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Which crowdfunding platforms can you trust in Russia? Crowdfunding - Russian platforms and principles of their work Platform for raising money

The main problem with the implementation of most projects is the lack of funding. Sometimes starting a business, art objects, gadgets and more must be postponed because investors are unwilling to take risks and invest, or when they set terms of collaboration that the promoter cannot agree to. Crowdfunding is one of the forms of financial security for implementing various ideas. In fact, it is a method of providing funds from a large number of people. Rate existing ones to increase the chance of successfully attracting investors.

The concept itself can literally be translated as “crowdfunding”. As a rule, for the funds invested, people receive a specific product or service, which after successful fundraising becomes the main source of profit for the organizer of the company. Sometimes there are ways to treat crowdfunding as royalty-free fees. A large number of websites on the Internet today have been created to interact with potential "public investors". The Russian-speaking area was no exception.

Crowdfunding - Russian websites

Nowadays there are quite a large number of different crowdfunding portals on the Russian Internet, but below we will consider the largest and most popular ones today. Each of them has its own characteristics, including advantages and disadvantages. The latter, however, are determined by the goals the businessman faces. For example, many intend to open but do not have the initial capital.

advice: Do not rush to start a project on the first site you come across. Evaluate which projects are successful and which are not on a particular crowdfunding platform. This evaluates the interests of the users. You need to find the most suitable location for fundraising, assess the terms and conditions, and only then announce the start of fundraising.

"Through the world"

To use the crowdfunding website “Along the Line”, the project organizers must be a Russian citizen. It is imperative that all the initiators of the collection express the key idea of ​​their project, as well as the specific amount of funds required and the deadline by which the funds must be found.

The focus is on social projects, the mutual acquisition of social orientation and promising startups. Crowdfunding funding of projects that have not been approved by the administration is prohibited on the site. It should be noted that the organizer is obliged to transfer part of the funds raised to the owners of the website. Certain amounts and percentages are determined by the agency contract, which is concluded individually.


One of the first is the crowdfunding site Planet. In order to announce a fundraising campaign on this Russian portal, several requirements must be met. You must have a bank account, be at least 18 years old and the project itself must not violate the requirements of the website. Almost any creative project can be funded with this Russian crowdfunding website. At the same time, not a single trading company, like a political initiative, will find understanding with the administration. It should be noted that the moderation on this website is very strict and conscientious. Before starting the project, you need to sign a special agreement with the person in charge of supervision.

"Boom starter"

Another crowdfunding platform that you can use to raise money for the implementation of a creative idea is "Boomstarter". In order to work with this Russian resource, you will need to provide the administration with documents confirming your own identity. The fundraiser must be an adult Russian citizen and open a bank account in their own name.

The crowdfunding collection can be done for projects that are in any way related to the subjects of creativity. It is forbidden to raise money for starting a business, buying various things for a specific person, or for charity. There is a rule on this website that the organizer of the collection can either receive all the funds (in case of achieving the established goal in terms of the amount of funds) or receive nothing. The pick-up time is limited to 60 days.

"Many Thanks"

To start a crowdfunding project on the Russian website Thankyou, you need to have unique content that can interest a wide audience. Users registered on the site can fund the organizer for any amount they deem necessary. It is important that the copyright belongs to the owner of the project. Otherwise the acquisition will not be initiated.

In addition to complying with legal norms for the content, it is necessary to sign a special contract, without which it will not be possible to pay funds to the author of the project. In individual cases, small projects may not be approved. It is worth noting that reducing the amount increases the chances of successfully completing the crowdfunding campaign. In some cases, therefore, it makes sense to save money with contract specialists with different profiles. This can be helped. You will have to pay significantly less for various types of work at such locations.


The Kroogi administration strictly stipulates that content that does not comply with the applicable laws of the country may not be published. You cannot use content that is already available on the internet and is therefore a duplicate. This imposes some limitations on those who intend to obtain funding from the implementation of their creative work. In particular, artists should remember that there is no anti-piracy law in Russia today, which would make it possible to recover a fine from anyone who violates copyright law for using images on the Internet. Those who plan to sell a material product cannot use this website either.


The Rusini donation platform enables the organization of fundraising campaigns for various commercial projects among users of the Russian Internet segment. Among the mandatory requirements for people starting a crowdfunding project, the presence of a business plan can be highlighted.

The description should include a detailed market overview for a specific business area. All fundraising initiators must inform the audience of the social networks about the start of fundraising. For this it is useful to know. On this website you can raise funds for NGOs, various startups and business areas. The administration reserves the right to prohibit the publication of a project after review. It should be noted that this crowdfunding platform does not require any obligation on the part of the organizer to compensate users in the event of unsuccessful fundraising. However, the fulfillment of the obligations towards the project investors is strictly monitored.

Among the large number of projects, the number of successful projects on the Russian market is relatively large. This is achieved through solid planning as well as a limited number of crowdfunding fees. In Runet, "public funding" is only gaining popularity, so the proportion of successful projects will inevitably decrease in the future.

About Yandex.Money

Yandex.Money has long been used to raise money for crowdfunding. But if previous people raised money on their websites, they are now moving to social networks. Our application helps you to quickly disseminate information about actions in the social network, and the informant shows in real time how much money has already been collected, ”commented Natalya Khaitina, Deputy General Manager Payment System.

It should be noted that recently, large companies have also paid attention to the global trend and increasing interest in crowdfunding, for example, the application Yandex.Money, published on Facebook, with the help of which users can organize donations for various needs - from scientific and community projects before leaving town with friends. The application was called "Collecting Money". In addition, the Yandex.Music service team announced the start of the opportunity to send money to a popular performer. At the moment, users can send money through the system.

Crowdfunding rules

  • A clear goal
    Public calculation of all expenses proposed to be covered by donations.
    The thesis "money is never superfluous" is categorically unsuitable here, as donors can send money for other charitable purposes. In the worldwide crowdfunding practice there are no successful examples of campaigns without a goal.
  • Transparent progress of the collection
    The information must be made publicly available. Not just for those who have already contributed, but also for those who are in the process of making a decision. Promotion and Transparency.
  • Before you publish details, you need to test them
    When you try to transfer money to a specific account, the system may display a message that the recipient is anonymous. This leads the donor to the idea that transmission would have to do well with protection.
  • Help is not just monetary
    Among those who sympathize with the project, there may be potential advertisers and advertising agency managers who can include the project in their media plans, as well as website owners who are visited that could help attract an audience.
  • Matching
    Many western non-profit organizations set the same condition to grant seekers: Show us suitable funds - the money that other sponsors are investing in your project. The fact that the funder has third party partners who believe in this project and are willing to invest in it serves as a guarantee of its reality and viability. In crowdfunding, it is not the partners involved that matter, but the efforts of the team to get maximum efficiency from the donated money.

How crowdfunding platforms make money

Usually platforms take up a percentage of the funds taken. The amount of commission in Russia is between 5% and 15%. For example, keeps 5% of the amount raised by a successful project. Another 5% goes to payment aggregators. If the project has collected between 50 and 99%, the total commission will be 15% (10% - and 5% - payment systems). No platform commission is charged for charitable projects. In addition, the service sells music albums and various accessories and will open ticket sales for concerts.

By the way, the Rusini platform does not take any commission at all - it was created to solve social problems.

What is crowd investing?

Equity crowdfunding is an investment in a project carried out by a large number of people - micro-investors.

This does not mean that only small investors are involved in the project. Schemes are different. For example, a 51% block of shares belongs to the founders, 20% to a business angel or venture fund, and the remaining stake is sold to small investors who are willing to invest several thousand rubles each. Small investors can receive shares in the company or part of a startup's assets. Loans are possible - the founder has to return the money borrowed from crowd investors with interest.

Crowdinvesting has the same benefit as crowdfunding - a comprehensive assessment of the prospects and needs of a project. And the main attraction is the chance to gamble with luck and guess which startup is going to launch. Meanwhile, the world economy is being filled with real money from piggy banks. The sums can be quite small - the aim is not to attract start-up capital for "shareware", but to attract more participants to the investment market and start-up activities.

Equity crowdfunding is a game. Not all startups will be successful: only a few will be breakthroughs. The rest of the investment will either fail or make a small profit. Crowdinvesting is therefore only suitable for those who clearly understand:

  • All the risk of microinvestment, psychologically ready to lose investments
  • This equity crowdfunding is a long-term story
  • What they actually offer a startup with a starting round
  • This is not a "lifetime bet", you have to give a really free amount
  • This is largely a picture story.
  • The due diligence must not be carried out at all, the prospects of the project are assessed "with the eye".

By the way, the Russian platform for crowd investing is SmartMarket.


The main question is whether something new awaits us. If crowdfunding companies abroad grow, if not like mushrooms, but there are some of them that are spreading their influence more and more, then in Russia new projects are either hiding somewhere or they simply do not exist. You can of course consider some individual projects, such as "All Tolstoy in One Click" (opened in June 2013), with which the 90 volumes of Lev Nikolaevich's works are to be digitized.

Video about crowdfunding

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"From the world on a string" - this is how crowdfunding can be characterized. This is literally a fundraising system that is great for investing in a business project as well as publishing a music album or book.

What's this

To better understand the meaning of the definition, let's turn to the English language because it was from him that the word "crowdfunding" came from. Amount is amount and funding is funding.

Fundraising goals can vary. So some companies raise money for any development or innovation, while others - for the publication of a book that will undoubtedly find application in mass.

It is generally accepted that crowdfunding emerged at the same time as crowdsourcing, which began in the early 2000s. Of course, the idea of ​​crowdfunding is much older than its official publication. For example, the same Statue of Liberty was built with public money.

Video - what is crowdfunding:

Only in the area of ​​business and innovation can a new crowdfunding method be considered. Raising funds to fund projects through the internet has only recently gained popularity. Today crowdfunding platforms are used to fund startups and some promising companies.

In the picture above you can see in which areas people invested their money a few years ago. Nothing has changed at the moment. Hence, social and business projects are required - these are the two most common areas for crowdfunding investing.

Financial and legal system

The role of intermediaries in this financing method is minimized. With the help of crowdfunding, you can get financing without involving banks or stock exchanges. The whole process of attracting investment is transparent and simple, and creates trust among people who have decided to invest funds in the project.

Investor options

Crowdfunding can be roughly divided into three broad categories:

  • no remuneration;
  • non-financial compensation;
  • financial reward.

In the absence of any reward for investors, we can talk about a donation program. Donations are most common in both socially significant and medical projects ... For example, raising funds for the treatment of a child is crowdfunding as part of a fundraising program. People who donate money for treatment usually receive gratitude in the form of having their names mentioned on a social page or campaign website.

Non-financial rewards are often referred to as the Kickstarter model. The Kickstarter model is the most common type of crowdfunding today. It has shown its effectiveness in business: with it, fundraising has been successfully carried out for all types of projects, from creative to complex products.

The sponsor's reward can be both a mention in the list of people who took part in the project, as well as an invitation to a concert or production. Pre-ordering is also a subtype of non-financial reward. For example, donations are collected from interested persons for the publication of a book and they then receive the first copies of the book that have been signed by the author.

The third option, which includes a financial reward, can be called a full-fledged investment. In this case, all currently known investment models will work (e.g. license fees or crowdfunding of stocks).

Regarding the legal component of crowdfunding, it should be noted that this method of attracting investment has so far been regulated only by the general rules of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Even in such industrialized countries as in the USA and France, the rules for popular investment were only anchored in 2014.

How to use it for business purposes

For companies, crowdfunding is not only possible, but also necessary. However, before sending any documents to any of the platforms below, there are a number of preparatory measures you need to take:

  1. Determine the target market and understand for yourself who will benefit from your market entry.
  2. Prepare a small outline that describes your idea. Try to keep the idea and the story of its creation beautiful: people love true and beautiful stories.
  3. Prepare answers to any questions that may arise from people who will give you their money.
  4. Disclosing information about your project is also an important issue.
  5. Choose a platform to place your campaign on: look at longstanding and well-executed projects.

Video - how to properly describe a crowdfunding project:

Popular crowdfunding platforms

We provide an overview of the platforms that you can use to raise money for a business project with Russian crowdfunding sites.

In Russia

  • Planet ( It's been around for over 2 years, a popular and easy-to-learn site. Of the minuses: the system keeps up to 28% of the commission from the collected amount of money. With the help of this platform, creative projects are initially funded.
  • Like, it has been in the crowdfunding market for over 2 years. System commission up to 23%. In addition to creativity, business projects are also promoted with the help of this platform.
  • Rusini ( The website is specially tailored to business projects. The system does not charge any commission. The website is used to promote startups and other business developments. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, this page was not working.


Foreign platforms are more advanced and popular, but they are a little more difficult to work with.

The most popular overseas platform is She helps with financing, especially creative and creative projects.

Another popular site is This resource is already more focused on financing business projects. The advantage of the resource is a small commission that ranges from 4 to 9%. is also an excellent platform for investing in business projects. This is a beginner oriented platform. The service is characterized by competent technical support.

So crowdfunding is a way of attracting investment into your project. Investments can be attracted in almost all areas, e.g. B. Startups or charities. Crowdfunding is a great way to not only find funding for a project, but like-minded people as well.

Video - can an inventor raise money in Russia through crowdfunding:

OFD, EDS, online cash registers, accounting and other useful services for entrepreneurs -

Optimal conditions for opening and maintaining a current account for entrepreneurs

Where can I get money to start a business? An inexperienced entrepreneur cannot get a loan from a bank. Taking money from usury at frantic rates is also not an option. You don't have time to spin up, but you've already gone bankrupt. It remains either to look for an investor or to save yourself. However, the Moneymaker Factory offers another option: Finding investments through crowdfunding. Has civilization reached Russia in the face of crowdfunding platforms that will help turn a businessman's dream into a reality? Let's talk about crowdfunding, its pitfalls and other important aspects.


The story of a businessman

The 45-year-old designer Aleksey, whose average annual income for the past 5 years was little more than 500,000 rubles, decided to slightly change the direction of his activity and start selling decorative plaster. In addition, to change people's consciousness and make this material more in demand and popular as wallpaper, the raw materials are environmentally friendly and do not require the destruction of forests to make them. His project is based on three pillars:

According to the most conservative estimates, he will initially need 2 million rubles and only a million of his own money. Alexey does not want to work with banks and MFOs and asks us for help in choosing a modern crowdfunding platform.

Is it even possible to raise money for such a project? We analyzed several popular resources and decided to help our hero. Only those websites that have been on the market for 2 years or more were "sampled".

What is the essence of the idea?

Non-refundable money can also be obtained from the state in the form of a business development grant. It's real, people on the street get it without a bribe.

Crowdfunding (CF) - collective funding of projects, thanks to which the necessary amount of money is collected to start a social initiative, save, develop software, publish a book and record an album. The list is endless - in theory, KF is suitable for any task, whether it's a spaceship to Mars or a homeless lunch. The only difference is whether or not the founder can raise the required amount.

Distinguishing features of CF:

  1. A clear idea. You cannot raise money "for the future" or "for yourself": you should all be geared towards achieving a specific goal and time frame.
  2. Limited availability. Both the final amount of money and the collection period are limited by the project. This is necessary to understand which project is of interest to the audience and which is not.
  3. Every focus. In the world, KF venues help raise money not only for artists, musicians and performers, but also politicians and business people.
  4. Dare. By providing a contribution to a particular project, the user is not guaranteed the return on investment. When it comes to social initiatives, there is absolutely no need to expect any compensation for your contribution.
  5. Free of charge. In most cases, KF locations do not require a return on investment from the organizers. When we talk about the development of a product or program, the release of intellectual property, the supporter can only expect a bonus (all this is negotiated by the crowdfunder).
  6. Effectiveness. The organizer is obliged to fulfill the obligations entered into and to report on them. If he does not do this, he is obliged to return the money received for carrying out the project.

Summary analysis of KF services in Russia:

SurnameplanetBoomStarterCirclesThank-youRusiniOn a string to the world

Internet address

Fundraising method *

working hours

Over 2 years

Over 2 years

Over 3.5 years

Over 2 years

Over 3 years

System commission (including income tax)

15% + commission for payment systems

0% + commission for payment systems

Popular destinations

Creativity, music, literature

Art, dance, comics, food, movies, technology, etc.

Creativity in all its forms

All kinds of creativity

Creativity, social initiatives, business creation, business development

Social projects, shopping together, sports and tourism

Approximate amount of funds raised

Over 100 million rubles

About 57 million rubles

No data

No data

Less than a million rubles

Statistics are not published

* VIN - all or nothing (the project will be funded either 100 percent or not at all), OV - leave everything (it is possible to receive part of the funds raised as part of the project investment), SC - free price (the contribution will set by the shareholders - supporters and used only to promote creative projects).

Planet Page

  • The organizer is over 18 years old;
  • You have a bank account;
  • The project complies with the service rules.

Funded by: all creative, social, socially useful projects, be it publishing books, publishing photos, recording albums or filming movies.

Not funded: any political activity, commercial project.

Site features: Before publication, the proposed idea will be reviewed by a moderator and a separate agreement will be signed with a personal curator to launch it.

Summary: Alexey can try to raise money on the planet to open the decorative plaster school, but not to open his own shop selling materials and tools.

Boom starter platform

Requirements for starting a project:

  • The organizer is a Russian citizen over 18 years of age;
  • The presence of an identification document, as well as the address of the permanent registration of the organizer;
  • A debit or credit card or bank account in the name of the fundraiser.

Funded by: All interesting projects related to creativity - publishing a book, making a film, a music album, a series of photographs, etc.

Not funded: all requests for business start-up, charity, projects tied to the needs of a specific person (buying things, traveling, training),

Site features: The organizer gets all or nothing and the time frame for fundraising is limited (up to 60 days). Therefore, it is more realistic to raise small amounts of money, even in several phases (by dividing the project into podcasts).

Summary: Alexey will not be able to receive money for starting a business or any related needs, or he will have to deliberately deceive both the website and customers. The presented platform offers the possibility of high commercialization for creative teams (musicians, theaters, artists).

Kroogi platform

Requirements for starting a project: finished material that needs to be published, and then - received money from fans for its use (listening, viewing, etc.).

Funded by: Creativity in all its forms (money is transferred from caring users of the project who can also comment and criticize the work of others).

Not funded: Objects that may be recognized as non-compliant, ambiguous (duplicated) content.

Site features: The website is suitable for those who want to encourage their own creativity and get money for copyrighted material.

Summary: Alexey cannot find the resources he needs to start his projects on this website. At the same time, "Kroogi" is the oldest runic project to collect donations for artists, artists and other creative people, and with its help many collectives have achieved success and popularity.

Thank you page

Requirements for starting a project: Availability of pre-made, unique content that the audience might be interested in (music, books, videos, works of art, etc.).

Funded by: Users of the project can reward the creator they like with the required amount of money (set at the user's request) for each project they present on the site.

Not funded: duplicate content; Objects whose copyright does not belong to the person who published them; Objects that may violate Russian law.

Summary: Like the analogue "Kroogi", the site is not suitable for Alexey as he does not offer a unique creative product.

Rusini side

Requirements for starting a project:

  • Have a business plan;
  • Market overview for the area of ​​interest;
  • Start information feed (groups in social networks, etc.);
  • Publication of information on the implementation of the project.

Funded by: NGO activities, creative projects, startups, social business.

Not funded: The list of projects that are not published on the website is determined individually by the Rusini administration.

Site features: The fundraising system works “all or nothing”, but during the existence of the crowdfunding platform, many interesting initiatives have been listened to and the necessary sums of money have been collected. Rusini does not take any commission from its users, so it is very profitable to use the services of the service.

Summary: The presented site is ideal for Alexey and his project fully meets the requirements of the site. In order to raise the necessary money, he has to work hard and interest potential investors: analysis materials that are already on the website will help. With the control system over the issuance of funds, you can guarantee the intended use. However, at the time of this writing, the website was flawed: it was not possible to send a letter for feedback and it was not possible to publish the project.

Repayment. The resources invested do not require any compensation from the organizer. However, he has to do the job. This is confirmed by checks and other documents, photos, videos.

"On the way" page

Requirements for starting a project:

  • The author has Russian citizenship;
  • The idea and name of the project, the amount and time of fundraising.

Funded by: social projects, interesting startups (the website has a successful example of fundraising campaigns to open a gym), social shopping together.

Not funded: Projects that are not published on the website are determined individually.

Site features: An agency agreement is concluded between the "On a Line" website and the author of the project. In accordance with this agreement, a portion of the money raised will be transferred to the website free of charge.

Summary: "On a Line to the World" is also suitable for Alexei, but in order to carry out his business tasks, he has to create a beautiful "legend". At the very least, he should try to raise funds to open a school for decorative plastering. You can interest users by offering your services, materials, and tools - all of these are topics for a separate conversation.

Repayment. At the end of the promotion, the promoter must make the specified bonuses available to all participants if the required amount of money has been successfully collected. Alexey can therefore offer tools, materials or free education to all investors in my school.

Conclusion: crowdfunding in Russia is better than nothing

A cursory analysis of popular projects therefore reveals the low level of development of the idea of ​​crowdfunding to promote business initiatives. The existing websites undoubtedly have excellent functionality, are hosted on a good CMS (management platform) and the requirements for ideas are very clearly formulated. Still, it is too early to draw any conclusions about their overall success (failure), as crowdfunding has only recently become known in Russia.

Nor can one overlook the cursory examination of many of the proposed projects at most of the sites. Often there is no cost estimate, detailed information about what exactly the funds are needed for. At the same time, in western countries, CF was originally used specifically for social projects, and its history is less than two decades old. Therefore, in the near future, we can hope that the websites will be used for successful business start-ups.

Project success criteria

  1. Business plan developed.If it is a business idea, it should be based on real calculations (rental of premises, cost of manufacturing materials, etc.). The numbers have to be real or investors will start to doubt.
  2. Topicality. It's best to start KF projects in the fall, when people return from vacation. It is worth studying the work of the sites and getting to work when the chances of success are maximized.
  3. Realism. You shouldn't set goals that are too ambitious: you need to take small but confident steps towards your dream. Better not collect large amounts than not get a huge jackpot.
  4. Openness. It's much easier to promote and improve an existing project than trying to create something big from scratch. The more information you have about the organizer, the better: people will trust you.