Why do I always fall in love with fuckboys

8 Differences between a fuckboy and a good guy

Dating a fuckboy and a good guy are not the same thing. I know the fuckboy will pretend he's the good guy and he'll do the same things as the good guy, but the difference is too big.

If you've been fooled by the false look of a fuckboy and think you've found your eternal boy, here are some things to watch out for:

1. A fuckboy will be full of confidence

This is one of the most important qualities of every fuckboy. He will consider himself the best of the best and he will attract you that way.

Because when you see someone so sure of themselves, you want to be in their company right away.

Everything he says will be so perfect because he is such a good actor and he will only tell you the words you want to hear.

2. A good boy will be shy

Any good boy will be shy at the beginning of a relationship. He will be concerned because he doesn't know what to say in front of you.

His story will be pure and naive and he will try to please you every second that you spend with him.

He will feel this way because he cares about you and wants you to be his girlfriend one day.

So when he's silent, don't think he's not interested in you.

Remember that he gets lost in this situation and that he also needs you to get something going.

3. A fuckboy will try to sleep with you

Sleeping with girls is the main goal of every fuckboy. So as soon as he sees you're on his hook, he'll try to get in your panties.

The hard truth is he only wants to be with you for one thing and if he gets what he wants he'll toss you on the street like an empty beer can.

He will take every opportunity to tell you how beautiful you are, to make you feel special, and decide to sleep with him.

4. A good boy takes it slow

A good boy's ultimate goal isn't to sleep with you. You see - he doesn't want your body, he wants your soul and your heart.

That's why he wants to take it slow so he can get to know you better.

This lets you see that he respects you. He doesn't want to just take advantage of you and then leave. He wants to be there in good times and bad.

He wants to be your best friend and then your lover. His love is pure and he will do anything to prove it to you.

5. A fuckboy will knock your socks off

And darling you won't see it coming It will be as fast as a train going by you - so fast that you can barely see it.

He will tell you everything you want to hear. He will kiss and hug you whenever you go out.

He will keep telling you how perfect you are. He will do everything to make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

And he's going to do all of this with just one thing in mind - get laid!

6. A good boy will slowly make you fall in love with him

A good boy will always be a good one. He won't tell you lies and he won't smother you with kisses and hugs on the first date.

If he tells you he likes you, he'll be so shy and he'll blush like he's doing this for the first time.

He will try to make you feel special, but maybe he won't succeed in the beginning.

But once you are in love with him, you will know that there will be some truth and that it will last forever.

7. A fuckboy will have enough of you

You will only see these love sparks at the beginning of your relationship. Later, when everything splashes, he'll get enough of you.

For him you will no longer be the most beautiful woman in the room. He'll be fed up with the way you smell or the way you laugh. He will want something new. He will want someone new.

And it's only a matter of time before that happens.

8. A good boy will never get enough of you

The difference between a fuckboy and a good boy is that a good boy will never get enough of you.

He will always consider you his best friend and lover.

For him you will always be the one who brings the light into his life.

With him you will know that you have something real and nothing real can be threatened.

With him you will feel so safe and you will know that he will do anything for you if you ask him to.