Modern air forces still have interceptors

Federal Army

To put it simply, the following services were agreed in the contract:

Eurofighter GmbH supplies 18 single-seat aircraft with the necessary radio and radar equipment. All aircraft have an on-board cannon and weapon stations to accommodate additional weapons. The scope of delivery also includes parts of the pilot training and the training of the technicians. In addition, there are the necessary special tools, spare parts and a flight simulator with the necessary control and maintenance facilities.

It was agreed for the delivery:

  • 2007 Delivery of the first four aircraft
  • 2008 delivery of twelve more aircraft
  • 2009 Delivery of the remaining two aircraft

Expected cost reductions have already been taken into account in the price. The agreed purchase price is now 1.959 billion euros, which results from the fact that the originally intended purchase price of 1.969 billion euros could be reduced by ten million euros due to the agreed favorable interest rates. This sum is to be paid in 18 half-yearly installments starting in 2007.

The contract has about 700 pages. The contractual points of payment terms, financing and liability were negotiated and laid down with the contractual partner by the Austrian Federal Financing Agency (ÖBFA) and the Federal Ministry of Finance with the involvement of the Federal Ministry of Defense. As is customary internationally, the publication of the contract is prohibited to protect the other operating countries and the manufacturer.

The Eurofighter is an aircraft that, due to its flight performance, reaches its destination an average of five minutes earlier than the Draken. The Typhoon can therefore start earlier to recognize any hazards and, if necessary, to combat them.

The information performance ("able to live" - ​​situation awareness) was checked in various standard aerial combat situations. The high requirements in connection with the complex tests guarantee the efficiency of the proven systems and give the pilot and the aircraft significantly more safety.

Acceleration, climbing and cornering performance, as well as the ability to exceed the speed of sound without switching on the afterburner, meet the modern requirements of the Eurofighter. The size and quality of the cockpit screens, the summary and display of all sensor information, voice input, an outstanding automated analysis and defense against air and ground threats ensure that the pilot can fully concentrate on his task. The use of two engines creates more safety. The visual identification of other aircraft is also possible at night and regardless of the weather, thanks to the integrated infrared system (IRST). In addition, Austria is to receive aircraft from the second production tranche in the medium term, which are further developed compared to those currently in production and delivery and have increased their operational efficiency.

The majority (4: 1) of the evaluation committee recommended that the Defense Minister award the contract to Eurofighter GmbH. On July 2, 2002, the Council of Ministers, on the recommendation of the Defense Minister, decided to procure the Eurofighter as an air surveillance aircraft for Austria. On July 1, 2003, after a report to the Council of Ministers, representatives of the Federal Ministry for National Defense and representatives of Eurofighter GmbH signed the purchase contract for 18 Eurofighters "Typhoon" with one condition precedent.