supply line), red and blue hose (lead to the cushions), disconnect the cable, it is best to open the plug for the contour adjustment beforehand, because it is located in front of the valve unit, loosen the screw with which the valve unit is screwed to the seat. Finished.
I have now probably described that in too much detail, in principle: back wall off, valve unit out. Is actually self-explanatory when you see it.

Shifty 740i offered me a valve unit (which I don't need now). Just as an FYI.

Changing the air bags or air hoses is very easy if they are broken. The air sacs could, however, be a bit difficult to remove from the seat.

A lot of text for an actually simple thing, so open up and your seat is whole again

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