How reliable are Tribit Bluetooth speakers

Test of the StormBox from Tribit

The workmanship is very good. All edges are clean and all gaps are properly closed. The Tribit loudspeaker is quite robust and can fall down without being further damaged. Thanks to the rubber coating on both sides, there is little to worry about. The StormBox doesn't mind water either.


The StormBox sounds amazingly loud. The two 12 watt drivers distribute the sound all around. Really, the sound can be heard well and evenly 360 degrees around the speaker. It is hardly distorted or not at all and reproduced surprisingly true to nature for such a small loudspeaker box. The basses have a lot of oomph, although of course they can't do too much. Mid and high tones are well accentuated and overdrive can only be heard at full volume. The distortion is limited.

The battery life of the small Tribit Stormbox is exciting. According to the manufacturer, the 2600 mAh of the internal battery is enough for 20 hours of music playback. This works well if the volume is low and the variance of the playlist is not too great. But more than 16 hours of sound enjoyment have always been possible. If the battery is completely empty, it can be recharged via microUSB within a good four hours. The Bluetooth speaker draws up to 2 A.


The wireless Bluetooth connection works reliably and flawlessly. Pairing works quickly and easily and can couple two devices at the same time. Two Tribit StormBoxes can also be used as a duo. Since a StormBox already plays the music in stereo, this is primarily used to distribute the sound even further in the room.


The hands-free function of the StormBox speaker works well. You can be easily understood by the other person, although ambient noises are clearly perceptible. You can also hear the other person talking on the phone using the StormBox from Tribit.

Price and conclusion

The Tribit StormBox is available in blue and black at a price of 47.59 euros directly from the manufacturer or in online shops, for example at Amazon.

The Tribit StormBox, also known as MAXBOOM or XBoom, is a practical and robust Bluetooth speaker. Waterproof, loud and with all-round stereo sound for almost 20 hours, the Trinit StormBox is ideal for on the go.