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The symbol for copyright was missing in the picture, so the picture can be used

Each work is protected by copyright by law and does not have to be specially marked.

"I wrote the name of the author especially for it"

The author must in front permission will be asked for each publication. The naming of the author when using a copyrighted work is required by law anyway.

There was no author on it or inside

Even if no author is named, the work can be protected by copyright and the author can assert his claims. Even in this case, ignorance does not protect against punishment.

It was distributed everywhere on the Internet

Anyone who unauthorizedly publishes a work that is protected by copyright is committing a copyright infringement and can be sued. The decisive factor is who the author "catches".

How do you protect yourself from a lawsuit?

  • Write your own text
  • Only use pictures and videos that you have pressed the shutter button yourself
  • If you are using a picture or video from another author, let yourself written confirm the use in a Regiowiki
  • Images that are offered in press releases or on press pages on the Internet may be published here in a Regiowiki with naming of the author (if specified) and the source (sender or provider of the press release)

What are the costs of a lawsuit?

If an author asserts his rights, you have to put, simply put, from € 100, - upwards, € 1,000, - or more euros for special images (e.g. images of ski racers that come from photo agencies) per unauthorized use count on compensation and punishment.

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