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Lexicon: anarchy / anarchism

The word "anarchy" comes from the Greek and means something like lawlessness or lack of domination. In an anarchy, nobody is in charge, everyone can do what they think is right. The supporters of anarchy, the anarchists, want total freedom for people - that means, in principle, everyone can do what they want. In addition, they demand equal rights for all people, there should also be no state power and no form of rule. In an anarchy there are no binding laws determined by other people or a government, nor a head of government who can tell others what to do.

It sounds very tempting at first when there is no oppression and no unequal distribution of power - and no one is around to dictate rules. But there is a risk that in an anarchist society the "stronger" one will prevail and everything will sink into chaos. The problem is: It can hardly be implemented that all people get their will - if the law then applies the stronger, many people would even be extremely restricted in their personal rights and there would be no protection for those in need and the "weaker members" of society . As a consequence, total freedom ultimately means that no one has a right to something and therefore you cannot turn to a body that will help you if you are wronged.

However, there are very different forms of anarchy and different thinkers and theorists have interpreted the term in their own way. What they all have in common is that it is about the absence of state power and the rule of individuals or groups. But that does not automatically mean that there are no rules, ethical beliefs or moral limits. For example, the philosopher Immanuel Kant called anarchy "law and freedom without violence". By "law" he does not mean state rules that are written down in a code of law, but rules of the community to which the individual adheres out of conviction. For representatives of anarchism, a society in which the rules of coexistence are followed without coercion embodies the highest form of morality and social development, because people act voluntarily and without pressure from the state or fear of judicial punishment or police violence.

There is no country where there is anarchy. In some countries, however, the government is very weak and the people are fighting each other because the people, for example, belong to different ethnic groups. One such country is Sudan, for example - the state has collapsed here, as civil war is raging in the country and extortion and corruption are widespread. There are also anarchist groups around the world, such as the Anarchist Federation International (IFA) and the Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) international prison aid organization.