Loves Jenny Forrest Gump

Did Jenny Forrest end up getting married out of selfishness?


Far from it.

Jenny was a seriously disturbed, mentally unstable woman who didn't know what to do with herself. The main reason for her instability was the sexual abuse her father did as a child. Such events scare people for life and Jenny was no different.

There is a certain scene at the beginning of the film in which Jenny and Forrest are hiding from their father in a corn field. She tells him that she "wants to fly away like a bird, far from here". As soon as she had a chance, she did just that. She wanted to be a completely different person. But she got kicked out of college and fell into hippies and extremists of the time and was drawn into a downward spiral.

She loved Forrest. She even said it before sleeping with him, even though she declined his suggestion. Although she ran away again, the birth of Forrest Jr. made her mature and responsible. She became a waitress in Savannah and seemed to be quite supportive of her son and herself. She only wrote to Forrest when she found out about her terminal illness. Their marriage gave both happiness and Forrest Jr. a father who would take care of him once Jenny died.


" She loved Forrest. She even said it before sleeping with him. "- Yes, because someone who says they love you before they sleep with you is a cast iron guarantee that it's real!

C invoice

I think Jenny loved Forrest, but it was pure love, contrary to what she thought was worth. So she remembered Forrest as an untouched part of her past and instead pursued a hedonistic life. When she finished her relationship with Forrest, she left because she was afraid of dirtying him. It wasn't until she was really sick and needed him to care for her son that she let him into her life, knowing that her running days were over.

Vickie Ellis

I think Jenny was a mentality that was messed up in her head from her poor upbringing, that was unstable in her thoughts about love, but she knows abuse. This leads to bad behavior and no mental stability in some areas of their life