Lee Kuan Yew feared the rise of China

49 China's Grand Strategy: The Narrative of a National Renaissance The “Chinese Dream”: Narrative of a Grand Strategy The “Chinese Dream” 1 of party and state leader Xi Jinping is the narrative of a great renaissance of the Chinese nation.2 Every modern Chinese leader shaped his term in office with a great narrative that should promise progress. Such narratives should create meaning and identity, they stand for certain values ​​and norms that establish a collective self-image. The leading generation after Deng Xiaoping united the country above all with the promise of growth and prosperity. In March 2013, a new generation, Xi, took the lead. At the center of their narrative is the great story already contained in Maoism: "China was great, China was slain, China is rising again." 3 For two millennia, China, as the "Middle Kingdom", was the politically, culturally and economically most powerful nation on earth . The time as a weak and humiliated country is understood as a historical anomaly that needs to be corrected - also in the maritime context4. So does China want to become "Number 1" 5 again in Asia and ultimately even in the world? ____________________ 1 Xi first mentioned the term at the opening of the exhibition “The Way to the Renaissance” in Beijing on November 29, 2012: “Now that everyone is talking about the Chinese dream, I think that the realization of the great national renaissance is the greatest dream of the Chinese since modern times. ”Xi Jinping, China govern, Beijing: Verlag für Fremdsprachige Literatur, 2014, p. 42. 2 In 2002, Jiang Zemin spoke of the goal of a“ great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation ”. See Full Text of Jiang Zemin's Report at the 16th Party Congress (1),