What do Argentinians think of Americans?

Semifinals : Basketball: USA versus Argentina 101: 81

Sunday will show whether the USA can successfully complete its Gold mission. World champions Spain can at least be trusted to keep up for a while. You can also follow the grand finale in our live ticker, from 8.30 a.m. See you!

Enough. 81: 101 is the final score. The result is befitting for the USA, which only wobbled briefly just before half-time when Argentina came close to 6 points.

40. Argentina did well, the failure of Mau Ginobili and the catastrophic first quarter were probably decisive.

39. 81: 101 The game is over. So Spain will face the USA in the final of the 2008 Olympic Games. Argentina fights against Lithuania for bronze.

39. 81:99 Oberto with his 5th foul, he has to go to Ginobili on the bench. Wade awards a free throw.

37. 81:96 Three minutes to go, Wade scores two points after a nice pass from Chris Paul.

37. 79:94 Chris Bosh scores two free throws.

37. 77:92 For a long time again a fast break in the USA, Wade by dunking.

36. 77:90 Scola scores again.

36. 75:90 Bosh dips a rebound straight into the basket, while Scola is fouled on the other side. Time out USA.

35. 75:88 Dwight Howard goes on the bench, maybe Scola can now assert himself again on the basket. He does it, two easy points.

34. 73:88 Delfino with nice dunking, is there anything else?

34. Scola throws again, but blocks Howard on the other side.

33. 69:86 Now Scola doesn't score either, on the other side James again after a nice pass. Time out Argentina.

32. 69:84 Argentina shortened.

31. And another threesome from James, 66:84.

31. 66:81 If Argentina wants to make it exciting again, the team has to start well. But LeBron James hits a threesome.

Quarter break. Argentina does not manage to collect the rebounds, even if the USA sometimes play with a very small line-up.

Quarter break. 14 points behind is probably too much. You can hardly make up for that against this Team USA. And Ginobili has to keep watching.

30. Delfino closes too early, it stays at 64:78.

30. Last attack for Argentina, it can actually only go through Delfino or Scola.

30th minute 64:78, Delfino again with a three.

29. Argentina is 20 points behind, it doesn't look like a sensation here anymore.

29. 58:78 Delfino with a three for Argentina, but the Americans get every offensive rebound on the other side. Again it's Wade, again he's fouled.

28. 55:74 An Argentine threesome jumps out of the basket again, Chris Paul flies over the field and is fouled, but only hits a free throw.

28. 55:73 Wade pulls to the basket and is fouled, two free throws, both over.

27. 55:73 Scola hits and hits. But Williams on the other hand with a threesome.

27. 53:70 Again Scola in the zone, the Argentine already has 18 points.

26. 51:68 Wade hits a free throw after catching an offensive rebound.

25. 51:67 Alone Scola now holds against it, again two points on the board. The American coach brings Bosh back into the game.

25. 49:67 Now the defense of the Argentines doesn't work anymore, Center Oberto conceded his 4th foul, and Nocioni got a technical foul. That was really stupid, two very important players are taking themselves out of the game. Anthony hits the free throws.

24. 49:63 Wade comes back for the USA, the Americans play without a center, Delfino scores a three.

24. 46:63 Scola and Anthony meet from the middle distance.

23. 44:61 Serious foul on Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony wants to attack Nocioni and has to be dragged away by his teammates. Phew! The unsportsmanlike foul goes against Oberto. Howard hits one of two free throws. Then he does a dunking.

23:44:58 Bad news for Argentina fans: Ginobili doesn't seem to be coming back today, he stays on the bench. LeBron James scores from the outside, 14 points lead.

22nd minute 44:55. Go on. And it's quick.

Halftime. Argentina lost the ball 12 times, that is far too often. Because the USA make a basket out of almost every ball win. The rebound ratio is relatively balanced, the Argentines have done a good job here.

Halftime. The Argentinians' zone defense is forcing the US to throw a lot from outside. 6 of the 20 triple attempts have hit so far.

Halftime. No other team has fought as well as the Argentines against the USA in these games. However, it might have been too late not to wake up and play for a quarter. The Americans were then a bit surprised that the defending champion didn't want to give up so quickly. Now the question is whether Argentina can really stick with it. The stupid foul at the end of the second quarter that Anthony punished with three free throws could have been very important in the end.

Halftime. The best throwers so far: USA: Anthony 13, Bryant 12, Paul 11. Argentina: Scola 12, Nocioni 8, Quinteris 7, Gutierrez 6.

Halftime. 40:49 In Argentina, of course, Ginobili is missing a lot, he could also hit difficult throws or pull fouls. He hasn't come back to the field since he twisted his ankle in the first quarter. But if the Americans lose their touch from beyond the three-point line and cramp up on the offensive - as so often in recent years - Argentina has a chance.

Halftime. We saw two completely different neighborhoods. In the first, the Americans demonstrated Argentina, it looked like a blatant matter. But in the second section, the Argentines lost their awe and, above all, found their way back into the game through the courageous play of the substitutes.

Halftime. 40:49 Stupid foul on Carmelo Anthony, who hits three free throws and increases the Americans' lead. Unnecessary.

20. 40:46 Scola again! The burrower from the Houston Rockets is doing well at the moment. That could still be very close here, although the Americans have already led with over 20 points.

18. 38:46 Chris Paul with two free throws certainly converted, but the sovereignty of the Americans is gone. Scola scores again.

18. 36:44, Fastbreak Argentina, only eight points behind!

18. 34:44 Scola powers himself up to two points against Chris Bosh, with a free throw he shortens it further.

17. 31:44 Nocioni with his third foul, it hurts Argentina. If Ginobili is injured on the bench, they need the winger.

17:31:42 But Bryant replies with a threesome.

17:31:39 But Gutierrez does not give up, two easy points for him on the basket.

16. 29:39 With two free throws for Anthony. Kobe Bryant is back on the field too. Plus Michael Redd, the Americans' three-man specialist.

16. 29:37 Only eight left! Gutierrez completes the fastbreak! The Americans are no longer hitting anything from the outside, and they are not getting to the basket at the moment either. Time out USA

16. 27:37 The goal for Argentina now has to be to keep the deficit and maybe even get under ten points by the break. Two free throws from Gutierrez, only ten!

16. 25:37 Now the Americans are also having a hard time with the zone defense, but the Argentines throw the ball out of bounds after intercepting a pass. Angry

15. 25:37 Argentina now with a little more self-confidence, although almost only bankers are on the field.

14. 23:37 Andres Nocioni shows that Argentina has not yet given up: He blocks Kobe Bryant while dunking. Are Americans getting reckless now? Nocioni hits two free throws.

13. 21:37 Delfino hits a three-point again, the gap is "only" 16 points

13. 15:37 Argentina tries a zone defense, Carmelo Anthony does the right thing: He hits another three, the fifth of the US team in the game.

13. 15:34 Carlos Defino is fouled by Howard, both free throws are in.

12. 13:34 Chris Paul does it better, the Argentines cannot stop his move to the basket.

11. Dwyane Wade commits an offensive foul, possession of the ball for Argentina.

11. Minute 13:30 Nocioni gives Argentines a better start into the second quarter.

Quarter break. Kobe Bryant is the best thrower of the game so far with 9 points.

Quarter break. The Americans have clearly resolved here to make the shame of Athens overly forgotten. Highly concentrated, they have so far not given Argentina a chance in attack and are very confident in their end. Should Ginobili be absent for the rest of the game - he is still on the bench - it could be very bitter for the defending champions.

10. 11:30 am Last attack in the first quarter. Bosh scores with a foul. The free throw is also in place. But Nocioni gets another chance and hits with the final siren.

10. 9:27 Carmelo Anthony also hits a threesome.

10th minute 7:24 Derron Williams answers with a threesome, the old distance is restored.

9. 7:21 minutes The Argentine development players cannot cope with the pressure of the American defense at all. A desperate threesome from Prigioni finally brings the South American points again.

9. Minute 4:21 The next steal, Chris Paul completes the fast break without any problems. It's amazing that the Americans are so dominant here.

8. 4:19 Now it is already clear, Kobe Bryant with the dunking to 4:16. Chris Paul with the three, 15 points lead.

7.4:14 by two free throws by Chris Boch. Manu Ginobili appears to be twisted and limping violently. The Argentine star has to go to the bench and be treated. For him, Andres Nocioni comes from the Chicago Bulls.

7th minute 4:12 Kobe Bryant with the first three of the game. So far, the defense has determined the game. Argentina is having a hard time.

6. Minute 4: 9 The Argentine coach demands a time-out.

6. Minute 4: 9 Kobe Bryant increases the lead of the USA.

6th minute 4: 7 Now also LeBron James, who cheers and drives the USA at this tournament again and again, meets. Although some Americans are far more experienced than the Cleveland Cavaliers man, he has established himself as a leader.

4th minute 4: 5 It will be decisive whether the Americans can get to their fast-paced basketball and use their superior athleticism. Argentina must try to make the game slow. That may not be attractive, but it is reasonably promising. So far it works well, Scola even gives Argentina the lead, Jason Kidd scores for the USA.

3rd minute 2: 3 The first points for Argentina, Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs hits from close range.

2nd minute, 0: 3 Dwight Howard is fouled during the throw, but the brawny center only converts one of his two free throws.

1st minute 0: 2. Kobe Bryant with the first points for the Americans

Kobe Bryant, most valuable player of the past NBA season, was eager to play against the defending champions. In general, the Americans are so full of self-confidence that a renewed failure in the "Mission Gold" hardly seems possible. But the Argentines also have experienced NBA players in their ranks with Manu Ginobili, Luis Scola, Fabricio Oberto and Andres Nocioni.

In the quarter-finals, the USA had no problems with Australia, the 116: 85 did not demand everything from them. In the preliminary round there were also clear victories against the co-favorites Spain and Greece. The Argentines had significantly more problems with the Greeks in the round of the last eight, with only two points in the end, Argentina prevailed 80:78.

The Americans really wanted to get their revenge against the Argentines, who they defeated 89:81 in the semi-finals in Athens four years ago. The USA had to be content with bronze, Argentina won gold. Nevertheless, the defending champion is only an outsider this time, the "Redeem Team" of the USA has been too dominant in this tournament so far.

The big question: who will follow Spain into the Olympic basketball final? After the Spaniards defeated Lithuania 91:86, the second finalist between the USA and Argentina will be determined.

We're about to start ...

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