Is consensual sex a pre-marriage sin?

What is the penalty for consensual sex in Hinduism?

No specific reference to punishment for "consensual sex".

In general, by using the term you have made the selection very easy. The confusion in morality begins when consent is not involved. However, adultery is prohibited (unless all parties agree). Here is a quote from Bhisma during AnushAsana Parva which refers to what shortens life:

Persons of any order should never have sexual congress with other people's wives. There is nothing that is as effective in shortening life as having a sexual congress with other people's wives. For as many thousands of years the adulterer must live in hell as the number of pores on the bodies of women with which he can commit the crime.

However, there are several references to "consensual sex" in MahAbhArata. The following examples are not intended to justify that "all consensual genders are okay". But to show that it all depends on the context. Something that is done exactly the same in different contexts does not produce similar fruits. Similarly, two different things done in different contexts can bear similar fruits.
This shows that the fruit also changes with context, and not just with the plot.

The king PAndu surrendered the kingdom and went into the forest with his two wives. In order to have children (especially sons), he agreed to his two wives, different ones Devata to invite to impregnate them. This is mentioned in Sambhava Parva:

Kunti called the eternal God of justice to have offspring from him. And she offered sacrifices to the god without wasting time and began to duly repeat the formula that Durvasa had given her some time ago. Then the god, overwhelmed by their incantations, reached the place where Kunti was sitting in his car and how the sun was shining. Smiling, he asked: "Oh Kunti, what should I give you?" And Kunti smiled in turn and replied: "You even have to give me offspring." Then the handsome one Kunti (in intercourse) united with the god of justice in his spiritual form and received from him a son who was devoted to the good of all creatures.

All 5 sons were born in a similar way. There's no mention of that PAdu or his wives for that act to get punished .

With regard to maids, there is an exact example. Because of the violent body of the sage VyAsa, both queens AmbikA and AmbalikA (wives of Vichitraveerya) were unwilling to have second sex with him in order to father a healthier child. Eventually they agreed to their domestic help (not exactly maid), the one Vaishya- Woman (3. Varna ) was to approach VyAsa. So Vidura was born.

This is not a good example, but just to show that even in the times of MahAbhArata there was a so-called open culture in certain places. There is a chapter in sacred texts about how Karna and his charioteer Shalya got into a heated argument. Karna criticizes Shalya's kingdom for its culture in which women were free to have alcohol and sex.

There is a story from Anushasana Parva in which a husband Sudarsana consents to his wife (also a granddaughter!) To sleep with a guest:

Oghavati remembered her husband's words. If she accepts the guest's wish, her chastity will be spoiled. If she refuses, it would mean violating her husband's command. She finally agreed to share the bed with the guest. The guest took her into the house.

At that time, Sudarsana arrived at the house and called his wife. There was no answer. The guest closed Oghavati's mouth so as not to speak. Sudarsana called his wife repeatedly, to which the guest replied: “Your wife will take care of the guest. They know much better how to honor guests. So be patient. Do not be angry. "said the guest from inside.

“O great man! I am very happy that my wife is visiting the guest. The house is cleaned where the guests are completely satisfied. I will wait outside for the guest adoration to finish. "Said Sudarsana.

Later the guest reveals himself to be Dharma developer and bless Sudarsana. Who finally reaches the highest heaven with his physical body. Half a part of his wife flows as a pious river, near which the Kurukshetra War took place.

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I don't know about the second example, but Niyoga is not a sin. In fact, it is only for the purpose of fathering a son or daughter. Illegal affair is always a sin. Grihastha should not have sex with any woman other than his wife.

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No. This act creates samskara and you face consequences for that act. By spouses, do you mean husband and maid or wife and maid?


@ AnilKumar Yes, Niyoga (as mentioned in 2 examples) is indeed valid. But the "consent" of the husband and wife is required. I based my answer on that word. OP also emphasized this. As I mentioned in the answer, there is no justification. Only "context" was explained. What should and shouldn't be done depends on society. If the gender in question is not for sensual pleasure or impulsive, then it does not create a bond with fruit. Something done naturally or out of service is fine. OP kept all of these things open. Hence, there will be endless discussions based on individual interpretation. :-)


There are always three parties involved in every transaction, even between two people. God. If God does not agree, it is not consensual even if the two parties agree.


When devas reproduce, it is not the same as human reproduction. There is no physical union. 'yonir yatha na dushyetha' - it's only spiritual. The English translation of the word sexual intercourse is wrong.