What does your dog love

Your dog is an incredibly loyal, intelligent and above all lovable companion who makes your everyday life a lot nicer. But does he actually love you as much as you do him? We'll reveal seven signs that you can use to tell that your feelings are mutual. This is what real dog love looks like!

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This is how you can tell that your dog loves you

1. He looks you in the eye

If you feel uncomfortable, insecure, or even threatened with someone, do you look deep into their eyes? Hardly likely! This also applies to your dog. If you look each other deeply in the eye, it will even release the hormone oxytocin in your four-legged friend. Oxytocin, also known as the "love hormone," is also released in the brain of mothers when they first hold their baby.

2. He leans on

If your dog leans against you, you can also interpret this as a sign of his love. With you he feels comfortable and secure. Does he lean against you when he's scared? Then he even sees you as his protector!

3. He sleeps with you

If your dog even sleeps with you in bed, that is a very big compliment - especially if you have forbidden him to do so! If he wants to be close to you while you sleep, he signals to you that he is absolutely loyal and does not want to be separated from you.

4. He wags his tail

If a dog wags its tail, it is not only super happy - he also shows his affection for you! Dogs that are completely relaxed can wag their tails much more easily than dogs that are under stress.

5. He's happy when you come home

A very safe number: If your dog is happy when you come home, he jumps around wildly and maybe even licks you off, he has been waiting for you all day long. A good sign, isn't it? After all, you're happy to see him too.

6. He brings you his favorite toy

If your dog brings you his favorite toy, it doesn't just mean that he wants to play with you - although that in itself is a sign of love. If he shows you his most valuable possession, you can really feel honored.

7. He smiles at you

Have you ever thought that your dog was smiling at you? Then it is neither a coincidence nor an imagination - because yes, dogs really "smile". The open and relaxed mouth of the four-legged friend shows how happy they are.

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