Women know when their partners are cheating

Why women cheat: 6 personal stories

If the stereotype is to be believed, men are sexually driven beings who cannot resist cheating, while women are obsessed with relationships. But these heterosexual cisgender metaphors are not only long outdated, they also reduce both men and women to an infinitely small factor. They don't even begin to take into account that women also have a great need for sexual satisfaction - and yes, even outside of a monogamous relationship.
Of course, people cheat on their partners for a variety of reasons, and there is no need for genetic legitimation. Sexual desire, emotional unfulfillment, boredom, feelings of revenge and other crises in life, identity or meaning have always led to the need to cheat. And that across all genders. Nonetheless, it is believed that it is much less common to hear about women cheating on their partners. Why actually?
No matter what you think of cheating in general, we should talk about it. Finding out what causes a woman to cheat on her partner makes a significant contribution to understanding the dynamics of a relationship as well as the nervous and emotional framework of those affected. Or at least get closer.
To give us and you some insight, we spoke to six women who cheated on their partners or are still cheating. We asked her what brought her to it, where the need came from. These stories don't represent all women, of course, but they may provide food for thought. Maybe they also make it easier to talk about it more openly. To gain more clarity for yourself so that you are more honest with yourself and your partner.