Which watch is Idris Elba wearing?

Idris Elba: Actor infected with coronavirus

Idris Elba is the next celebrity to catch the coronavirus. But he's fine.

It met the next celebrity: Idris Elba (47, "Luther") tested positive for a corona infection. The British actor himself announced this via Twitter. Today (March 16) he received the test result, so Elba in a short video.

That is not nice, but things are going well, Elba continues. He did not show any symptoms of illness. He only had himself tested after finding out last Friday that he had contact with a person suffering from Covid-19. After this news, he immediately went into self-quarantine and did a test.

Elba further called in the video to take the corona pandemic seriously. There are still many people like him out there who wouldn't show any symptoms but could still spread the virus. Therefore, one should also implement the recommendation of social distance and keep a sufficient distance from other people. He also called for people to "not go nuts" and to remain level-headed in the face of this crisis.

Other celebrities have already tested positive for the corona virus: For example, Hollywood megastar Tom Hanks (63) and his wife, actress Rita Wilson (63). TV presenter Johannes B. Kerner (55) was also infected with the corona virus.