Can you feed a dog raw hamburgers?

Barfen for the health of the dog

Barf for dogs in particular is known and is preferred by more and more dog owners. It is not uncommon for this to be based on the desire to make the life of one's own dogs as species-appropriate as possible. Proper feeding is, of course, also part of species-appropriate husbandry. In the case of dogs, this consists of raw feeding, although the term "raw" does not exclusively refer to meat. When barfing, dogs receive all of their food in their raw form.

For which dogs is Barfen suitable?

Dog owners like to deal with this question. Surely you have already asked yourself whether you cannot feed your dog with raw feeding? Ultimately, any dog ​​can be fed barf. In fact, even puppies or seniors like to eat the raw food.

So there are no dogs that are excluded from raw feeding. Rather, the only thing that matters is the form in which the feed is presented. You can imagine that you can barely hand a huge piece of meat to a Chihuahua. The teeth and mouth are just not big or strong enough to chop up the meat. However, if you cut large pieces of meat into smaller pieces, even the smallest dog will accept raw feeding. The same goes for bone feeding. Just make sure that your dogs can eat the food that is presented and sit back and relax.

The baref of older dogs.

Old dogs often suffer from dental problems or no longer have all of their teeth. Now it is up to you to adapt the barfen to the needs of your dogs. Ultimately, even with seniors, you can baref without any problems. Turn bones or large pieces of meat through the meat grinder, puree the meat if necessary, or buy meat that has been ground straight away in stores specializing in raw feeding. Often you will even find offers of completely minced animals in specialist shops. This raw meat combines the meat, offal and bone content in one meal. The completely chopped up animals sometimes include rabbits, mice or chickens.

When your animal gets old, it is up to you as a barber to adapt to its changed needs. By the way, barfing can even make things easier for you. Does Your Old Dog Need Medication? Mixed with tasty minced meat and food doused with pureed vegetables, it is often easier to feed the medication.

If you have no way of chopping meat at home, don't despair either. Today there are more and more barfish and thus more shops that deal with barfish. Sometimes you get full menus that even include vegetables. You only need to thaw such meals from raw feeding and feed them directly.

Barfen for dogs and storage.

The raw feeding of dogs has a massive difference to the feeding of dry or canned food. You no longer have cans or sacks, you have to fall back on your freezer compartment. You will quickly notice the elimination of cans because you produce much less waste. However, to ensure correct storage of the raw vegetables, you will need space in your freezer compartment. When shopping, always consider how much meat you can freeze for your dogs. If you have a freezer or a large freezer, it is advisable to use one full drawer for your dogs.

Barf for dogs - shop and freeze.

It is particularly advisable if you order the meat for baref for dogs over the Internet. This gives you a much larger selection and allows you to compare prices better. You will usually only find a few types of meat in supermarkets, and the meat that is intended for human consumption is low in fat and has too little muscle for dogs. If you order the meat over the Internet, it will be delivered to you in special packaging with dry ice so that it arrives at you in a frozen state.
When storing barf for dogs, it is advisable to first defrost the meat you have bought. Open the packaging slightly and let the meat thaw for your dog in the refrigerator for a few hours. Now portion the individual meals. Make sure now that you put together a healthy mix of lean meat, bones and offal, just like you learned from barfing. Now freeze the individual portions again. For barfing, take the meat out of the freezer for the next feeding and thaw it in the refrigerator. When you start defrosting, of course, depends on how often and in what quantities you feed your dogs.
Mix the thawed meat with the pureed vegetables and oil before feeding your dogs, and the barf is ready for your dog.

The cost of barf for dogs.

Prospective barefishers often assume that barefishing is much more expensive than feeding ready-made feed. This assumption is wrong whether you are biting one or more dogs. You can save money, especially if you are skilful when it comes to barfing and buy larger quantities of meat. This is especially true for dog owners who previously fed high quality food. In these cases, the cans cost two or more euros, so there is great potential for savings. But even if you did not use expensive ready-made food, you can save money by barfing for dogs. If you avoid veterinary costs through animal-appropriate feeding, this will have a direct impact on your wallet.