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July 12th, 2018, SWR television "Night café: Hard to believe - from UFOs, ghosts and angels"

Michael Steinbrecher speaks inter alia. with Heike Fach, who sees herself as a medium / Friday, July 13, 2018, 10 p.m., SWR television

Mysterious lights and objects circling in the sky, rumblings and loud footsteps in the attic even though nobody is there? Supernatural phenomena and belief in the world of spirits are as old as humanity itself. They are things that the human eye cannot grasp and the mind cannot explain. Many people are concerned with eerie occurrences and the possible existence of the unearthly. In search of meaning and salvation, many are convinced that there is more between heaven and earth. They believe in higher powers and guardian angels, make pilgrimages to shamans and spend a lot of money on magical angel cards and healing stones. Is it pastoral care or charlatanry when someone allegedly makes contact with the dead? Are there ghosts and demons or is it all just fantasy? Michael Steinbrecher will talk about this with his guests in the "Night Café: Hard to believe - about UFOs, ghosts and angels" on Friday, July 13th, 10 pm, on SWR television.

The guests in the "night café":
Heike Fach sees himself as a medium

Can we receive messages from the dead? When Heike Fach takes pictures with her cell phone at dusk, the receptionist discovers the faces of the deceased. The ghosts appear to her particularly often in her kitchen or behind flower pots. She also got greetings from the afterlife on the day of her mother's funeral, when she photographed the decorated grave and discovered her mother's face behind it. At first she believed in an imagination, but now Heike Fach is sure: "I am a medium."

Reinhard Stengel trained as a shaman

Even as a young boy, Reinhard Stengel observed gnomes and fairies in the woods. He felt the power of the stones early on, later he trained as a shaman and has been releasing energy blockages ever since: “I concentrate on the inside of my counterpart and look into his soul. The shape of the fingers tells us which conflicts we should look at and what we can change. ”The“ Rainbowman ”from Lake Constance is also convinced that he can tell from the position of his legs whether there is a father or mother problem.

Hugo Egon Balder considers the esoteric market to be a fraud

Hugo Egon Balder cannot find anything mysterious or mystical in shamanic rituals: “What bothers me most about the promises of salvation is that they are simply kidding people. Most just want to make money. Wishes for the universe, conversations with dead people - that's all total nonsense, ”replies the moderator and producer. He believes neither in higher powers nor in supernatural abilities and considers the whole esoteric market to be pure deception.

Zoe Bee has turned away from esotericism

For years Zoe Bee worked as a lightworker and shaman - and was convinced herself that she knew the real answers to the life questions of her customers. Drum journeys, telepathy and pipe ceremonies should release energies, the laying on of hands should heal. But instead of enlightenment and expansion of consciousness, she got psychological problems. Today she has turned her back on the world of esotericism: “Shamanism and light work are charlatanism - people are manipulated. In retrospect, it was pure hocus-pocus. "

Marius Kettmann deals with UFO sightings

There are phenomena that we cannot rationally explain. Up to 300 reports of UFO sightings reach Marius Kettmann every year. He himself also had encounters of the mysterious kind. The military historian saw unusual celestial phenomena several times, which he still cannot explain scientifically: "It was a semicircular metallic object, surrounded by a ring of light and flew over me at a height of 50 meters."

Walter von Lucadou heads the parapsychological counseling center in Freiburg

Are there actually messages from space or the hereafter? Walter von Lucadou is one of Germany's best-known experts when it comes to questions about unknown objects in flight, esotericism or ghostly hauntings. “There are no ghosts, but there are things that we cannot yet explain to ourselves,” says the head of the parapsychological counseling center in Freiburg.

“Night café” - demanding talk at eye level

The “Nachtcafé” has been one of the most successful talk shows on German television for decades.
Every Friday evening, presenter Michael Steinbrecher welcomes people with special life stories, including celebrities and experts, to deal with a topic with them.

“Night café: Hard to believe - from UFOs, ghosts and angels” on Friday, July 13, 2018, 10 p.m. on SWR television

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