Paying taxes to strippers

17 things you probably didn't know about strippers

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By: Saba MBoundza

A former stripper spoke to us about her experience at the strip club. She says: What you need most of all for stripping is thick ... skin. © Nora Marleen

We spoke to a young woman who danced in a Berlin strip club for a while. She spoke to us about the challenges of stripping and explains what exactly she likes so much about the job.

1. You have to enjoy stripping

I've always enjoyed playing with stimuli and sexuality. When I was twelve years old, I wanted to be a burlesque dancer, which is also very erotic. Before that, I had started ballet at the age of three; later jazz and hip hop were added, then standard and Latin American dances as well as belly dancing. I've danced all my life. I was always in contact with my body and watched myself dance in the mirror. On the one hand, this creates self-confidence and, on the other hand, it allows me to move very well. I have trained as a musical actress, but I think that's the exception. So far I have not met any other stripper who also has a dance education. Not long after I started stripping, I started dating my boyfriend. I soon stopped then. On the one hand, of course, he didn't think that was great, on the other hand, I always had the feeling of cheating. At some point I didn't enjoy stripping anymore. And if you broadcast that, you don't make any money either. Many others, however, can separate the professional and the private very well. Maybe I'm just too young for that. However, my relationship is breaking up right now, so I'm considering starting stripping again abroad.

2. You become a stripper through relationships - or you ask directlyin a club

At that time I met a woman who stripped on the side. Many who study or are in training do that. She introduced me to her boss, who said I should just come over to do a trial. He looked at how I dance and how I make myself and then I was there in no time. Because there is often such high employee turnover, you can find something quickly in strip clubs - as long as you look reasonably good and can dance reasonably. You don't really have to be able to dance that well as long as you have breasts. Contrary to what people think, not that many girls have mastered the art of pole dancing.

3. The employment relationship is very flexible

I was there four times a week on average. I earned around 1000 euros a week - in cash. We had a few girls employed, but only on a basis of 600 euros for insurance. However, they got paid more than that. Other girls, on the other hand, work independently. However, I don't think any of them will state their actual income on their tax return.

4. A normal work night starts at 10 pm

Our club opens at 10 p.m. and we girls are there about half an hour earlier. We put on make-up, get changed ... everyone runs around half-naked because their bra or something is in a different changing room. The first guests arrive around 10 p.m. or 10:30 p.m. The girls are still sitting on the edge and smoking - everyone is smoking. I was the only non-smoker. When it gets full at some point, we approach the guests, engage them in conversations, try to sell them lap dances or have a drink with them and just chat with them. You will either be turned away or do something with them. I'm home around 5 a.m. during the week and an hour later on the weekend. However, my girlfriend, for example, mainly went to the room with the guests and was sometimes only ready around 8 a.m. © Nora Marleen

5. As a stripper, you are often not just a dancer

Because of my boyfriend, going to the room was quickly ruled out for me. Before that, I did that with two or three men who I liked. I thought it was cool, so I felt like it. But strippers usually do more. I would say that 60 percent of the girls would regularly go to the room with men they don't like.

6. Guests who misbehave fly ...

In our club there were help buttons downstairs in the rooms. Seconds later, as soon as someone pushes this button, security personnel appear. At the top we just have to raise our hand and point at someone and they'll be kicked out. I would say that we girls are well taken care of. Which is important, because the guests initially treat you superficially with respect, but as the hour progresses and the level rises, you will notice how it subsides. Then we will only be seen as a piece of meat.

7. ... but it can also be uncomfortable

I've never hit anyone before, but I got hit in the room. In such cases, of course, the police also come. Some of the guests can be really really sick. Fortunately, these are definitely exceptional cases.

8. There isn't really anyone in the club to turn to with problems

In theory, we could go to the boss at any time. We can tell him if anyone has done something so that the person is then banned from the house. However, you cannot expect psychological support from him. There are a few girls in our club with drug or alcohol problems and they are alone with it. Of course there are offers of help outside of Germany - but I don't know how much those women would take advantage of them. Many of them are already very broken and it is not that easy to notice how sick you are. © Nora Marleen

9. Drugs are always present in a stripper's everyday life

Alcohol definitely plays a big role. I think I drank every day as a stripper - if only because I was paid to do it. You get shares when you get a drink from the guest. That means I earn my money from it. And of course that also makes the evening more beautiful and easier. There are also other drugs. The guests offered me something almost every day. I think a lot of strippers use drugs to block out; so that you no longer feel what is happening down there. That sounds like a cliché, but one thing leads to another. You get a lot of money for going downstairs to the room for relatively little work. But at the same time this work is difficult, which is made easier by the drugs. At some point you will get addicted. And then you go to the room for the drugs. So this is not a cliché that comes about.

10. Even if you enjoy stripping, it is not always easy to talk about

My parents were really cool. I went to the club with my father and watched it with him. So I asked him: "Dad, what do you think if I start working here?" But most of my colleagues' parents don't know anything about the stripping or, as in my case, they only know about it and nothing about the thing with the rooms. My parents wouldn't respect that. I couldn't even tell you that on my deathbed. My friends were divided. Those who have known me for a long time weren't very surprised because I've always been an extrovert. However, some thought it was mostly dangerous or cheap.

11. People often think you're doing this against your will

I am really asked very often whether I am here voluntarily or whether I am being forced. Or whether my parents know what I'm doing. I was also often asked if I was studying. When I then said no, I was replied, “Why not? You're a lot better than that. You can do a lot more than just this! " Nobody believes me that I would like to do it, have fun doing it and earn good money with it, that I have extremely flexible times and that I like to undress in front of others. This job has this bad stigma, which I find kind of a shame.

12. You decide whether you go to the room or what happens there

I always decide what to do and what not to do. What the man wants is discussed beforehand. Because the price also depends on it. Typically, customers want normal, standard sex or a blow job. Things like anal intercourse or something like that are rare. I've been asked that two or three times, but that's one of the things I don't do. As a rule, kissing is not allowed. However, a friend of mine, for example, had a regular who came about twice a week. The two have seen each other more often than some people in long-distance relationships. They then retired to a private room to have a drink and kissed there too.

Men also only go to the strip club to experience affection, whether it's physical love or the attention of a woman - and the more you go along, the more money you get. There are women who say, “Well, it doesn't matter , then I'll just kiss him and get my two or three more drinks. " And some say: “No, definitely not kiss. That stays private for me. "

13. There is hardly any talk of requirements such as the Prostitution Protection Act

At the beginning I was told that I would work there on my own and that I would have to register in case a raid should take place in the club - which seems to happen once every five years. With us it has always been the case that because not every woman does everything, no one has to report anywhere that she is prostituting herself. So if the police actually came, we would only pretend to be dancers. For example, I got to know a woman who worked as an escort lady until she had to register as a prostitute. She just came to our club and is officially only a dancer, although she does more.

14. Strippers can also work during their days

I have the IUD, that's why I don't get my days at all. If the rule is particularly severe, most of them are more likely to stay at home. Many people insert a tampon and just dance during their periods instead of going to the room. However, some insert something like small cotton balls before sex so that the man does not feel anything. That lasts for the 20 to 30 minutes that you are downstairs with the guest. © Nora Marleen

15. You haven't been a stripper for long

The oldest dancer in our club was between 38 and 40 years old. She's been doing it for ages. She always talked about how much more money was made 15-20 years ago. There was also a 35-year-old. And then came the girls who were around 28 or 29 years old. I would say that girls usually do this during their studies or training, for a maximum of four to five years. Some also had a full-time job. But by 30 women are mostly in a relationship and have children and that's where you usually stop.

16. The job is definitely recommended for the right person

If you can say about yourself that you are strong and self-confident and that you feel comfortable in your body and that you do not allow yourself to be influenced by other people, then I would definitely recommend the job. I started at the end of 18, which is really young. I would only recommend it to girls aged 20 and over. I would also advise not to work too much. That can quickly get over your head, just all the money. You have to be careful not to lose your sense of reality.

17. Every day in the strip club can be nice - but you need a thick coat

The confirmation is enormous. You are constantly being told how good you look, how great you dance and how beautiful your body is. Some also fall in love with the dancers and then come particularly often.

You come into contact with quite a few strange characters and need an incredibly high level of self-confidence. Because even if you get a lot of confirmation, you will also experience rejection. Everything is reduced to the body. If someone likes tall dark haired women and not tall blondes, you're out. It's not up to you or your personality, but the man. But you have to understand that first.

I would like to change the bad image of the job because, after all, the girls enjoy it. I would also think it would be better if you weren't confronted with hard drugs every day, so just weren't in direct contact with them.