What books do teenagers read these days

Do young people even read books these days?

In the summer we had a wonderful student intern with us at the publishing house, Laura Schrader. At sixteen, she made a big impression on us with her love for literature and her talent in editing. We are happy to share your thoughts and experiences with reading with you:

Do young people even read books these days?
This is probably a question that many adults are asking themselves more and more in our day and age, but what is it really like in my generation? Young people no longer read at all because they prefer to sit on their cell phones and in front of their laptop, or has the reading behavior of this generation just changed over time?

From my experience I can say that I became enthusiastic about reading very early on and couldn't wait to finally learn it. Because the better I got at it, the more I could withdraw into my own world with every single word read, in which I lost all track of time and forgot all problems.
And this has not changed until today.
Because of school and all the stress of studying, I have less time to read a book than a few years ago, when there wasn't a single day for me on which I didn't retire to my room with a book, but reading does still the same meaning to me.
It helps me to change my mind after school and to relax, while I can ignore all the problems of reading and the genre of the book does not play a big role for me as long as it is exciting and entertaining.
I can't say exactly to what extent books are still important for young people nowadays, but I can see for myself that, for example, my circle of friends is much less interested in books now than it was a few years ago, because other things are now simply more important to my friends.
In their free time, for example, they prefer to meet their friends, do sports or occupy themselves with music and art in order to switch off in this way, because they often do not have the peace and concentration to read a book for a long time.
Another leisure activity that is very respected by my generation and therefore not to be forgotten is digital media such as cell phones, laptops, televisions and similar technical devices, without which many young people can often no longer imagine life. Social networks in particular are becoming more and more important in this area and are often more appealing to most than analog media such as books.
Therefore, the school and especially the German lessons are for some of the only places where they pick up a book and look at it seriously.
Nevertheless, I also know more and more young people who are really interested in reading, but prefer to do it digitally, with the help of eBooks and blogs, as this appeals to them more than flipping through a book and reading.
For example, a few of them also use various Internet forums and apps (such as Goodreads or Wattpad) to be able to let off steam creatively by writing and creating their own stories or to read the stories of other users and give them personal feedback through their comments can.
Nevertheless, in my opinion, many successful book series such as “Harry Potter”, “Twilight” or, among others, “The Hunger Games” and “The Determination” show that there are always young people in my generation who despite the widespread Media use likes to pick up the "real" books and like to read very much.

In my opinion, it is actually just a prejudice that young people these days hardly read and only hang on to their cell phones or laptops. While this may be true of some in relation to book reading, I still believe that the majority of my generation reads. Only this happens less often, on the one hand, because of the limited free time due to school and, on the other hand, due to the further development of technology, often in a different way than before, namely digitally.
Personally, however, I would never want to trade my books for an eBook reader or any other digital form of reading.

© Laura Schrader


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