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Swagbucks in the test - can you really make money with this site do?

If you want to make money online, you may have heard of Swagbucks and are now wondering what this provider is all about and whether Swagbucks is reputable. In this article, let's talk about what Swagbucks has to offer and what you can do for money at Swagbucks.


  • Earn more than 30€ right after registration
  • Payout within from 24h by Paypal or bank transfer
  • Simple step-by-step instructions

To anticipate: you won't become a millionaire with Swagbucks, on the other hand there is hardly an easier way to earn a little extra income. You get paid to watch videos, shop online, or fill out surveys. A small additional income is definitely in there. However, you will initially get “only” Swagbucks (SB), which you can withdraw from a sum of 500 Swagbucks - which corresponds to 5 euros. More on that later.

The Online reward portal was invented in the USA (where else), but Swagbucks has long since conquered Germany and other countries, although you can see in many places on the German website that the original is an English-speaking provider (for example, in some places the texts are not translated ).

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Bonus points for achieving the daily goals

The daily goal can be activated in the header of the website so that you can see at a glance what you've already done. If you reach your goals 7, 14 or 21 days in a row, there are also bonus SBs (25, 100 or 200). For the entire month of meeting the daily goal, there are an impressive 300 extra points. So you can collect a few more euros in addition to the actual tasks.

Another way to make money is Referral link. Send friends an invitation to Swagbucks and earn money on their earnings. You will receive ten percent of the points collected by your friends as a commission. If they earn 100 SB, you get 10 SB without you having to do anything. So if a lot of friends register via your link, the cash register will ring properly. Good to know: If someone earns at least 300 SB in the first month after registration (and that shouldn't be a problem), then there are those 300 SB for you too.

Quite simply a few euros on the side

The reason for Swagbucks' success is simple: the system is as simple as it is versatile and requires no previous knowledge. All you have to do is register and you can start collecting points straight away, because Swagbucks are nothing else. After registering, you will be offered the first earning opportunities immediately. Downloading the swag button for your browser, for example, brings you 50 SB, for a free 30-day test subscription from Audible you get 1,000 SB. So you can get a few hundred Swagbucks relatively easily on the first day.

After logging in, you will see a To do list displayed. These are practically your daily tasks and there are bonus SBs for the complete processing. Of course, everything is done on a voluntary basis. The list essentially consists of:

  • Daily poll
  • Day search
  • Deal of the day
  • Daily activity
  • Daily discovery
  • Daily viewing
  • Try a gold poll
  • Complete the gold survey

When a task has been completed, it is ticked. Some things go faster, but the deal of the day can be a bit more complex. However, it differs from day to day - sometimes you get points for buying a product, sometimes for inviting a friend.

Save money when shopping online thanks to cashback

Cashback is certainly one of the most interesting ways to collect Swagbucks. Here the platform competes with systems such as Payback or Shoop. So you can Save money when shopping, because through the Swagbucks you get back part of the amount you spent. There are also discounts and deals from time to time. The partner shops include Ebay,, Lidl, Galeria Kaufhof, Rewe, About You and C&A. With some there are 2 SB per euro purchase amount, with others, however, more.

Online shopping alone can earn a few euros per month as cashback. However, our Swagbucks experience has shown that, depending on the shop, a month or more can go by until the purchase is confirmed and the self-service is credited. If that doesn't work, don't worry - because Swagbucks is reputable, there is of course support that you can contact in such cases.

Make money with paid surveys

If you make money with paid surveys Swagbucks is also a good place to go. You can skip self-service with such mundane information as gender, age and date of birth. According to our Swagbucks, the more accurately you answer the paid surveys, the more offers you get to earn money. The daily poll is certainly the easiest. Here you only have to choose between two answers and get 1 SB for it. The other surveys are categorized into "Gold" and "Peanut Labs".

Before doing this, however, you have to answer basic questions about your age, place of residence, etc. So if you really want to look for a fly in the ointment, you will find it here. If you are skeptical about data protection or if you don't like surveys in general, then you should Watch Videos and thus earn self-service or money. Sounds as simple as it is. Most of the time, these are normal clips and not purely promotional videos. However, you only get a few cents per click, but you can simply let the video run in the background and do something else during the process. For example, visit the Swagbucks social media channels, as Swagcodes are published there from time to time. You then enter it on the website and receive money for it.

Another option is to use the Swagbucks search engine and earn points with it. You will make the most money if you make it your default search engine. We have also had good experiences with the Swagbucks browser games. They are entertaining and there are random rewards. If you are a gambler anyway, then you should also check out the competitions. These are actually lotteries and participation costs only a few cents. But you can also win 25,000 € for this - easy money, if it works out with the profit. You can easily access the game offers using the navigation bar on the left. At Swagbucks you will also be rewarded for installing apps, which you can find under the menu item “Discover”. For example, if you reach the eleventh level in “Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires”, you will receive 770 SB.

Payment via PayPal or in vouchers

For your tasks, you can either log into the Swagbucks website or use the Swagbucks app. This is what makes the portal so attractive, because there are actually always a lot of paid surveys, videos or other earning opportunities waiting for you that you can work through comfortably while on the go. There are even supposed to be people who are addicted to Swagbucks and hunt for hours every day. No matter whether on the way to school or in the waiting room at the doctor: You can quickly collect 5 euros or more. For example, tasks are offered, small micro jobs. There are only a few Swagbucks per task, but it works quickly and there are always new tasks so that it never gets boring and the source of money does not dry up.

How can you get your money paid out?

You can choose to have the Swagbucks as a PayPal credit or as a voucher cash out for Amazon and other shops. Even if PayPal sounds more interesting at first glance, many users choose the second option. Why? Because you don't need 2,500 SB for 25 € PayPal credit, but 2,775 SB. The reason is not immediately apparent, but it is simply explained: On the original Swagbucks website, 2,500 SB are paid out in $ 25 PayPal credit. On the German side there is the reward in euros and here the exchange rate to the US dollar plays a role. It's different with the Amazon voucher. There is 25 € for 2,500 SB. This also applies to Butlers, TK Maxx, Zalando and other providers. Please see “Rewards” in the footer on the Swagbucks website for more information.

Rating: Who is Swagbucks for?

And so Swagbucks is interesting for everyone who is on the phone a lot anyway, likes to play or watch videos and would like to earn a few euros every day. This can be used to compensate for the cost of the coffee at Starbucks or other small sins that you spend money on here and there. Or you drive away on vacation. What? Sure, of course! Just do the math: € 5 a day with Swagbucks is € 150 a month. If you put it aside, you can buy something really nice at the end of the year. Crazy, right?

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