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March 2019 | Wirtschaftswoche | Technologies of the future
Close cooperation: humans and computers create generative designs together

Creativity means creating something that is new, original and useful at the same time. Thanks to the imagination of creative people, innumerable innovations have enriched our lives in the past. However, it was precisely this human imagination that was the limit of what could be created - a limit that can now be exceeded, as Markus Hannen, Technical Sales Vice President at PTC, explains: “Technically, we are now at a level that allows us to do it to make generative design a reality. To put it simply, this is the collaboration between humans and computers, which together design objects beyond the human imagination. "

This collaboration follows a clear division of labor: people first define design parameters and functional requirements such as maximum size, weight, material type, load capacity, type of manufacturing process or costs. Then the computer takes over. However, it not only calculates the optimal geometry, but also creates thousands of design drafts that meet the specified catalog of criteria, but push it to the limit in all possible directions. In generative design, the simulation is therefore integrated into the development process. “The advantages of the generative design process for companies are extremely diverse: Productivity increases immensely, as does the gain in creativity and innovation. Because more time can be put into researching conceptual designs. More powerful, lighter weight constructions and improved durability? Thanks to technological progress in generative design, there are hardly any limits to creativity, ”explains Hannen.

What the PTC expert is alluding to: Generative design and the artificial intelligence behind it have now reached a maturity that makes a wide range of applications possible - also thanks to PTC's new Creo portfolio, which optimally combines visualization technology and generative design technology.