What is your favorite breakfast comfort food

Breakfast without sugar - what can I eat?

Breakfast without sugar - you can eat that!

Changing your diet and cutting out sugar at breakfast can be difficult. We will help you and introduce you to some delicious recipes - it also tastes sugar-free!

If the daily breakfast already starts with jam, honey, Nutella, peanut butter and Co., it takes a lot of getting used to start the day sugar-free. You are faced with the question of what you can eat instead of bread with a sweet spread and what you have to leave behind in order to really to have breakfast without sugar.

A complete waiver of one sugary breakfast does not mean that from now on you can only eat scrambled eggs and liver sausage; As long as you follow a few rules, you can still consume small amounts of sugar. For starters, it can help to reduce the sugars in small steps. For example, just use less jam; By doing so, you are already giving up some of the sugar that you would otherwise use.

We have put together delicious and filling breakfast ideas for you - browse through our gallery and let yourself be inspired. Your new favorite breakfast is waiting for you.

Detox smoothies

If you want to start the day really healthy with breakfast, we recommend our detox smoothies! The many vitamins give you enough energy for the day ahead and are also quickly prepared. This is how the day can begin!


It doesn't have to be the detox cure right away. Smoothies are just incredibly tasty and filling. They're also great when weight loss is on the agenda and a healthy alternative to juice as they contain significantly less sugar.

Energy-rich muesli

The best way to start the day full of energy is with an energy-rich muesli in the morning. Reach for the vitamin-rich fruits and provide your body with sufficient vitamin C.

Roasted low carb muesli

If you have the time and are hungry for a crispy muesli, the roasted low carb muesli is just right for you. It is filling, tasty and easy to prepare.

low carb

Our recipes for a low carb breakfast ensure a varied diet. Just try out what you like best!

Low carb: chia protein buns

And if you are looking for tasty alternative to bread rolls, we recommend the healthy and filling low carb chia protein bread rolls. You'll see, they're quick to make and damn tasty.

Sugar-free applesauce rolls

Do you still need a tasty alternative to the chia protein roll? How about an applesauce bun? This also contains no sugar and fits well into a low carb diet.

Low carb bread

And if you don't want a roll for breakfast, but a delicious bread, we recommend this low carb bread.

Scottish eggs

Egg dishes are still missing on the table for the perfect breakfast. Scottish eggs are best prepared in the oven.

Chocolate mousse without sugar

Chocolate lovers are not neglected either: this creamy chocolate mousse is a real pleasure without sugar and cream.

Sugar-free banana pancakes

And if you prefer to have an American breakfast, then these banana pancakes are just right for you.

Avocado Chocolate Dessert

Whether as a spread, as a dessert or for in between: the avocado chocolate cream is healthier than a conventional pudding and also sugar-free. Enjoy the meal!