Where do you buy your music online

As a DJ, where do you buy your DJ music?

“As a DJ, where do you get the music to put on?” Is one of the most common questions I am asked.

It has never been easier to get music than it is today. There are almost an infinite number of DJ shops on the Internet that sell music.

And the good thing about digital distribution is that I no longer have to wait for the postman to deliver me a package of vinyls.

The options may be too diverse and therefore too confusing. You can buy CDs online, buy records on site, buy records online, buy CDs on site or used, or buy MP3s online from iTunes, Amazon, Google, etc.

I describe the four main sources from which I buy most of the songs here.

These are not always special DJ shops.

Because meanwhile all the big music shops like iTunes and Amazon carry the complete DJ inventory of the big record labels like Toolroom, Off-Recordings, Defected, CR2 and Spinnin in the program. Just like the import department of well-stocked drug and electronics stores in the past.


Amazon is particularly suitable for label samplers in MP3 format. This platform is partly cheaper than iTunes.

Formats: MP3 at 256 kbit / s, VBR
Language of the shop: German / English
Link: Amazon.de (best selling music)


This is the online shop where I buy most of the music for the Houseschuh podcast. Traxsource is very well sorted when it comes to soulful house and deep house.

Sign up for the Traxsource newsletter and you will receive special discount codes. In addition, you can save 15% to 20% on your purchase several times a month. This is particularly worthwhile for bulk purchases.

Format: MP3 with 320 kbit / s, CBR
WAV upgrade costs 75 US cents per song, retrospectively possible
Tip: At the bottom of this page I explain the abbreviations kbit / s, kbps, CBR, VBR, MP3, AAC, M4A in a short glossary
Shop language: English
Link: Traxsource.com


I only buy chart music through iTunes. The iTunes charts are somewhat ahead of the Media-Control sales charts.

Mostly I can assume that a top 1 hit in iTunes will land in the charts and the heavy rotation of radio stations a few weeks later.

You can get music samplers like “Toolroom Ibiza” or “Defected Most Rated Miami” on iTunes.

In the last few years I only paid around 6.99 euros to 8.99 euros for the digital version of the label sampler there. There are usually 60 individual songs and two to three 80-minute mixes of these songs.

Format: M4A file, AAC at 256 kbit / s, CBR
No upgrade option to WAV or FLAC
After purchasing and downloading, I instantly convert all music from M4A format to MP3 format and re-tag the songs.
Language of the shop: German / English
Link: iTunes.com


For more aggressive tones and new underground songs, I look to Beatport as my second port of call.

Beatport prefers to lure the artists and producers into an exclusive agreement. In return, Beatport makes more advertising for their songs on its own platform. But this song is not allowed to be offered anywhere else for a period of 30 days.

I understand artists are getting into this deal to sell more songs. After all, Beatport is something of the leader in digital DJ music. Nevertheless, these exclusive deals leave a strange impression on me.

Formats: MP3 at 320 kbit / s, CBR
WAV / AIFF upgrade costs 0.75 euros per song, possible at a later date
Language of the shop: German / English
Link: Beatport.com


I have already bought entire vinyl collections on the eBay auction platform. I got the music for 90s themed parties very cheaply as maxi CDs, from people who had rearranged their CD collections.

The good thing about it, if you have an original sound carrier, you are above any discussion as to whether you have legally acquired this music.

However, I would strongly advise against buying "used" MP3 files on Ebay that are not stored on an original CD or DVD. If I hear someone selling 20,000 DJ songs, I'm assuming they are pirated.

Formats: vinyl and CDs, some as super bargains
Language of the shop: German / English
Link: Ebay.de Music / 12 ″

More record stores that I don't use

In addition to my favorite shops, there are numerous other DJ record stores online, such as:

  • djtunes.com
  • junodownload.com
    djdownload.com is also part of Junodownload
  • djshop.de
  • deejay.de
  • bleep.com

Everything used to be better, wasn't it?

Long before I started as a DJ, I made it a routine to roam the record stores in Nuremberg on Friday afternoons.

I never really found anything in the trendy DJ record shops because the really good records were reserved for well-known club DJs.

I also played mostly with CDs. And the selection of maxi CDs in the WOM and Saturn was astonishingly good. Even the Müller store in Erlangen had a well-stocked category for import maxi CDs.

Get free music through promo pools

So that I got the best songs from the record labels Edel, Roughtrade and AM: PM (later Defected) as early as possible, I signed up for DJ sampling at all major music distributors.

It took a few years before I was allowed to submit my ratings for two DJ charts.

That opened the floodgates to a flood of free promotional records. I would strongly advise against this because you will have to spend a lot of time on your reviews and rating forms.

Abbreviations used, bit rates and the discussion of quality for MP3 files

Bit rate in kbit / s, kbps

kbit / s stands for kilo bits per second and kbps for kilo bit per second, more common in English-speaking countries.

In the list above, I use the unit of measurement, kbps, to indicate bit rates. The least compromises in terms of audio quality are made with MP3 files with a constant bit rate of 320 kbit / s, but the MP3 files are also the largest.

CBR = constant bit rate

The entire audio file is compressed into MP3 format at the same bit rate. Typical values ​​are 128 kbit / s, 192 kbit / s (almost CD quality), 256 kbit / s, 320 kbit / s.

VBR = variable bit rate

The required bit rate depends on the audio file to be compressed. The bit rate is reduced for song passages that can be easily compressed. And with more complex song parts, the bit rate is increased so that the sound quality does not suffer.

VBR-MP3 files are therefore not encoded at 320 kbps for the entire playing time, but the bit rate varies between 128 and 320 kbit / s. This makes the MP3 files a little smaller.

However, my DJ mixing program Mixmeister cannot cope with this. Before doing this, I have to convert the songs to the highest bit rate of 320 kbit / s.


MP3 is the most popular encoding method used to compress audio data such as music. As a rule of thumb, the file on an audio CD is approx. 7 times larger than a comparable MP3 file. Typical maxi versions are around 15 MB in size as MP3 files.

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)

Lossy audio compression method used, for example, by Apple in the iTunes store.

The computational effort is less to calculate the playable audio signal. At the same time, the files are smaller than with MP3 files. AAC files with a bit rate of 224 kbit / s are comparable to an audio CD.

Apple uses the file extension. M4A for the filenames.


Audio format stored uncompressed for the highest sound quality. The files are correspondingly large. As a rule of thumb, there is approximately 10MB of stereo audio per minute.


Lossless audio compression process that allows the file size to shrink noticeably without having to compromise on audio quality.

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