There are still hobos and tramps

Translation of "hobo" in German

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Hobo tramp bum
Miss Night and Day hobo is made of soft and supple-grained leather.
Miss Night and Day Hobo is made of soft and supple-grained leather.
He later said, I'm a self-educated hobo.
He later summed up this formative phase of his life: I'm a self-educated hobo.
It has a certain hobo charm.
We've got a gypsy and a hobo.
Well, guess what, handsome hobo.
Well, guess what, prettier Jerk.
I walked in the woods, met a hobo.
I went into the forest and met one Jerk.
Have another crack at that hobo who fished her out.
I'll talk to him again Jerkwho saved her.
He's sticking to his story like a hobo on a ham sandwich.
He sticks to his story like one Jerk on a ham sandwich.
Tell them to bring me that hobo.
Tell them to give me that Jerk bring.
I am not hiring some hobo to come over here and traumatize my child.
I don't hire anyone Jerk who comes here and traumatizes my child.
I've seen better clothes on a train-hoppin ' hobo.
I can't believe you got in a fight with a hobo.
I can't believe you're dealing with one Tramp argued.
You can't say it's private if a hobo can use it as a wigwam.
I paid a hobo to fake a heart attack.
I have one Jerk paid for a heart attack.
The Heloise also has two other versions, namely the hobo and the shoulder bag.
The Heloise also has two other versions, namely the Hobo and the shoulder bag.
You usually jump on the Norma bashing train like a hobo in a 1940s action movie.
You normally jump on the Norma train like one Tramp in a 1940s action movie.
Kill anyone you like; you're a hobo.
You're living out of a van, like a hobo or ...
Is that why you dressed like a hobo?
I take in a hobo off the road, hungry.
I collect a hungry one Jerk from the street.
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