How do you flirt without being sexual

Creating sexual attraction as a man: That's how it works!

It's as safe as the amen in church: If you want to conquer a woman, you have to create sexual attraction beforehand in order to appear attractive. Without this feeling of sizzling erotic tension, nothing works!

But how exactly does it work? In this article, I'll tell you what exactly "sexual attraction" means, what signs you can use to recognize it, and how you can build extreme physical attraction while flirting.

Why you need to build up sexual tension as a man

There is a well-known sentence that you should write behind your ears:

No woman in this world has been seduced with her mind.

What does that mean?

Well, no matter how nice a woman you are and admire you ... she can respect you and rationally acknowledge that you would be a good match for her (for example because you have a lot of money or are a caring partner).

But: As long as she doesn't find you attractive and doesn't feel physical attraction, she will never fall in love with you or even want to have sex with you. Without this feeling of sexual tension, you are at most her “good buddy”.

Partnership Without Sexual Attraction?

Of course, that doesn't mean that every relationship is really characterized by physical attraction. This is also called a "marriage of convenience". In earlier centuries, for example, the children of the monarchs were paired up ...

And not out of love, but because the rulers promised themselves political advantages through these marriages. Women also married men in order to be financially secure and not to fall into the abyss.

Today's relationships without tension

Fortunately, those days are over, but even today there are still partnerships without sexual attraction. Maybe you were in love with the relationship at first ... but at some point the air was out and the erotic tension was lost.

Everyone knows these couples, where both have been together since the sandpit days, but now only live side by side "like brother and sister".

Often even desperate singles enter into an "alliance of convenience" according to the motto: "Better to live with him / her than to be all alone!

But let's be honest: Would you be happy with a woman who is with you only out of reason, despair, exploitative greed for profit or habit, without finding you really attractive? I do not think so…

So even if you have been in a partnership for a long time, it is worthwhile to keep building up the sexual tension and thus renewing it.

Sexual Attraction Without Feelings?

And yes, we humans also experience physical attraction without the feeling of love. Many men visit establishments with lady friends where they experience sexual tension ... but which they never love.

Conversely, there are also women who get involved in one night stands, and instead of a Mr. Right from a “Mr. Right now “be seduced for one night.

Of course, you can also create sexual tension in the opposite sex in order to have sex with women once. As long as you don't take advantage of the girls, lie to them or treat them badly in any other way, that's okay.

What exactly you are looking for, whether a steady girlfriend or a little fun, ultimately only you decide ...

Magical attraction between man and woman

Many people see the mutual sexual attraction they feel as something "magical" - like a divine spell that miraculously brings men and women together.

But here I want to be the spoilsport and free you from an illusion: The attraction between the sexes is not magical! It is biological and follows clear principles of psychology.

That sounds less romantic, but it's the sober truth ...

And the good thing about it: You don't need any voodoo magic or any other esoteric hocus-pocus, but can build up the attraction with very simple psychological means in communication.

Sexual Attraction: The Psychology of Women

You can find loads of clever studies on attractiveness research on the Internet. The question is: who are people drawn to? What are the laws? There are many clever theses in psychology:

For example, that we perceive symmetrical, average faces as particularly attractive, that we love certain smells (pheromones) or look for partners who are similar to the parent of the opposite sex (in good German: women marry a man who looks like their dad).

In my experience, it's a lot easier for us guys. Of course, women pay a bit of attention to their appearance, of course. But they feel sexual attraction especially in men who have certain character traits and behaviors.

In this article I will explain exactly why this is so, and what properties they are.

Sexual Attraction: Why You Should Recognize Its Signs

Of course, it is of no use to you as a man if I just explain the facts to you, how you can create tingling erotic tension on the date and in the relationship. You also need to know the signs of sexual attraction or interest.

Because many men who do not notice these flirtation signals make one of these 3 mistakes:

1. They miss the moment to kiss the woman because they believe that the other person is not ready for sex and caresses. Then they try hard all the time to create a sexual mood, while the lady is already very fuzzy and thinks:

Oh man, the guy has been babbling around the bush for hours ... When does he get down to business and finally kiss me?

2. You are far too stormy and want to kiss your loved one, even though she has not yet felt sufficient sexual attraction, so it is still "cold", so to speak.

3. They do not know how to look attractive to women and try for weeks to lure the chosen one into a relationship with gifts and favors instead of noticing her disinterest.

By the way: this is how you conquer her on a date!

You want to finally get to meet your dream woman and conquer her WITHOUT receiving a rebuff? Then you have to stick to a crucial rule!

But the shocking thing is: 97% of men have no idea how to thread a romantic date and physically get closer to the woman until they have a lasting affair or relationship.

That's why these guys end up in the friend zone as "good buddies" or get no response at all while writing.

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Signs of how to identify sexual attraction

You can tell whether a woman feels attracted to you when they meet you on a date and can imagine sex (or even a relationship) with you by these signs:

  • She crosses her legs while standing (signal: I feel comfortable with you and am not in an escape position)
  • She runs through her hair or nervously fiddles with clothes and jewelry
  • Your posture is open and facing you
  • She looks you intensely in the eye
  • She asks interested questions and invests a lot in conversation
  • She reacts jealously to your dealings with other girls
  • It tests your male strength (e.g. playful accusations to upset you)
  • She lays her head on her side or on the back of her neck
  • She laughs all the time while talking to you (even if there is no funny joke at all)
  • It comes very close to you physically when you sit or stand

If you notice these flirting signals in her, the chances are not bad that the woman will perceive you as an attractive man.

Creating and increasing sexual attraction: 11 tricks

And I have to pull one more tooth out of you: Strictly speaking, you can't “create” sexual attraction, you can only increase it.

For your seduction, this means: There has to be a little spark so that the woman finds you as a man at least a bit attractive.

But don't worry: With the following 11 methods you will arouse the interest of many women and arouse sizzling tension so that they cannot wait to kiss you and sleep with you.

1. Be naughty while flirting and teasing her

Getting to know women is about doing exactly what 99% of men don't. And I can tell you: the vast majority of guys are far too good and rub honey around the ladies' mouths. No wonder they don't have sex ...

Therefore, go the opposite way if you want to increase sexual attraction and appear attractive. Be a little cheeky while flirting, pull her through the cocoa and playfully tease her! For example, you can say:

Hey, great hair, is it real or washed with pearly?

Or: "If you keep looking that grim, I'll file for divorce!“(As a joke, because you are not married at all).

Always say things like that with a smile on their face, so that she understands it as fun!

2. Make sexual innuendos

At some point on the date, you should steer the conversation towards the dirty topics. The psychology behind it: She will then inevitably think about sex and associate this thought with you.

But you shouldn't make the whole thing clumsy and obvious so that the woman doesn't feel sexually harassed.

Steer the conversation unobtrusively onto the erotic track by saying, for example:

I recently read that every third woman has cheated on someone. What do you say in defense of your sex mates?

Or ask her: "What would you do if you could be a man for a day?

Most women answer this sexually by saying: "Pee standing up" or something similar.

3. Physical touch

But not just words, gentle touch also works wonders if you want to build sexual attraction in a woman. Body contact simply triggers this tingling sensation in everyone if you find the person opposite you to be likable.

Hug her to greet her on the date and touch her upper arm very discreetly during a conversation or her knee while sitting.

In the course of the conversation, when you get closer, you can increase the body contact and slowly penetrate into more intimate areas ... until the kiss and sex!

4. Male confidence

Women find men attractive who exude an unshakable self-confidence and not only know what they want, but also take it. I've already written an article about how you can strengthen your manhood.

In a relationship, but also on a date, it is important to display male alpha behavior in order to build up sexual attraction. That means: Be dominant and lead the woman instead of letting her make the decisions.

As a man, always stand by your values ​​and set clear boundaries for them.

The ladies feel sexually attracted to men who can not be bent, their honest opinion and sometimes say "no". This signals a great deal of self-confidence, because it shows that you are not chasing after her at any cost, but are also ready to lose the woman if necessary.

5. Cool stories with added value

On the date, you shouldn't brag about your house in Ibiza or your world record in athletics. Women don't like such bragging rights.

If you emphasize such advantages and status symbols, you should rather do so between the lines, that is: only mention them casually in a subordinate clause. Only those who don't have to brag will come across as really attractive.

You can also tell exciting stories, for example about your hobbies or your last vacation. Women like brave boys who are enterprising adventurers - real pirates and dragon slayers, so to speak.

6. Awaken your jealousy

You also create sexual attraction by hanging around a lot with other women in her presence. Your beloved then considers you to be particularly desirable, because her female subconscious thinks:

If so many women are into him, he really must be a great man!

At the same time, she becomes jealous of her competitors. The psychological reflex: She then wants to win you over as quickly as possible before an adversary snatches you away from her.

If you don't have any other girls around, you can work with stories as well. Tell her how you recently watched a DVD with a good friend or went on a trip into the countryside ... her alarm bells will ring!

7. "Magical attraction" through looks

In flirting and seduction, it is above all eye contact that creates this feeling of “magical attraction”.

The woman will later tell her friends:

We looked deep into each other's eyes and then it suddenly happened. Just because!

Of course, that doesn't happen “just like that”. As a man, you can help happiness a little when it comes to kissing and sex. So don't stare at the ground or helplessly at the landscape, but keep friendly eye contact. This also shows great self-confidence.

As you get closer, intensify the whole thing and look deep into her eyes. She will then feel magically drawn to you and may even want to kiss you.

8. Make yourself scarce as a man

In psychology we know: We humans always long for the things we cannot currently have the most. It's like the famous cravings for chocolate that we have to give up because all supermarkets are closed.

And when the shops open again, we rush to the shelves and buy five bars of sweets straight away ...

As a man, you can also use this effect to build sexual attraction. That means: make yourself scarce and not always be available for women. This is how you become extremely attractive!

Don't call her all the time and don't send a WhatsApp message every few minutes, but don't let anyone hear from you for a long time.

Even in the disco, if you have just met a sweet lady, you can say: "Hey, I have to go away for a minute ..." And then you let her wait half an hour.

Something like that drives women crazy - it will arouse their hunting instinct to conquer you, so that they pounce on you as eagerly as they do on chocolate.

9. Confident body language

The spoken words are really only a small part of our human communication. How attractive we perceive our counterpart largely depends on subtle signals in body language.

So, in order to build sexual attraction, you should adopt a confident posture. Walk upright like a real man instead of scurrying through the streets like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Also gesticulate with open arms and do not squeeze into the corner while sitting, but spread out a little. That signals: "I am a self-confident type and take the space that I deserve!"

10. Distribute playful baskets

I have already explained to you that you should (firstly) be a little cheeky and (secondly) signal that you are not easy to come by.

You can also combine these two effects of psychology by giving the woman a teasing rebuff.

For example, say: "Hey, did you just look at my bum? You shouldn't do that, we're just friends ...

Or on a date: "Just so that it is clear, nothing goes between us at the first meeting. I'm not that man. You know: no sex before marriage!

This joking rejection will ensure that the sexual attraction increases significantly and that it wants to win you over all the faster.

11. Be mysterious as a man

There is hardly anything more boring than men in whom women can read like an open book. A friend once said to me:

Guys who after 5 minutes feel like I know them inside out just don't interest me! I love men with whom I discover a new side every day.

Here we are completely on the curiosity factor. We are magically drawn to mysterious things that are unknown to us humans. Or why do you think we are building rockets and robots for billions of euros / dollars to explore distant planets? So what!

It's the same with getting to know each other and later in the relationship. Always make the woman feel like there are secrets about you that she doesn't yet know. That makes you extremely attractive as a man!

These tips don't stop there ...

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