Should I give up life

7 reasons why you should never give up

Last update: 09 March, 2017

There are days when you think that all of your efforts will not be appreciated or that no matter how hard you try, you will never achieve your goals. On days like this, you feel like throwing everything away and just doing something different.

Maybe today is one of those days or those moments! Then you have to stand firm and not allow this temptation to overtake you. Even if it seems easier to just stand still.

In situations like this, it seems that while you have already achieved a lot, your goal is so distant that you don't want to go any further. But it is not like that, you have to fight for your project of a full life. Don't settle for just part-life or part-satisfaction. Here are good reasons not to give up:

Now you can start over

Surely you tried recently and failed. It doesn't matter. This has happened to all of us before. It is only important that you do not give in to the desire to give up, but start all over again. You shouldn't give up so quickly. As you live, you can always start over. The good thing about these new starts is that you already have an idea of ​​the mistakes to avoid. Therefore, every new beginning has real advantages!

You gain experience

We all make mistakes all the time. That is normal, healthy and good if you make something of it. You should never give in just because you've been wrong a few times ... or maybe many times. Instead of being frustrated, you can look at the reasons for your failure and turn the tide. A mistake is always an opportunity for change.

Inspirational examples

There are many people who have overcome adverse situations, emerged successfully from them and continue to maintain their strength. Here are three examples:

Joanne Rowling: She was used to telling fantasy stories. The story of Harry Potter came to her mind on a train ride from Manchester to London, when she was busy doing something completely different. But she had great difficulty getting the first book published. However, she did not give up and finally found a small publisher. And what happened after that first release, we all know!

Sheryl Crow: In 2006, when she was already a celebrated singer, she took up the battle with cancer and won it. She didn't give up, but went on with her life and adopted 2 children. She transformed her life in such a way that it can be said that she emerged strengthened from her illness.

Madonna: There is little I can say about Madonna that is not publicly known. But the inspiring thing about her is her persistence, her confidence and her strength to never give in to defeat. We know there have been many “pop princesses”, but she is still the only “queen of pop”.

You can master any challenge

These people did not let themselves get down, but worked until they fulfilled their dream. You have overcome obstacles and resistances. You can do that too. They showed us the way and showed us that we are capable. Find examples that have to do with your longing and focus on them. They went the way before us, and now you too can leave your mark on this way.

If we give up without really trying, we may regret it later.

You have to believe in yourself. Your strength, your ability, and prove it. Have confidence in what you want to do and start acting now. Do not pay attention to the headwind and the obstacles in front of you, you are stronger than them.

Your environment stands by you

When you have your family and friends support you, that's wonderful. But even if it is not so and your surroundings believe that you cannot achieve it, always pointing out your mistakes and trying to get you to give up your dreams, this can still motivate you. So it is, we do not have to give up if we do not have support from those close to us. We can do it, even swimming against the current.

Use the negative energy they bring towards you and try to turn it into something positive. The more challenges you encounter, the stronger you become and the more your desire to master the challenges grows.

You deserve it

No matter what you set out to do, you deserve it. However, your dream will never come to you by itself. You have to work for him until you reach him. He is an award to you. When you reach your goal, you will feel so good that all of your surroundings will transform. You will bring about a positive change in your surroundings, a positive change in the world - even if you believe that what you are doing is completely insignificant.

You will inspire others

You will be an inspiration to others who are watching you and who may find themselves in the same situation as you: wanting to give up everything at one point, wanting to give up everything. But because they see you, they take up the fight all over again.