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Cake recipes

A cake made according to a well-known recipe is always very much appreciated. There's nothing better with coffee than a cake baked according to a recipe. That's just delicious.

Nevertheless, today in the age of ready-made products and ready-made cake mixes, baking a cake recipe is something very special. Baking cakes is not that difficult. If you can cook according to a recipe, you can also bake a cake.

It is one of the few goods that you can manufacture with your own hands, tailored to your personal taste. And you don't need that many ingredients to prepare the dough.

Baking cakes is love too.
What would a birthday be without a homemade birthday cake. Children's birthdays in particular simply need a delicious homemade cake.
I think almost everyone gets weak at the sight of a homemade fruit cake.

It's just this kind of recipe - a dough base topped with cherries, plums or apples, the typical harvest time cakes / sheet cakes, which have their roots in the down-to-earth cuisine of the common people, even today in our time, the most popular cakes of all. Baking from the tray is quick and also gives out well. But classics like a chocolate cake are also baked quickly and taste best fresh.

And some cakes are always welcome as a dessert and will enchant your guests while they are eating. And you can also prepare it really well. Simply bake the cake you want before cooking.

Just the smell, when a self-baked cake exudes its fragrance through the whole house, arouses in us the anticipation of a cozy coffee hour with freshly baked cake.

Here on this page you will find a lot of great recipe ideas, some of them traditional family recipes, for cakes that are guaranteed to succeed.
I regularly bake all of the cakes in my own kitchen. The recipe also comes with lots of tips on how to make your baking project a success.

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